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Wars: America and Its Delusions

Wars: America and Its Delusions


Afghanistan:  We Lost Years Ago, Time to Move On

Pakistan Bombing Announces End of American Effort to Control the Caspian Region

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The war in Afghanistan is hopelessly lost.  There was never a reason to go in anyway.
A mythology was written by the Project for a New American Century, one of an army of “think tanks” and organizations, like the Federalist Society, the National Rifle Association, the US Chamber of Commerce, the ADL and the United Nations.
How could a sporting organization and a lawyer’s club be part of a worldwide conspiracy?  You think it stops there?  They have penetrated your schools, your churches, political indoctrination is part of every American’s life from the crib onward.
They don’t just control what you think, they control what you feel, and even how you feel.  It began as envy, class envy, race hate but the real tool is fear, something they have learned to wield like a scalpel.

These are just a few of the names chosen at random, organizations ostensibly intended for some “cover” activity but dedicated and answerable to one purpose, debt slavery, eternal war and the creation of a new, very bleak world:
  • 3 billion or fewer inhabitants
  • total control of all governments
  • total control over all media, news and history
  • continual staged low and medium intensity conflicts, in an endless cascade
  • creation of an fictional “enemy” bloc to replace the failed Cold War and the “not credible” War on Terror
  • nation after nation with vast prison complexes and millions of heroin addicts…like in the United States
  • human beings degenerated back to the “hunter/gatherer stage, picking through dumps for food, or working as “police” or “bailiffs” in order to survive
Guarding the Poppy Fields ?
We are entering our 11th year in a war against a people who are only fighting back because we invaded them.
The enemy in Afghanistan is not the Taliban, a group we organized, armed and trained when we called them the Mujahideen.
What we have built is a hopelessly corrupt bureaucracy that floods the world with narcotics, planted by Afghan farmers, fertilized by the USAID, distributed by the CIA and protected by United States Marines.
Afghanistan is further and further from real freedom, from real security each day America stays.  Every project, every school we talk about building, every village we claim to protect is a sham.
We are there to run drugs, the real unspoken purpose of our war.  That, in itself, is the point.  In Afghanistan, the war is imagined, the heroin is real.
The heroin, cocaine, “x” and meth distributed around the world by the cartel Afghanistan is only a cog in has killed more, destroyed more lives, cost more money, smashed more families than any real enemy ever could, real or imagined.  Real or imagined.
Opium and Heroin Are Afghanistan's Federal Reserve Bank
In 2007, the UN reported that drug trafficking from Afghanistan had reached $64 billion, making up 93% of the world’s supply of the most destructive of all narcotics.
That figure is now up to over $80 billion with Afghanistan’s market share to nearly 97% of the world’s supply, all of it processed and shipped under US supervision.
Do the 400 members of congress involved, the 300 at the Pentagon and the 50 or so at the CIA share?  This is $50 million apiece, writing off 50% for costs and expenses.
To think this is on top of the other money they steal, big oil, pharm, nuclear power, “clean coal” and the trillions “misplaced” by the CIA and Department of Defense.
Banking of the trillions in cash is done in Zurich, New York, Tel Aviv and Dubai.   Over 400 American members of congress get a “cut.”
In combination with the Mexican cartels, now directly tied to Homeland Security, governments at every level are bought, courts, police, governors, state legislatures, by a cabal of drug traffickers, peddlers of children as sex slaves, economic criminals and a bevy of secret societies and religious groups.
They call themselves patriots, they talk of individual initiative and family values yet they are moving every quicker toward accomplishing their real goal, turning earth into an uninhabitable hell.
Veteran Scott Olsen Gets a Tear Gas Canister in the Head
We have seen them in action recently against “Occupy,” breaking every law, violating every oath, showing America to be a criminal dictatorship unworthy of the continual lies and hyperbole tossed about so glibly, words like “freedom” and “democracy” need to be spoken of as concepts of a past that we may never have really had.
As with any totalitarian society, history is fiction and nowhere more so than America.
Last night I watched a TV show, NCIS, all about Afghanistan and how horrible those fighting America are.  They have one cause, to torture children and destroy schools.  These were villains, snide, hateful and sarcastic but were crushed in the end after the death of a heroic American who gave his life as have so many in the past.
What do we call it when we are asked to give the lives of our children in honorable service in a dishonorable cause?
The show, rated “number 1″ in America, is cheap propaganda.  It is great television but it is also worse propaganda than Stalin would have ever imagined.  It is obviously written by Israeli extremists working closely with the drug cartels.
You did read that right, didn’t you, “Israeli extremists working closely with the drug cartels?”
I could also be referring to the Republican Party, certainly Newt Gingrich, America’s TV networks and newspapers, the Pentagon, certainly most of the British government as well, Merkel and, of course, the Wall Street banksters.
