The Vandialia Solution

Declaration of God-Given Rights for People in the Vandalia Constitutional Republic

   We hold these truths to be self-evident.  The Creator has given this world to his creations along with their unalienable rights to live out their lives as they see fit, the right to own, without encumbrance, that which He has provided, the right to provide for themselves and others as they see fit; the right to travel, trade, and defend themselves without encumbrance.  He has also given us the responsibility to do so without harm to others.

  Our Creator also gave men and women not only the right, but the responsibility to form governments; agreements to secure and protect these God-Given rights against those who want to infringe upon, remove, or destroy them.  This form of government, designed to protect the rights of all, is called a Constitutional Republic. 

  It is with this goal in mind, that we the people have banded together.  Our intent is not to overthrow any government, but to peaceably fulfill the goals outlined in Common Law, the 1215 Magna Charta, the 1776 Declaration of Independence, the 1787 Constitution for the United States of America, and its Bill of Rights 1791, along with the Virginia Constitution of 1776, with revisions – regardless of color, creed, religion, nationality, gender, or political affiliation – with the strict exception of those who propose the use of violence, or belong to any organization that promotes use of violence.

   We desire to join with other people and groups of people who share these same goals to form the Vandalia Republic inside the metes and bounds now known as West Virginia.

  We believe in the Sovereignty of God, the rights and responsibilities He gave men and women, the right to join together to protect and secure those rights, and the right to peacefully coexist with all other groups of people to attain these goals, lawfully and with malice towards none.

The Vandialia Solution



 I’m a part of the Vandalia Solution, and this is what WE want to tell you. Most people do not understand why we have so many problems now, because we’ve been duped since childhood. This is a short, clear overview of the Vandalia Solution: How we got into the mess we’re in, the Vandalia Solution, and how to implement it. History has proven that the Vandalia Solution will work to restore our country to the prosperity & freedom that our original form of government fostered.
“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it’s the illusion – of knowledge”
– Stephen Hocking. “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”
Albert Einstein
. What you read on this site is based on easily verifiable facts. Precious few people investigate information that does not agree with their beliefs. We’re asking that you do this. We are developing a separate, much more scholarly website that will shorten your research time and give you references.   This website is designed to explain what we’re doing in the simplest terms, with the hope you will join with us.

We use the terms ‘de jure’ and ‘de facto.’ De jure is from Latin – meaning ‘from law.’ De facto means ‘acting as.’ A policeman is charged with keeping the peace. He’s a de jure – legitimate – policeman. If a teacher breaks up a fight in a school, that teacher is – a de facto policeman – acting as a policeman though he/she is not a de jure policeman. Lacking a de jure policeman, the teacher acts as policeman, but this de facto policeman (the teacher) must step back from that position when a (de jure) policeman arrives.

The United States has actually had a DE FACTO (bogus) government since Congress
adjourned in 1860. Want details? Go to On April 24, 1863, two months before West Virginia was formed out of Virginia, Abraham Lincoln (unconstitutionally) declared martial law with Executive Order 100. The constitution has been ‘suspended’ ever since.

The world is full of ‘legal’ trickery – deceptive words & stealth attacks on we the people. The 14th Amendment – supposedly passed to free the slaves – was a legalese language move to make us all SUBJECTS – meaning ‘owned’ (SUBJECT to government) – as opposed to SOVEREIGNS – that means the government is subject to the people. By definition: A ‘US Citizen’ is not a man or woman. (!) It is an entity that the government owns. If you ‘legally’ dissect a birth certificate, it says that you were born into a ‘warehouse’ (when your feet hit the paper) that the corporate ‘government’ owns – your mother abandoned you – so the government owns you. I am NOT kidding.

This de facto (acting as) ‘government’ – working slowly with stealth and lies – incorporated itself in 1871 – outgrew & replaced the de jure (of law) government. All the taxes you thought you paid to our governments, go to privately owned CORPORATIONS! (No kidding!) They actually operate under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) that corporations (including most "governments") use – worldwide – not our original 1789 Constitution that is LAWFUL – de jure. The UCC is LEGAL – de facto – acting as – law.

Lawful is of law. EG: ‘Thou shalt not steal’ is law. ‘Legal’ refers to man’s ‘laws’ – such as ‘If thou jay-walketh, thou shalt pay money to the CORPORATION!’ (Why?) Money refers to a measure of gold or silver (Coinage act of 1792) – while ‘currency’ refers to that which is called money – by liars – intentional or otherwise. The original Black’s Law Dictionary defined the dollar per the Coinage Act of 1792. Later editions referred to it as a unit of currency; even later – a unit of accounting! Commerce originally meant international trade – not trade within our borders! The demons are in the details, various words they’ve defined and ‘redefined’ over time, along with other cute little word-tricks.

When you see UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in all capital letters, that refers to a
CORPORATION that is not the de jure government you learned about in school! Do the people ‘at the top’ know all this? You bet! Do they want you to know this? NO! More shocking: Every time you see your name in all capital letters, that is not you. That is a legal fiction – a possession of this corporation we call our government. It is a ‘straw man’ – not a real man or woman! These few lawyer-tricks are just part of the deception that has been foisted upon us for a century and a half! When the Supreme Court Justice reads the oath of office to the president-elect, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is in capital letters, so when the president swears to defend and uphold it’s (corporate) constitution – which is the UCC – he can tell himself that he isn’t lying.

Our courts are not courts of law & justice. They are commercial (money-making)
enterprises: So-called ‘courts’ that are engaged in the business of removing people from
property; removing property, freedom & children from people – essentially at gunpoint.
Under the UCC – ‘judges’ are managers in the largest (and most bankrupt) corporation in

These ‘courts’ are playgrounds for BAR (British Accreditation Registry) attorneys – men with titles of nobility from the British Crown. These men understand and use the word-tricks I’ve spoken of. Under the original 13th amendment – duly ratified but never put into the Constitution – people with titles of nobility were not even allowed to be part of the republic! These ‘attorneys’ have been instrumental in the destruction of what was our judiciary. The root word for attorney means ‘removing property from one to give it to another.’ Lawyer and attorney have separate definitions. The judicial system even uses ‘terms’ – words that they specifically define as they apply in certain cases!

