Tuesday, December 27, 2011

RUMOR until proven otherwise...GO RV NOW!

Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2011 11:57:40 -0700

Just in......

Gacavegirl] on phone with jonny now ... he wanted me to post for him because he is having computer problems.. he has reviewed banks screens and they are no longer 00.000 and have gone blank as well as the live forex. his mac is still at the repair shop and hopefully he will have fixed sometime today.

[bookings] just heard on bloomburgs 104 that the world central banks have gotten 495 trillions for what they are calling a blocker buster event thats going to help all banks. What do you think that would be. ??????????

[generals64] Hey sorry...had a call had to answer.....Remember this:...the 28th is tonite over there....when this happens...make a promise to yourself....No one else...and come back on this site and tell everyone a final sorry and thanks...Also, those trying to bring in stories and stuff are either really trying to help or really trying to cause a problem....Remember this PLEASE:......."GREAT THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU DON'T CARE WHO GETS THE CREDIT".....nOW, I WAS TOLD THAT AS OF LAST fRIDAY THIS WAS ACTUALLY IN THE COMPLETED SYSTEM...Who from?...Two people...One UST and the other from a banking official...it did take 10 days for Kuwait to happen that is a fact..You can go and read it yourself....Kuwait happened on a Wednesday...May 23rd

[Freeway Bill] With the RV in the system and on a timer that we cannot see, I have been accessing the whole situation and come up with the following: We WILL see this RV this week. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow depending on when the system drops the new rate in.

[PaPaJack1952] Hey Family what Fox news is saying has Been confirmed is what I was told so lets wait on jonny's next post he will be in as soon as he can hang on it looks like it's all coming together I will not say any more so please don't ask TY

[mort] just talked with my lawyer at 12:35 est and he said we are suppose to see it 1st thing in the am and he still is hearing the rate of $3.68 all over the world and he said $4.41 in the usa tied to the gbp-so we should be looking into wed sometime or very early thurs am-ok let the bashing begin-lol

[bookings] disiversehh they got to announce it tommorrow
[disiversehh] bookings the erbil??????
[bookings] YES
[disiversehh] bookings this is very very good!!!!!!!
[disiversehh] bookings got a txt this am saying it was on fox news

[Jupiter] I was emailed this a few minutes ago: I heard Erbil was mentioned to be completed this morning,,on fox news ,,its all over the boards now

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