Saturday, November 12, 2011

What Do the Domestic Traitors Have Planned Between Now and November 12?

I will feel relieved indeed if we can manage to land on November 12 of this year without a major national disruption or some other false flag, staged event from our domestic traitors in Fatherland Security, the CIA, NSA, FEMA, the military, etc., etc.
Their "drill" plans for Nov. 9 will surely include covert operations to install greater control and surveillance equipment and operations against the American people--at the very least. We might REALLY get to see what their secret electronic mind control technologies are all about after November 9, 2011. I have a feeling that the covert electronic takedown and harassment game is about to take a huge leap forward.
The timing and the preliminary preparations have been brewing for some time now to pull off the next Great 'Terrorist' event in America in order to install the next phase of fascist controls to bring America to her knees as the NWO takeover juggernaut has been weaving and waning in recent years. The Satanic, Sell-out (SS) Scum bags feel compelled, I think, to push the fast forward lever to the max. .
We won't know until November 12 rolls around, but don't be surprised if something big goes down in the next few days.
Of course, you are not required to just sit there and wait for it. You can apply prayer, meditation and focused-intent to thwart their destructive intentions. Just ask for assistance to block and thwart every dark operation they plan to run. Recall those two radio towers in Germany and Holland that mysteriously caught fire and fell over a few months ago. Somebody up there likes us, me thinks.
Ken Adachi
Nov. 9, 2011

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