This week, an American with a “joystick,” killed 24 Pakistani Army troops near the Afghan border.  The troops deployed there are carefully mapped, their locations were very well known to whoever ordered their killing.
Pakistani 24 KIAs - Could This Tip Relations?
I reviewed the placement of these forces with General Major General Athar Abbas, Director General of Pakistan’s ISPR and his staff.  With me were our editor’s Jeff Gates and Raja Mujtaba.
We were briefed on all levels of cooperation between the US and Pakistan and, in particular, troop deployments along the border with Afghanistan.  I took more than a few moments to review those, question their role and mission.
This was the same briefing, I was told, that General Petraeus had received.  I remember looking at similar maps, it was 1970.  The area to be defended involved the city of DaNang. 
I have been looking at maps like this, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bosnia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Palestine, as long as anyone around.
General David Petraeus
Every day, the Pakistani army gives the US ”G-3/S-3″ operational overlays or the digital equivalent showing all resupply, all small unit operations, observation and listening posts and, of course, placement of all troops.
The 24 troops that were killed, even if they were “out of position,” would normally, as required by agreement, require an authorization to attack from Rawalpindi.
Pakistani military units are easy to recognize and use communications we easily intercepted and identified along with other “IFF”(Identfy Friend/Foe).
These are capabilities that have long been a part of our mutual cooperation agreement in the region.
Maps tell stories to those who understand them.
Some points to make here on this current disaster, perhaps a murder, I don’t know.  I wasn’t there.  Can “stupid” be the answer, is America that incompetent? 
I am thinking “no.”  I think this was a provocation meant to destabilize Pakistan.
Some conjecture:  Groups within the American military work at cross purposes to the United States.  I reviewed some of these issues in January in Veterans Today.
Americans are being told we are in a war in Afghanistan, one brought on us by 9/11 but one we are fighting in order to stabilize Afghanistan and aid the region.
In order to silence top critics among many of the factions in Afghanistan, the US has spent over $100 billion on “projects” which have done nothing but pour money into the pockets of leaders in Afghanistan that might actually form a real government, a real army and a real police force.
Why Steal a Little When You Can Steal a Lot?
We are doing everything possible to make sure we keep losing.We are doing this for several reasons.
I would also note that this is not being reported, the human suffering caused by the American occupation, easily worse than the Russians who were there at the invitation of the government, is not being reported.
Both the mainstream media and the “would-be” activists are “tasked” with minor sideshows, bizarre conspiracies about Libya or covering up the Israeli hand in the Egyptian crisis.
First we talk maps and Pakistan.
Imran Khan is now Pakistan’s most prominent politician.  The current leadership has long been exposed as being involved in laundering drug money.
The accounts were found and the indictments have been waiting for years, not just in Pakistan.
President Zardari is the husband of slain Benazir Bhutto.  The army doesn’t trust him but he has the right friends in the “wrong places” that helps keep him in power.
Keeping Pakistan ignorant and turned against itself has been an American job for decades.
Now, Imran Khan, a friend and contributor to Veterans Today, a man acceptable to both the army and the people, is likely to be swept into office unless American billions can stop him.
He is demanding an end, by Pakistan, of military cooperation.  He would stop supplies from Karachi from crossing Pakistan to supply American occupation forces in Afghanistan.
Imran Khan
Currently, that route is blocked though America is pouring bribe money into Pakistan to reopen it.
With it closed, America has to leave Afghanistan.  We can resupply no other way.
But there is more, so much more, to the story.
Our real goal has nothing to do with stabilizing Afghanistan.  The real goal has been to “Balkanize” Pakistan.  The reason?
Know it or not, the United States is currently under the control of a group of Israelis who have bribed congress, run our press and media, control pop culture and bought most of our Pentagon leaders.
The money to do this came from US foreign aid and from sales of $80 billion in heroin from Afghanistan.
Listen carefully now.  I didn’t say “Jews” run America or that this very well known and oft written about situation, one of the most obvious facts kept from most Americans has anything to do with Israel or its people, half of whom are Muslims and Christians.
Israel is run by a criminal cartel, not a government.  Israel, our “ally” is a military dictatorship.  America, the “light of the world” is now a police state with constitutional right suspended, a controlled press.
America is “orchestrated” by a powerful lobby that can throw any politician out of office, destroy any individual. Anyone who attempts to tell the truth about this situation is attacked, threatened or even killed. 
There are very few free countries in the world today.  You hear about economic collapse and “crimes” of some sort but the explanations are always different.  First it was “evil negros” buying huge homes, then it was “tax and spend liberals.”
Banksters Keep Rolling Along
Now it is “banksters” on Wall Street.
It is really an international conspiracy that Wall Street is but a very small part of, multi-generational criminal conspiracy that doesn’t just steal.
It invented the money itself, controls most governments, America, Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, France and anywhere else they wish.
