Thursday, December 15, 2011

Obama "Justifies"( FEMA??) imprisonment of civilians !!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello......can anyone see besides myself that he is talking about confining the Dark people within our Government and High Level people that have harmed this country. The ones that have been so slick as to be able to cover their trails every step of the way, but who are blatently guilty of crimes against America? I believe that the very people that had planned to march Americans off to Fema Camps and take over the World, will find themselves in the camps instead. I believe that is what he is saying.
This scenerio which I have just discribed is the reason that horrific bill was introduced and passed through the Senate. It was so the Dark souls in our Government can be taken down and held without proof of every crime they committed or maybe with just the testimony of another without direct proof. Think about it.....John McCain was a sponsor of this bill. He, having been tortured as a prisoner of war is going to try to impose the same thing on the American people???? This bill has another purpose of which you will all soon find out.
Go to this site and listen to this Intel. You will surely look at this report from another point of view.