FACT : From Biblical times until very recent history, under Common Law – without a damaged flesh and blood victim – NO CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED! No Victim? NO CRIME! Got it? The corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has totally perverted this fundamental concept, to rob us blind and worse.

This de facto CORPORATION has come up with tens of millions of ‘legal’ rules, regulations, mandates, statutes, ordinances, policies, violations, offenses, infractions, codes – and Executive Orders – THAT ARE NOT LAWS – to extract all that is valuable from us. A large percentage of this goes out of the country to a private offshore corporation! (See next paragraph.) EG: A ‘code’ – is ‘evidence of law.’ It is NOT law! Denial of constitutional rights under COLOR OF LAW is a real law – but few people know that. If a so-called ‘judge’ convicts you of a so-called ‘crime’ where there has been no flesh and blood damaged man, woman, or child – you are not the criminal. He – is the criminal!

This de facto corporate ‘government’ – working in collusion with a private corporate counterfeiting company – the Federal Reserve Board – incorporated in Dover, Delaware in 1913 – along with the private Internal Revenue Service (a PRIVATE collection agency for the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Board ) and PRIVATE Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
(and Explosives – now) – are no more federal than Federal Express. They are now private OFF-SHORE corporations – located in Puerto Rico. For almost a century, they have been masquerading as government – in unholy alliance to take our country down – take our land, rob us blind, disarm us, enslave us in prisons, and worse. The IRS and BATF(&E) have no more right to press collect income taxes or press any kind of criminal charges – than Wal-Mart! ‘They’ depend on our ignorance to get away with their high crimes. Will these criminals come after me for exposing them? You bet! But they cannot stop the truth. They can only slow it down. If they silence me, others will only speak out more loudly.

Since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, by issuing currency out of thin air, on which they have collected compound interest, these counterfeiters have bought controlling interest in many
publicly traded corporations, and GREAT influence in Washington, DC. They have bought influence in – ‘education’ – media – ‘medicine’ – and yes – many churches – with everything from contributions to coercion. This explains all those lies they’ve told you! The counterfeiters have bought and/or coerced anybody who has influence to sell – to SELL – with counterfeit currency, to carry out their evil plans to steal every bit of real estate, resources, and infrastructure – one way or another. If a deed has the words “Tenant on the land” in it, you don’t own ‘your’ land! (They own it.) These paper-scammers are thugs, dressed up in
custom-tailored $5000 suit-costumes, and operate worldwide.

They are puppet-masters who trap many of their puppets – maybe with just a paycheck, but it can be much worse. If they cannot deceive someone, they try to blackmail them. If they cannot blackmail them, they try to buy them, or smear them –maybe kidnap (jail) them with their kangaroo kourts. If those tactics don’t work, they threaten their lives and the lives of their family. If that fails, they kill them. They buy or coerce people into shutting up, lying, and/or carrying out their plans – the dirty work that you SEE – while they – the mob boss masters of
terrorism that they are – hide in the shadows. This explains why elected representatives
usually behave in the exact opposite fashion – after they get into office. They learn –
very quickly – who runs THEM!

To put it simply, a group of extremely wealthy world-class criminals has gained almost total control of our government, to eliminate their competition – and force us to become their customers. This is called fascism. The owners of the Federal Reserve include the Queen of England, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, the Warburgs of Germany, as well as some well known Washington and Wall Street names. ‘Tis they who have done this to us. ‘Tis we who have been duped.

The UNITED STATES CORPORATION went bankrupt in March, 1933. It was essentially given to the private Federal Reserve – in bankruptcy proceedings. The Federal Reserve controls the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation. They have bled this corporation dry with compound interest on our national debt. Our national debt was created – by design – to crush us back to serfdom. And, the Federal Reserve stockholders have bled it dry – from the inside. Criminals stole our government by stealth – long ago. We want to take it back.

A federal government that wanted to tax even the unborn – borrowed money at interest – furthering the agendas of borrower and lender. It is to these thugs – that we are told – we owe the national debt – that they created with paper currency, ledger entries & computer keystrokes! They have done this in many countries. Iceland recently told them to pound sand. We can do that, when we stand together. We aren’t criminals. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation, the Federal Reserve corporation, and the corporations & agencies they’ve spawned including the IRS and BATF(&E) are the real criminals!

They can hire the best – or should I say – worst – criminals. "They" have come to kill, steal, and destroy everything that God has said, made, wants, and joined together. They’re trying to destroy civilizations worldwide to bring in their one-world government ‘solution’ for the death & destruction they have engineered & funded for centuries. They have created and then crushed economies with bogus currencies – for centuries and they’ve saved US for last. If you care to do the research, you will learn that they’ve openly written out their plans for us, and the whole world!

Their plan includes crushing our economy & currency, our federal government and military – by their design – to usher in their one-world government – the United Nations. They have come perilously close to doing this. This activity in our nation was and is part of a plan – hatched centuries ago. The kings of old and wealthy merchant/bankers wanted a New World Order – just like the Old World Order – comprised primarily of western European ruling families – ruling over slaves – US! They wanted total control of all property and people. They wanted all of us to work for them, and rent from them. They wanted control over all currencies, trade, travel & transportation. They wanted control of all who held any influence – over anybody. Their plans include cashless currency over which they have control, to stop anyone they want from trading. They have financed/controlled governments all over the world to achieve these goals. They
use bogus laws, bogus currency, bogus wars, bogus education, bogus media, bogus ecology, and puppets – willing or unwilling – to accomplish their goals. They appear to stop at nothing to accomplish their goals.

The ancient weapons of war they’re using against us have been food/water deprivation,
taxation of all kinds, poisons, disease & lies. (We import a third of our food &
the ‘dollar’ is tanking!) These banksters are poisoning the air, food, water and – yes –
many medicines – to enslave us – and eliminate those who do not go along w/their plans.
They want to sterilize and kill – all who do not do their will. United Nations Agenda
21 spells out their worldwide genocide plan! These sickos see ‘we the people’ (who
produce wealth) as ‘useless eaters’. Truth: Because they essentially feed on people –
they are cannibals! We must see them as such, inform others about them, calmly stand
them down – and say ‘NO!’ to their tactics and plans. They want us to blame anybody
but them for the deaths, poverty, misery, and slavery they have inflicted on the world –
for centuries.