“Arab Spring” was about throwing them out.  Gaddafi worked for them as did Mubarak.  They owned Blair, they appointed Cameron, Merkel is their creature.
They just appointed a stooge to run Italy for them.  Where you won’t read about any of this is in the press, “regular” or the “extra-crispy” version known as the internet “blogosphere” or “alternative press.”
They run their little teasers:
  • Israel is “unfair”
  • NATO is evil
  • Banksters should be “protested”
What you won’t hear is Israel’s role in 9/11. They are being paid to talk about something else, to lead “dissent” down a harmless path.  Bloggers aren’t journalists, some are trained scholars but are invariably outside their experience, training and discipline and construct their hypotheses from “controlled opposition” and “gatekeeper” fronts.
Do you wonder why the quite moderate Palestinian issue has moved backwards for 62 years?  You don’t think something is wrong, that many are playing both sides against the middle?
After years of research almost every “family values/right wing” or “anti-zionist” or “progressive” blog or newsletter seems to have exactly the same list of things they aren’t allowed to discuss or fictions they are “tasked” with peddling. 
Cliff Kincaid
One of the most schizophrenic is “Accuracy in Media” with Cliff Kincaid.
What is always funny is that the folks who, by my standards, must be getting the biggest payoffs from “the bad guys” are the ones always asking for money.
Never send a cent to an online news service.  If you want to be lied to, turn on your TV.  Anyway….
There is a very real conspiracy, the one pushing news stories attacking “Occupy” as social misfits.
It is a group I believe has put any group I have ever belonged to to shame, particularly when looking at what is real Americanism and real patriotism, and I am including the United States Marine Corps, is alive and well, selling its most successful product, that being “war.”
This is largely why we are joining so many formerly on both the left and right, although we are essentially a military organization, in supporting regime change in the US, Germany, Great Britain, Pakistan, Afghanistan and, most of all, Israel.
With increasingly violent governments in all these nations, Israel and the US in particular, regime change has little to do with social justice and more with survival. 
Our best experts privately go further than the scare all economic experts are espousing, that of global financial collapse.  The social injustice in the US and even the apartheid practices of Israel are minor in comparison to what we very well know is not just planned but moving on us now.
The currency issues and expected subsequent economic meltdowns are the staging, not the issue.  We have no analytical tools for explaining the dynamics which exceed Karl Marx’s wildest nightmares.  The violence of Syria, Libya and Israel against their own people is coming home to America.
They Plan to Third World All of US - And Fight Each Other for Survival
The planned answer has been to coordinate restructuring into a permanent slave culture behind the threat of war and terrorism with 9/11 being, as it is so often spoken of, the “Pearl Harbor” event.
What this signaled wasn’t the beginning of a conflict but the beginning of a new era for mankind, one of engineered crisis.
With engineered crisis has come “engineered minds,” never questioning, operating as though the frontal lobes of the brain were oatmeal.
However, if the planned, or better described as “engineered” war against Iran fails, we may see the option of unraveling.
The “one percent, ” I have already been assured, are seeking extradition-free homes for themselves and ways to save their wealth when even gold may become worthless.
Iran stands in their way and they have to destroy Pakistan to get there.  Veterans Today had a detailed piece on this last year.  It is still worth looking at.
Then again, we come back to maps.  Iran is the key to a number of things.  What Iran isn’t is a threat to Israel or the United States.  In 1953, Iran elected a democratic government that threw British Petroleum out of the country.  They had been stealing oil. 
Elected President of Iran, Mossadegh - Overthrown in a CIA Coup and Then Tried as a Traitor by the Incoming Puppet Regime of the Shah
The CIA began blowing up buses, theatres, killing people, creating terrorism, just as the “Neocons” and Israel’s did when they staged the 9/11 incident.
America put the Shah into Iran and the real president was jailed.  For decades, the Shah ran a police state murdering tens of thousands.
Some of the reason was oil but much had to do with the Cold War.  In 1969, the CIA staged a coup in Libya, placing Gaddafi in power.  Similar story?
Anyway, Iran, when they replaced the Shah in 1979, took Americans hostage, and replaced the CIA police state with a bizarre form of government overseen by religious leaders who have not proven to be, how do I say it, “what they seem.”
Iran has considerable political strife and I believe that most Iranians would change how their own government works.
Their freedom of democratic expression is severely limited as religious extremists with unusual powers are able to stifle free expression.
Sound like the United States?
If you understand, pat yourself on the back.
Iran is central to many plots.  It controls oil and gas pipelines, it would allow the US to “bottle up” the current surge of renewed Russian influence and it would give America control of China’s primary oil supply.
Iran Pipeline Network
China is holding trillions in American debt and, though an “economic superpower,” is very susceptible to economic manipulation.
