Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Portland Prepares For War

News Story 

Police Friday said they had reason to think many in the camp were arming for a confrontation, calling for reinforcements from Seattle and San Francisco, along with constructing weapons and fortifications.

As much as I'd love to see OWS gone just for the sheer fact of how much it costs the city (nearly $400k in overtime bills alone) I have to say.. I respect their ability to stand up to the police. 

Police said hundreds were possibly heading to Portland and people may be in trees during any police action and a hole was being dug, reinforced by wood.

Protesters were also thought to be hammering nails into pieces of wood for weapons and gathering gas masks.

Several pallets were brought in Thursday night to the northwest corner of Chapman Park known as "The 420 Hotel" where police were told it looked like protesters were making shields.

Anyone on the West Coast knows you can go up and down the entire coast via Amtrak very cheap .. apparently people are heeding the call with people coming in from all over the place to take on the police at midnight, Saturday night. The mayor thought he was being nice or something when he gave them a 6 day notice that they would be removed this coming Sunday morning right at Midnight.. There are 3 camps, federal officers will be assisting. Perhaps they thought they would leave, but obviously building shields and spiked clubs would make it appear they are not leaving. Peacefully anyways. Also all over the place posted on light poles are posters warning protesters how to protect themselves against tear gas and other "non-lethal" weapons. 

Personally I think it's about time people stood up to the police, and meet them with shield and club as they come at protesters billy-clubs swinging.

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