At this point we are very economically enslaved – WORSE than sharecroppers – as 2/3 of every dollar we spend goes to them – through taxation to this corporation at all levels of production of goods and services. They have been using this money to enslave us even more. They label these taxes with many words: licenses, fees, fines, costs, assessments and even – ‘contributions.’ The banksters & their minions do not produce any goods or services. They only create pieces of paper – of all sorts (currencies – ‘laws’ – treaties – Ponzi schemes – deeds – tax forms – court decisions – citations – traffic tickets – birth certificates, etc) – to rob us, and worse. Can you not see this?

One of their favorite means of taxation: Business taxes. In that manner, the business gets blamed for high prices. They get the money. Never in history have businesses paid taxes. Truth: Their customers ALWAYS pay the business’s taxes when they buy anything. These taxes cost more than food, clothing, shelter, transportation, insurance, medical care and utilities – COMBINED! Whether you’re rich or impoverished, about 2/3 of the price of anything goes to pay all those hidden taxes – their private corporate income. Taxes, rules & regulations also drove our means of wealth production – our farms and factories – out of business and out of the country.

About 1/3 the price of anything you buy ultimately goes to the PRIVATE off-shore IRS corporation – the PRIVATE collection agency for the PRIVATE Federal Reserve OFF-SHORE COUNTERFEITERS! Over 30 years ago, not one dollar the IRS collected went to the federal treasury. Every bit of it goes to pay these counterfeiters’ bogus debt while they print and otherwise conjure up more Federal Reserve Notes with computer keystrokes. It now takes over 25 (and climbing) modern dimes to equal the value of one pre-1964 90% silver dime.

The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation – totally controlled by the Federal Reserve – has been bankrupt beyond redemption for a decade. ‘Tis they who have robbed us blind. ‘Tis we who must see this. The only difference between bankruptcy and declaring bankruptcy is a declaration. At this point, nothing can stop the pending financial collapse. But it gets worse.

The Corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has many AGENCIES – just as – say – an insurance company has many agencies. These agencies are also broke: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac, and countless of others who will not be able to meet their obligations.

There are many SUBDIVISIONS of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation. Among them is the STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA – along with counties in capital letters and cities – such as the CITY OF CHARLESTON. (see It is this form of private, corporate ‘government’ that is collapsing – all around us – BY THEIR DESIGN – along with their counterfeit currency – to bring our nation to its knees BEFORE international troops march in. (Over a half million are already here – for ‘training.’) We have been ruled by fraud. Fraud negates consent. ‘Tis we who must say ‘NO!’ – TOGETHER – to all levels of this corporate ‘government.’ They are the criminals. We aren’t. There are peaceful ways to do this – that work!

This entire de facto ‘government’ will collapse all by itself (by their design) – and our plight will only worsen as people lose more jobs, homes, unemployment checks, and hopes of employment. History tells us that our whole society will come apart. The nation will break up – many will suffer and die in the chaos – unlike anything we’ve seen in America.

This CORPORATION has taken control of what was our government. It has marched us into every foreign war for over a century. This latest gulf war has cost three trillion dollars. We’ve murdered a million and a half men, women, and children. Do the math. That’s two million dollars per corpse, while Americans are losing jobs and homes. How much would you pay for a corpse? How much did that dead man pay – to satisfy the bloodlust of these people? History tells us that if we don’t take our war machine apart – others will. The insanity will stop – one way or another. The choice is ours! The only thing they respect are large numbers of people who say ‘NO!’ It’s time for us to become responsible for our own freedom – together.

OK – I’ve told you about the corporation. What happened to the legitimate, de jure
government? It’s still with us – but all the offices are vacant. It is this original de jure
government that we must put in place as the corporation falls – starting at the local level.

We in the Vandalia Solution are doing all we can to tell the simple truth; let folks know that their ‘government’ is not legitimate and keep us from fighting each other! We know that as the economy collapses and crime explodes, government will collapse all the way down to neighborhoods that will be forced to band together to protect themselves.

We especially want to get our sheriffs ‘on board’ with this truth, as they are the chief law enforcement officers in this nation – above all other officers. Their budget is controlled by (corporate) County Commissioners, who accept money from the (corporate) state and federal ‘governments’ to do their will. This funding will dry up (by design.) As the economic system goes into hyperinflation then ultimate collapse – the job of law enforcement will fall to the sheriffs, whose primary means of enforcement will be their right and responsibility to deputize those who volunteer to assist them. We want them to be ready for this. We need to be ready to back up our sheriffs – assuming that they’re willing to live up to their de jure oaths of office. They do not want to be on the wrong side of a revolution – nor do they want to stand alone against tyranny or mob rule.

We have no desire or feel any need to overthrow a de facto, bogus ‘government’ that will collapse – by its own design – in the near future. We only want all people – of all ages & persuasions – whether in government or the private sector – to see that we must work together to defuse the escalating tension between government and ‘we the people’ – and work together to re-establish the lawful, peaceful process of law we started out with in a last-ditch effort to prevent as much violence as possible.

I’ve done my best to lay out what has happened in the simplest words. We know what once worked in this nation – what made us great – and we know the way forward to this proven system. History tells us that there will be – some kind of revolution in America as the present systems collapses. We want it to be a peaceful revolution. We do not want it to go ‘hot’ – and that’s what the present powers that be apparently want. From history, we know what happens if things go hot, as every tyranny in history has gone down – one way or another – usually violently. The only question left is how ours will go down. ‘They’ apparently want us to fight and kill each other. We in Vandalia don’t want that. We are begging people to stay calm and stand together. History tells us that many violent acts have been blamed on innocent people. We want to remain – innocent – no matter what.

A special note for those who are part of ‘the system’ – today: Mainstream media romanticizes war. We do not want the coming revolution to turn into a war. From history: During economic collapses of this nature, people riot, utilities get knocked out, food spoils, sanitation fails, people get hungry & violent. When they openly attack the government, demonstration & riots turn into a full-scale civil war – unlike any we’ve seen in America. Mobs and individuals take revenge on anybody in government, and their families! They brutalize troops that they capture.