China has several “balloon” issues that make it a target, just like Iran.  In fact, controlling Iran is the key to the ability to control China, a nation waiting to be looted.
You won’t be reading this elsewhere, it is a “third rail” issue.
Maps.  If you checked the earlier link, you understand why Pakistan has to be split up for America to invade Iran.  We have no other way in, geography trumps all.
9/11 was staged to destroy Iran.
To  do that, Afghanistan had to be invaded, most of the money poured in there by the US has been stolen as with Iraq, trillions, hidden in “safe haven” banks.
Iraq had to be destroyed, Pakistan will have to be divided and, in the process, whatever group we are dealing with and it sure isn’t “Wall Street,” will reliably control the entire world.
Their purpose?
From what we have seen, totalitarian control of all governments, ending all human advances, burying the planet in artificial debt and, in the end, depopulating it.
Plotters though they are, geniuses though they believe themselves to be, criminal psychopaths for sure, if you have any questions, just look at the Republican Party candidates for president. 
Even Gingrich, the least stupid of the pack, has a long history of sexual misconduct, bribery and deceit.  Some famous Gingrich quotes:
“We had oral sex. He prefers that modus operandi because then he can say, ‘I never slept with her.’” – Anne Manning (who was also married at the time.)
“We would have won in 1974 if we could have kept him out of the office, screwing her [a young volunteer] on the desk.” – Dot Crews, his campaign scheduler at the time
[In the book] “Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them”, [I] “found frightening pieces that related to my own life.” – Newt.
“I think you can write a psychological profile of me that says I found a way to immerse my insecurities in a cause large enough to justify whatever I wanted it to” – Newt, speaking to Gail Sheehy.
“She isn’t young enough or pretty enough to be the President’s wife.” – Newt, on his first wife.
“I don’t want him to be president and I don’t think he should be.” – Newt’s wife Marianne.
“If the country today were to move to the left, Newt would sense it before it started happening and lead the way.” – Dot Crews, his campaign scheduler throughout the 1970s.
Newt Gingrich - Old Guard Still Wants to Rule
To avoid military service in Vietnam, Gingrich, at 19 years old, married one of his teachers to get a deferment, real story.  Real all of it here at this independent site.
Why would there be a second attempt to put a psychopath into the presidency, particularly after the Bush fiasco?
Sometimes the best news is the news not reported.  America’s biggest security threat is, of course, the issue with Mexico but it has absolutely nothing to do with illegal aliens.
It is about drugs and money and the political power being bought in the American southwest.  America isn’t becoming Mexico nor are illegal aliens harming our economy, Gingrich is right on that.
It is that a criminal state is being created, part Mexico, part California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas with branches across America.  This is the real “Al Qaeda,” and a clear and present danger to the security of the United States.
The problem is, nobody in authority cares, they are all on the take.  There have been very few real leaders in American history, men like George Wallace, John Kennedy, Huey Long and William Fulbright.  Paul Wellstone was one as well.
Any attempt to restore democracy in America always draws the same, “long gunmen,” plane crashes and mysterious illnesses.
Pakistan will reopen Karachi to let us resupply our troops.  They are broke and can’t afford to stand up to the US, not while India threatens them from Kashmir.
This is how the US blackmails them with the help of of Israeli trained Taliban terrorists who coordinate bombings inside Pakistan with the CIA/Blackwater.  (same organization now through privatization)
Pakistan Bombing – Going Out the Hard Way
The old program, divide Pakistan, invade Iran, hand the whole thing over to the great international criminal cartel Jeff Gates says is headquartered in Tel Aviv, is a dead issue.  It is too late for America to  be a player in international affairs.
Stealing oil, once an “American” institution is now “international.”  Drug dealing, once pure American, pure CIA is now international as well.  There are no borders, no nation states, only class warfare with the enslaved and the “soon to be enslaved.”
CIA Chief Leon Panetta - A Critical Time for a Critical Job
An honest assessment from Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta, would inform congress and, especially the GOP/Israel war lobby, that America can’t afford any war, not Afghanistan, and no longer has the capability of long term “moderate intensity” conflict as with Iran.
We don’t have the troops, we can’t afford the logistics, we aren’t able to underwrite the additional debt.
We can’t cut anymore here without giving up public education, police and fire across America.
We will always afford prisons, America is in love with prisons.
What we aren’t witnessing and perhaps should be is the dissolution of power blocs, the disappearance of super-powers, a time when the projection of force is no longer affordable and the PNAC/NWO/GOP plan, names chosen out of a hat, becomes nothing but empty talk.
Invade Iran?…100 million Americans face poverty.  Half our army has applied for veterans disability.  28% of those left are on anti-psychotic medications and unfit.
Our military leadership has had nothing but failure upon failure since Korea when you choose to be honest about it.
Editing:  Jim W. Dean
Iran's Major Oil fields and Pipelines

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