Friday, December 16, 2011

Dinar - 12/15 Dan evening 5 minute update + link From PTR

Dinar - 12/15 Dan evening 5 minute update + link   From PTR
Thursday, December 15, 2011 9:04 PM
Replay 760-569-7699 access code 187436#;0NTAyODk2MjM=1

DAN--As you have heard we are encouraged and excited...we spent the afternoon trying to verify things and to be honest still hearing the same and there things gong on and happening...there are a few things we did verify the tax thing is not seeming to do with the IQD flat rate unless the tax guys may not know. Hearing closing time of Hawaii may be a good time, don't get upset if not...its just coming up on 4 pm there so I dont know...but we do have all the agencies talking and over seas saying this is going and announcements in Canada...the build up has been so huge, so why is it so quiet? I am more excited than I have ever been...I did say I did not think it would go over 24 hours from all we are stating things they have never done before...that means your dollars are about to change...and we will be here in the morning as always and you have a good night. I am a bit annoyed we are not making a bigger announcement but don't be discouraged and have a good night everybody.

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