Soldiers who turn on their own people are no longer heroes. They’re targets. No uniformed
force has ever won a war fighting an armed civilian population – defending their homes and families. The American people are well armed, and outnumber uniformed forces – a hundred to one. Uniformed forces may win battles – but never wars of this nature. Countless books have been written on the realities of war. We do not want war!

From history: The German people killed more of Hitler’s SS troops and secret police than were killed by allied troops. They hunted them down like animals and oftentimes killed the wives and children of those who murdered others’ women and children. Mr. Uniform, do you want to be a hero – or a target? You choose.

If you choose to go along with ‘the system’ to abuse Americans – understand that if you do survive a ‘hot’ revolution, you will spend the rest of your life – looking over your shoulder. The war will never end for you, and your family will be no safer in America than wives and children in any war zone. Do not choose the wrong side of a revolution. Go home and protect your family. Real leaders lead the troops. Dictators goad them from behind. We will have very few wars when young men are brave enough to tell old dictators that they will not fight and die in their wars.

If you read and agree with what I’ve told you, please join with us and give others some of the most important information they will need in the upcoming collapse of our society – Jim from West Virginia – on my way to Vandalia


Jesus of Nazareth cleaned the moneychangers out of the Temple – twice! When the Greater comes, the lesser must leave. Shortly before the American Revolution, the 14th colony was organizing in what is now known as West Virginia. It was called Vandalia. The STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA has been a de facto government since its inception in 1863 and it is collapsing – going bankrupt – by design. We are resurrecting Vandalia. When the greater comes, it will displace the lesser.

Jesus of Nazareth also trashed the Pharisees (lawyers) – the scribes (media) – as well as preachers and teachers of the law (education.) It is these people, working in collusion, who have almost broken the backs of the American people by stealing their wealth, and its means of production. From 2300 years of western civilization history, when governments remove enough resources from the people, they get hungry and go into (usually violent) revolt to throw that government off. Some countries have been fortunate enough to collapse without undue violence between the government and its people – such as the USSR (1991), Argentina (2001), and Egypt (2011). Those countries that experienced the least violence were those countries where the uniformed forces joined up with the rest of the people to get rid of the tyrants at the top. The economic hardship is a foregone conclusion. The level of violence between the government and the people – is a choice. We want people to make the right choices.

Our forefathers knew the cycle of tyranny followed by blood revolution – time and again – so they created a small, locally controlled Common Law, Constitutional Republic form of government that protected the rights of all – with representatives elected by popular vote. The goal was to have a little revolution every two years at the ballot box, as opposed to a bloody revolution every few generations. Starting with mechanical voting machines, over a century ago, elections have been totally corrupted. ALL voting is to be done in PRIVATE – COUNTED in public.

Within the Constitution and Bill of Rights, there are THREE voting processes. The voting booth is the first. The other two are the DE JURE grand jury – comprised of a couple dozen people who TOTALLY CONTROL WHAT CASES ARE BROUGHT TO TRIAL – and the DE JURE petit jury – trial jury – THAT CONTROLS THE JUDGE! In this system, the people control the courts, as well as the creation and administration of laws. They – are in control of the ENTIRE government – from the creation of the law – to its administration – to its adjudication – application.

For over a century, the moneychangers, Pharisees, scribes, preachers, & teachers of the law have worked in collusion to destroy ALL THREE voting processes. Both juries have slowly become puppets of the puppet-masters in our judicial system. They have not just tampered
with juries. They’ve effectively destroyed them – and only we the people can take them back through lawful process.

Our judicial system has become so distorted that countless government agencies hold ‘hearings’ in offices that have the force of law – totally unconstitutional. Judge? What judge? You plead your case before government employees who have the combined powers of prosecuting attorney, judge, & executioner. That bureaucrat is nothing more than an agent – an employee of the state – doing the state’s corporate will. Our goal is to peacefully reverse all this back to our original form of government. What we have now is a mockery of justice so sublimely ridiculous that it’s become idiocy raised to the level of a fine art.

Our legitimate LAWS have been intentionally – deceitfully – but unsuccessfully buried under rules, regulations, statutes, mandates, policies, orders, codes and such – created by corporate agencies, not legislatures – that have the force of law – but are not laws.

To get just a small grasp of the corruption in our official ‘courts’ – look up ‘Maritime Law.’ Almost all courtrooms in the US are engaged in equity, and/or maritime/admiralty law. Under this ‘law’ – the ‘judge’ acts as the captain of a ship in international waters – and if the judge tells you to walk the plank – you walk. If you don’t believe me, find the highest place in every state and you will find a US Geological Survey brass marker – that marks the ‘high water mark’ in that state. With such ‘legal’ trickery – we the people have been under international maritime law for decades! When you lift the railing to approach the bench, you are ‘walking on board’ an imaginary ‘ship at sea’ – where the ‘captain’ – totally controls everything on ‘his’ ship and the Constitution is just a (BLEEP) piece of paper – to quote a presidential decree. Got it? Don’t depend on your banker, attorney, teacher, preacher, or your TV to tell you any of this. They’ve been bought and paid for – long ago!

The world is full of these ‘legal’ fiction LIES! If you see a US flag – with a gold fringe around it – it is a captured flag – and when you see it in a courtroom you are in MARITIME law – where the judge is a little god on ‘his’ ship. Does this explain why judicial arrogance is now one word – judicialarrogance? It is this totally corrupt judiciary that anchors our de facto ‘governments’ – in debauchery! We can take our courtrooms back – peacefully – one at a time – with de jure juries – much better than lynch mobs.

Our nation was founded under Common Law. People of that time were so grounded in Common Law that it is just referred to in the Constitution that refers to the right of habeas corpus – and jury trials – and presentments – from Common Law! Common Law was just a ‘given’ – at that time. It didn’t change, so there was no reason to spell it out in the Constitution.

Common Law means – do no harm to others & live up to your agreements. Common Law is common to people all over the world. It’s described in the Bible and many ancient documents. Legitimate courts were initially put in place to settle arguments between people, not for the government to take all they owned – rights – property – and progeny.

