Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The nazis had this planned for more than 100 years

The nazis had this planned for more than 100 years and I bet that they left it to 2012 so that they can implement the new system of their choosing.
Now everything fits, distraction by the media, not just TV but mobile phones and, although it has the internet on most of the mobile phones nowadays with all the information you need to educate yourself on the go,so to speak, but do they no, the celebrity culture is more interesting, on twitter and facebook and so on, the only thing that those phones as good for in this day and age, especially now, is to warn each other of dangers if, what they are planning won’t effect the internet or the mobile devices.
Please don’t get angry at me for saying this but the only effin country in the world who is allowed to own weapons legally, your are armed and, there are people in the Middle Eastern countries most of whom are fighting without weapons
what the EF, they are taking your liberty away from you in front of your very eyes and, boasting about it, letting the world know that the American people have lost their ‘BILL OF RIGHTS’ it is televised to the world, the whole world must be shouting at the TVs to you, WAKE THE EF UP, start your own revolution against them like they are doing to you except their revolution is done a different way, silently and underhandedly krept in like the wolf who stalks the sheep because they know then can because not enough voices and being heard objecting to them taking your freedom away from you.

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