Throughout history, governments have done their best to impose laws that are in direct violation of Common Law – to TAKE what belongs to ‘we the people.’ Under Common Law, a criminal is anyone who takes control of that which is not his. In this light, what institution behaves in the most criminal fashion? Does it make sense to you – for government to steal what’s yours, kidnap you (jail you), enslave you (in jail), and/or kidnap your children – steal them – when you have harmed – nobody? Once again – ‘tis they – not we who are the criminals when they do this. History proves that it will stop – one way or another because America is becoming very angry about all this. Do not confuse the watchman on the wall (who knows real history) with the very real facts that history teaches us. Any true historian will tell you that tyranny breeds vigilantism – and violence! Vigilantism and violence are unnecessary.

One thing that we learn from history – is that people don’t learn from history – unless they want to learn from history. From history: We do not need to become violent. We only need to stand together – like Argentina – and Egypt – and prepare for what comes after the collapse. We want peaceful resolution – due process as opposed to the lynch mobs that are the usual result of societal breakdown.

Before proceeding farther, I am avowed pacifist. I do not start fights, and anarchy is the worst of all worlds. I’m an adherent of Common Law, and due process of law – administered by lawful government. We have vestiges of Common Law that we refer to as ‘The Code of the Hills’ in Vandalia. Under Common Law, kidnapping is a capital offense. You kidnap someone’s child? You die. Under the ‘Code of the Hills’ – you simply find that person who has done this – and you kill them. That is NOT Common Law. That is taking the law into your own hands – as someone once said ‘playing God.’

Common Law calls for due process – a de jure grand jury presentment or indictment – then a trial – controlled by a group of your peers where the judge acts as referee – not God. Do not confuse a jury trial – where the jury runs the trial AND the judge – and ‘trial BY jury’ which means the judge tries the person – BESIDE a jury (BY meaning BESIDE!) That’s just another ‘legal’ trick. The judge is not to ‘instruct the jury’ on what they are to do. The jury is to instruct the judge! It has taken over a century to go from Common Law jury trials – to corporate-run ‘trials by jury.’ I spoke of voting. The trial jury – is the third ballot box.

So – what about the second voting process? The Grand Jury? The second voting process is the legitimate – de jure – KEY to the courtroom that was in place in almost ALL courts – a century and a half ago. It has slowly – oh-so-slowly – been replaced by government gone wild. Grand Juries started out – centuries ago in England – when people might discover who was stealing their – chickens or whatever – and bring this to the magistrate’s or judge’s attention. They would demand that this person be tried. And so the case was tried – by a jury. Those were rights of Englishmen!

The jury system – grand juries and petit (trial) juries – were so well established in English and American law – so well known at the time – that our forefathers didn’t list them out as the fourth branch of government. That jury system was essentially unchanged – so it was not necessary to write up in the constitution. The jury system that we have lost was actually the cornerstone (since 1215 AD) on which the rest of our government was built.

Please note: ‘Jury tampering’ is a serious offense. OK – tell me why attorneys get to determine who sits on a de facto trial jury? Tell me why the judge tells the jury how to interpret the law! Can we not call that – JURY TAMPERING? Names for people who served juries are to be determined by chance from a literate jury pool of adults – not by ANYBODY’S DECISION!

Our founding fathers set up a government whereby ONLY – de jure grand juries – could bring someone to trial. If someone who was not in government brought a case, it was called a presentment. If someone in government brought a case, it was called an indictment, and a presentment had greater importance than an indictment. The grand jury was comprised of a couple dozen people who met in closed session to hear evidence – to see if there was enough evidence of a crime – a real crime – against a flesh ‘n’ blood victim – to bring to trial. Courts were not an industry. They met – only occasionally. The grand jury process was ever-so-slowly destroyed – their power usurped – their role taken from key to the courtroom – to a pawn of the corrupt CORPORATE judiciary – over the span of about a century. Want details?

At time present, many government employees can bring you into ‘their’ court – whether a courtroom or some other government office – to rob what is yours – just by writing on a piece of paper! That is not due process of law. That – is pure, raw, paper-scam robbery! When we had de jure grand juries, it was a simple matter to bring a corrupt government official to trial – then try him with the trial jury. Now do you see how your rights have been slowly taken from you by those who swore to defend and uphold your rights? The jury is the key to taking them back. Plan to exercise it.

The courts have been taken over by BAR association attorneys. In many states, the
biggest key to the courtroom has been held by trial lawyers’ associations – that specialize in ‘donating’ monies to judges for election campaigns. I think I’ve said quite enough to put my life in danger today.

Please look into de jure grand juries – and Corpus Juris Secundum – chapter 38 – as it applies to the phrases ‘de jure’ and ‘de facto’ grand juries. According to LAW – when the greater (de jure) grand jury presents itself, the lesser (de facto) grand jury must step down. Please SEEK the truth, as there are many well-funded liars who will line up to call YOU a liar.

If we cannot – do not – resolve these issues peacefully, history tells us that there will be two kinds of hanging judges – and THAT is what we are trying to avoid. Do NOT confuse the watchman on the wall – with the enemy of us all - - - the private, corporate banksters and their minions.

Let me entertain & inform you with a little Vandalia humor & truth:

We KNOW what’s right. We KNOW what’s wrong, as simple as can be.
We tell the truth, and tell folks, in words that THEY can see.

The jury is a ballot box
Every day it sits.
The judge is just a puppet now
(We hope he doesn’t - - - - - never mind)

The jury is the proving ground
Beginning and the end.
It has to pass through JURY ONE
Before the trial begins.

And from there to JURY TWO
The judge is now our pawn.
He is just the referee
His POWER – it is gone.

With God as our guide - Inside HIM we HIDE - To come out on the top.
Of thugs and thieves and carpet fleas – the enSLAVERS - they will stop.

We are His slaves - - - We are His pawns - - - To HIM – the victory!

Come join with us in Vandalia – and see how we can do this – Jim from West Virginia


Most of our misunderstanding about our ‘government’ can be traced back to word - tricks & twisted definitions. I think we need some simple grade-school definitions to help us clearly see what has happened to us, and our solution. Criminal: One who takes control of that which is not his. Fascism: A state of affairs where an individual or group of people gains control of government to eliminate their competition and force others to become customers. Tyranny: When those who are to be our protectors become our oppressors. Thief: Someone who takes something of value from you, and gives nothing in return. Fraud: A broken promise or vow. Slavery: Being controlled by others, for the benefit of the enslavers. Kidnap: Taking total control of anothers body & therefore life – whether by individuals or the state. Crime: When one does real and enumerable harm to another MAN, WOMAN, OR CHILD. Common Law is very simple. It’s common sense.

Government is a business that takes money and control – to keep law and order. Unfortunately, it often takes control and money to serve itself, rather than those who support it. Our de facto ‘government’ is a totally self-serving private corporation that’s going bankrupt because they’ve robbed it from the inside. Our de jure Constitutional Republic was designed so that the people had total control over the government. A totally corrupt corporation has taken its place. This article further explains how we the people can do this – peacefully. Its time has come.

There have been countless attempts by various interest groups to restore our land to
original Common Law (No Victim – NO CRIME!) and the highest law of the land – the original Constitution. In the past, the bogus corporate ‘government’ and controlled mainstream media have used lies, distortion – and infiltrators/instigators – to demonize, neutralize and/or destroy de jure grand jury movements – militia movements – states’ rights movements – gun rights activists – anyone who wanted to put our government back on a lawful, de jure constitutional basis.

Present ‘government’ and media credibility is sinking towards single digits. Their recent attempts to demonize constitutional patriots haven’t been working. People can see that the present ‘system’ is coming apart. Something will take its place. We do not want chaos – anarchy – followed by foreign troops that will bring us one-world United Nations dictatorship – the CORPORATION’S plan for US. We want to return to the Common Law, Constitutional, local control government that we started out with – proven to be the best government devised by man.

The only way to achieve the greatest political change with the least violence is with the greatest number of people who stand up and speak out. Mahatma Gandhi proved that peaceful civil disobedience works. We’ve upped Gandhi a notch by stating that when the greater arrives – the lesser will step down.

The criminals who currently control our CORPORATE government most fear – people organizing to face them down. We’re trying to organize for only one reason: to return to our de jure government by the only known means that are peaceful. The Vandalia Declaration of God Given Rights is what we’re all about – nothing more. It is something we can stand up for.

Ancient and recent history has proven that anything other than standing up together en masse does not work to achieve this kind of real change. It’s very simple and inexpensive. It is not anti-government. It is pro de jure government – meaning ‘of law.’ We reach out to include those who are in the present government system. The Vandalia Declaration of God-Given Rights best describes the universal goals of almost all men. We only exclude the violent.

We will be holding weekly conference calls – dates, times, and telephone numbers will be posted on the website. We will do our best to maintain e-mail correspondence with folks who contact us.

We must let people know we exist, and we’ve learned that mainstream media is not conducive to our message. We print out leaflets and one-page fliers about Vandalia. We want to inform our police and sheriffs and media about Vandalia – tell them the truth so others won’t lie about us. We write letters to local newspapers – call in to talk radio programs – and leave information about the website on bulletin boards.

If we feel so inclined, we can give out our contact information – so other like-minded people can find us. Our discussions with them may lead local groups in the direction of going to school board meetings – city council meetings – county commissioner meetings – and elsewhere.

There’s plenty of information about de jure grand juries – and trial juries – and jury nullification (where the jury judges not only the defendant, but also the law.) Many people have seen the Citizen’s Rulebook – a shirt pocket sized pamphlet that spells out the rights of jurors. Everybody needs to have one. We’ll be offering them for sale in the near future. Not everyone will want to be part of the jury pool, but if you want to be a juror, you need to educate yourself. No matter what, we can demand that juries be selected – not by BAR (British Accreditation Registry – title of nobility) attorneys – but by random selection out of the jury pool.

As the economy collapses, there will be people who will want to organize demonstrations. The CORPORATION wants violence. WE DON’T. We know that civil disobedience works. We need to go about demonstrating in the proper fashion. The CORPORATION will tell you that you need a PERMIT to assemble. This is in direct violation of the First Amendment that guarantees the right of free speech, press, religion, and assembly. If anyone in any jurisdiction violates this, it’s time to file suit against them in federal court – and demonstrate anyway.

There are many in the CORPORATION who want to paint us as being violent. The mainstream media – noted for show business – has done a very good job of creating disinformation about patriots. Their time-proven method to demonize us at demonstrations has been for them to plant people called agent provocateurs into the demonstration – people working for the CORPORATION that will do violent things to bring police retaliation.

In the event that you do ‘take to the streets’ – I must warn you that there may very well be agent provocateurs among your protesters – and they will do something violent to bring forth retaliation from the police!  That’s their job.  It’s what they do.  If you have a demonstration – make sure as many people as possible obtain long and strong wireties – to use as handcuffs.  If any member of the demonstration becomes violent, your job is to grab them from behind and handcuff them – get their identification if they have any – and their photos – then turn them over to the police.  Make sure that the police know that you intend to do this.  I cannot overemphasize this!  The goal is peace – not war.   

As time goes by the Vandalia movement and website will grow into different areas. We also have a sister site https://VANDALIASOLUTION.WEBS.COM  that will evolve with the movement. There will be an ‘issues’ page that will inform you of statewide problems. The first issue will be information about a real estate confiscation program called the International Property Maintenance Code – many times worse than Eminent Domain – and it is statewide in WEST VIRGINIA – selectively enforced for half a decade. We will add other issues with time. We may also start collecting horror stories about WEST VIRGINIA politicians & officials. We will need verifiable proof before posting these on the website.

We MUST REACH OUT TO OUR MILITARY, LOCAL POLICE, AND SHERIFFS for this to be successful! We need to reach out to our neighbors, and band together to survive the hard times ahead – by watching each others backs – sharing, trading, and bartering – whatever it takes to survive – as we rebuild what the thieves have stolen from us. The next decade will have to focus on producing food, fuel & fiber production with its associated industry, back into America.

This is a local movement – actually many movements in one. There is no ‘head’ to the Vandalia Solution – except The Creator of the Universe & His Common Law. We are not a religious organization, but we know that if we don’t do this right, it won’t work. If you’re so inclined, we ask that you pray for us.

If you agree with our goals, we’re asking that you ‘sign on’ with us – first in your heart and mind. Some of you will be willing to post your contact information so others can contact you. In any event, now you know what the Vandalia Solution is – who we are and what we’re doing – for all of us. Thank you for your time –

To our sheriffs in West Virginia:

  I’m part of the
Vandalia Solution.  Prior to the Revolutionary War, much of the land
we know as West Virginia was slated to be the 14th colony, called
Vandalia, hence our name.  The war interrupted those plans.

 Major signs of economic collapse have been encroaching on us for a
generation: empty storefronts, abandoned farms, factories, and mines.
After two generations of systematic destruction of our means of wealth
production by taxes, court decisions, regulations, etc, unemployment
programs are running out of money, people are losing hope for
employment, and even governments are laying off workers.  This is all
by design.

 Over a hundred years ago, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – a
corporation – replaced the legitimate United States of America
government.  This UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation was essentially
given to the people who own the private Federal Reserve in 1933 – in
unconstitutional bankruptcy proceedings.  The UNITED STATES
CORPORATION has been economically bled by these professional
counterfeiters – the Federal Reserve Board – ever since.  For decades,
I have been aware of this plan to destroy the United States of America
to usher in world government under UN control, and this is in its
final phases – right now.  In fact, the Federal Reserve essentially
runs the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation, and they do not have
our best interest at heart.  They want one-world government.  These
international bankers have achieved this level of control with deceit
and paper-scams of all sorts.

 The United States of America is our lawful government.  The UNITED
STATES OF AMERICA is the corporation that is masquerading as the
lawful government.  This pattern of ‘all caps’ for the CORPORATION
extends to the state and local level.  If you want details as to how
this happened, visit  This CORPORATION, along with
its subsidiaries and agencies, was basically bankrupt, over a decade
ago.  It and its subdivision corporations are listed in
- that lists only commercial enterprises.

 Our laws have been replaced by ‘color of law’ rules, regulations,
codes, statutes, ordinances, orders, and mandates – most of which
violate Common Law (No Victim?  NO CRIME!) – the cornerstone of
western civilization on which our nation was founded – as well as the
Constitution and Bill of Rights.   If you do some research, you will
find that a code – for instance – is not law.  It is evidence of law.
It is evidence, not law.  I could go on.

 I’m sure you’re aware that we have the highest percentage of people
in our (private corporate for-profit) prison system of any country in
the world – and over ¾ of these people have harmed nobody!  This
practice of enslaving people has destroyed countless families and
lives.  Every regime that has built large prison systems has first
used them to incarcerate ‘criminals’ who have harmed nobody.  When
‘social turmoil’ occurs, they empty the prisons to incarcerate anyone
who does not submit to them.  This is all part of an evil plan (that
is well laid out, researched, and documented) but beyond the scope of
this letter.

 The bottom line is that our coffers have now been emptied, our
military has been worn out for twenty years – fighting ‘Islamic
terrorist’ boogeymen (Al Quada – created by the CIA – on record)
domestically and in fruitless foreign wars – all by design.  The
insanity cannot continue.  EG: These wars in the Middle East will end
up costing around four trillion dollars.  If you divide that by an
accurate number of men, women, and children who have been killed,
(approaching two million according to some) you’ll discover that we’re
paying about two million dollars per Middle East corpse, while
Americans are losing jobs, homes, and hope for the future.

 The currency is collapsing, and appears to be heading for
hyperinflation.  No national government has survived the collapse of
its currency.  Once again, our national ‘government’ is not the
Constitutional government you learned about in school.  It’s a bogus
corporation that usurped our legitimate government – long, long ago.
It is collapsing.  There is no need to ‘overthrow’ anything that is
falling in on itself, but we must be ready for it.

 Mainstream media flagrantly lies and covers up important truth.  For
an accurate glimpse at the foreseeable future, consult  Mr. Celentes’ has a 98% accuracy record for
his predictions for the past couple of decades, as does Bob Chapman of

 Congress’ approval rating is down to 9%.  No government has survived
long past that level of disapproval.  The mainstream media’s approval
is approaching the same number.  We hope and pray that you have not
fallen prey to too much of their propaganda, and the same stockholders
own both ‘sides’ of the mainstream media.  It has been increasingly
controlled for a century, as has government ‘education’.

 All economic and political indicators tell us that we are on the eve
of major economic and societal breakdown, the same as has occurred in
many countries for centuries.  Contrary to what the mainstream media –
spouts – the riots in Europe and the Middle East have as much to do
with food, as everything else.  From history, when unemployment rates
get close to 30%, people riot.  Our real unemployment is about 22% and
climbing – close to 30% among young adults.  China is also coming
apart – economically – though we hear almost nothing about it.  And
this is coming to America.  For the first time in history, all the
world’s paper (bogus) currencies are coming down at the same time.

 Our food supplies have come under attack, we import a third of our
food, and the ‘dollar’ is tanking.  When people get sufficiently
hungry, they become violent, fight among themselves, and overthrow
governments.  If local officials are not on the same side as the
people, things do not go well for local officials – an undeniable
lesson from history.

 I’m sure that you’re aware of the erosion, that many say threatens
to utterly destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  I’m sure
you’re aware of the gun-grabbing agenda, the demonization of the
public by federalized law enforcement training, as well as money, and
the distrust the general public now has for law enforcement and
government in general.  This is also – by design.  All this has been
done in the name of finding terrorists.  Terrorists?  What terrorists?
 If 1 in 10,000 people in America in 2001 had been an Islamic
terrorist – with all this federal snooping and spying – and
unprecedented powers to detain people, we should have seen at least
25,000 Islamic terrorists parading across our TV screens in chains.
It’s bogus.  This is all part of a much bigger plan, carefully spelled
out in UN Agenda 21.

 We in the Vandalia Solution know this, and much, much more.  We know
that the status quo is beyond redemption.  We know it will come apart
– one way or another.  People naturally band together for mutual
protection.  When national and local governments collapse, chaos
replaces order, and real government breaks down to the neighborhood
level as people guard their homes and families from – whomever – and
society rebuilds from there.  Plans are in place to replace what’s
left of our bogus ‘government’ with martial law – troops on the
streets – including at least a half million foreign troops who are
already in our nation.  This will not work for long – in America –
with its armed populace and military veterans.

 Many indicators tell us that our society has started this collapse.
What replaces the status quo is the Vandalia Solution’s main interest.
 We’ve formed the Vandalia Solution, in an attempt to put our
legitimate Constitutional government back into place as our national
CORPORATE government – and it’s agencies (Social Security, Medicare,
countless agencies), as well as subdivisions such as the STATE OF WEST
VIRGINIA, and local corporate subdivisions such as KANAWHA COUNTY, and
CITY OF CHARLESTON – totally collapse.

 Mainstream politicians of both major parties, and mainstream media
have demonized every single constitutional restoration program that
has ever been attempted: legitimate (peaceful) militia movements,
‘citizen’ grand jury movements, Ron Paul supporters, gun owners,
Oathkeepers, anti-war people, sovereignty proponents – all Common Law,
constitutional restoration movements.  We also know that agent
provocateurs, who do many very bad things in the name of these
movements, have infiltrated every one of these movements.  We know
that those who want to defame what we’re really trying to do will
infiltrate us – to try to demonize us.  It’s ‘textbook.’  They may
very well do violent acts that they will say we did.  We want you to
know this – beforehand.

 We want you to know the truth about the Vandalia Solution before
somebody else lies about us.  We want you to learn who we are and what
we’re doing.  We have no formal organization, but here's the website:  We have an associated blog -

 We invite you to join with us, in your heart & mind, if nowhere
else.  If you’re so inclined, pray that together we can restore our
Common Law, Constitutional government in the ongoing collapse of our

 We know that the corporate ‘government’ is going down – as well as
law and order.  The only questions remaining are 1) when and 2) how
violently.  Violence is a choice.  We the people and law enforcement –
must choose not to go to war with each other, but be aware of our very
real – and common – enemy – those who spur others to violence, while
they hide behind their titles.  We in the Vandalia Solution are a
peaceful group, bent on re-establishing Constitutional government to
the United States – West Virginia in particular – nothing more.

 We want to work with all local law enforcement personnel (including
you) to help you – assuming that you choose to uphold and defend the
Constitution.  Federal ‘Continuity of Government’ plans have been
formulated that include troops on the streets – total consolidation of
enforcement personnel under federal control – and FEMA prison camps.
From history, we know their plans.  EG: We know that the TSA has plans
to roll out teams to body-scan people with very unsafe radiation
levels – and ‘hand in the underwear’ body searches.  We think it would
be very unwise for this to happen in West Virginia, for instance.

 We’re asking that you not go along with these ‘Continuity of
Government’ plans, as they will lead to incredible violence.  We also
know that a good sheriff who is willing to put his life on the line
for his people, wants to look back and find that the people are behind

 We invite you to look at our websites – and contact any of us you so
desire.  We’re a loosely knit organization, and our only agenda is
peaceful Constitutional restoration.
Please email :  for more information
or visit our website
Thank you

[9:56:18 PM] Laurence Gilbert – LG: Thanks for posting this repost from David above Hutz. Yes, I am newly working with David Burton. The Riegel Exchange Monetary System is about to move forward. I am also getting inquiries from other countries who are expressing excitement in what they are seeing with it. There is LOTS to do yet before it can be launched, but I and others are working on these issues. Legal docs, procedures and etc. We need some creative artist to help design the actual currency units ( I’m no good at such things at all, lol ). We need knowlegeable people with the understanding and vision of the Money Power aspects to come together and help establish a thorough working ‘REMS Rules & Guidelines’ to preclude any form of corruption at any level, both now and future. And much more. And we need some donations or investors to help set this up with initially. My meager income will not allow for me to do this all by myself. If it did, I would not hesitate, as I have often done in the past. Mostly, we need people to get serious about their freedoms and liberty and look at this issue. There is NOTHING more fundamental as regards any hoped for and lasting freedom, liberty, prosperity and peace than the Money Power issue, that is the ability to issue/create and control ‘money’. IF/WHEN the common people really want to secure their God-given RIGHTS, completely and fully, it will only come about through securing the Money Power through their own inherent right of the same. Rothschild stated roughly ‘Give me the power to create money ( this is the Money Power ) and I care not who makes the laws’. How much plainer can it get people?
I wrote the following post on WorldNetDaily at this page:
However, I just noticed that my post is no longer showing there when I refreshed the page after about an hour to check for comments. Guess some people do not want the Truth being exposed to the people in the form of REAL remedy. Seems FaceBook is involved there in order to post on WND. Can we say “sensorship”??? I think WND needs to get a good thrashing on this. Any volunteers?
My Post there:
There are 2 primary things wrong with our present monetary system: first, due to interest added on at the time of it’s issue/creation ( interest is NOT created ever ) we have a mathematically impossible system whereby everyone is chasing a smaller and smaller piece of the pie in their effort to pay back the principal PLUS interest that was never created. Secondly, is political control of the monetary system wherein they not only have the power to declare a “money monopoly, and do, but they also have an open checkbook to create “debt” ( see interest above to see where ‘debt’ comes from, which is forever un-payable, i.e., it is IMPOSSIBLE to balance the budget under this system ) with their uncontrollable “credit”, with us Peons held as surety for their unaccountable debt expenditures and as chattel.
We have been lied to for thousands of years about what money ‘is’ and ‘is not’. It is time to step out of our collective ignorance and create our own Monetary System, one that utilizes the only real and proper definition of money; one that is non-political; one that functions fully inside a real Free Market environment; one that is truly of, by and for the people.
If the common people do not control the ‘Money Power’ ( the power to issue/create and control ) freedom and liberty is not possible. The society and government will always devolve into socialism, communism and/or fascism, and ultimate tyranny. Learn the Truth folks. When ANYONE stands between you and your own ability to exchange according to your own personal abilities, they control you. You are in slavery whether you realize it or not. The Money Power is YOURS if you but take it to yourselves.
We will soon be going public with the ultimate “People’s Money” monetary system, the Riegel Exchange Monetary System. Please check us out at:
We need your support desperately at this crucial time in history as much as you need what we are bringing forward. It cannot succeed without the support and participation of the people. The “Riegel” is YOUR money, YOUR monetary system, operating in a true Free Market environment outside of political manipulation.