Monday, November 28, 2011

Vision for a New World – “We turn dreams into reality”

Vision for a New World – “We turn dreams into reality”
(Zan comment: I have update my summary of recent wonderful visionary quotes from Ben Fulford – to help focus our combined energy to co-create a wonderful future for this planet – please join in seeing and feeling the truth of this new reality in its complete form. )
•As the cult control grid in the G5 countries falls apart over the coming weeks and months, humanity will be presented with mind-boggling information about their hidden history. New ways of running the planet will be openly debated. In the West, it will mean that people will choose their own destinies instead of being brainwashed by cultists into irrational, non-scientific for-profit cult schemes like the “War on Terror.” Technology, like free energy, that has been suppressed and monopolized by cultists will be made available to the public at large. There will be a lot of confusion initially as the sheeple are set free and told to do what they wish, according to their desires so long as they do not harm others. (Ben November 21, 2011)

•The Chinese, for their part, understand that time is on their side and the wiser leaders there accept the need for a gradual transition of the US military industrial complex into a peaceful organization devoted to planetary defense and exploration of the universe. (Ben November 21, 2011)
•Here is a part of what the Maiona group proposes: Our objective is to overcome scarcity and provide for the needs of all the world’s people through the creation of a sustainable, living, vibrant civilization that will eliminate all wars, fears, poverty and hunger. Resources will be assessed globally that we may cover the needs of the total populations requirement for housing, food, water, health, transport, education and recreation, and will also be co-ordinated in with the needs of other species that make up the web of life on the planet. Sources of energy will be explored and developed, but not be limited to, wind, ocean tides, currents, temperature differentials, falling water, geothermal, electrostatic, hydrogen, algae, biomass, gravity, bacteria, phase transformation, thermionics, magnification and fusion energy. Cities can be constructed circular, linear, underground, floating or underwater, but will all be built utilizing better resource and construction techniques. These cities would all have the ability to supply their own nutritional requirements, giving independence and sustainability. Geometrically elegant arrangements, parks, gardens, reefs all designed to operate with efficient uses of energy and resource that co-exist with their natural surroundings. Design and development must work in with the environment providing clean air, water, food, health, nutrition, entertainment, accessibility, care and education. (Ben November 15, 2011)
•…The official go-ahead has now been given for a new International Economic Planning Agency. It’s motto will be “we turn dreams into reality.” (Ben November 8, 2011)
•This … agency is now expected to get initial funding of $11 trillion to use to finance a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. It will be meritocratically staffed and open to full media scrutiny. Victory for humanity is close at hand. (Ben October 11, 2011)
•…The White Dragon Foundation, for its part, will be concentrating its initial funding on setting up a committee of experts to scientifically assess “free” energy technology and begin planning the establishment of the new International Economic Planning Agency. (Ben August 23, 2011)
•…At a certain point, when the elite that currently rules the planet realizes they are about to be hung from the nearest lamp-pole, they will cast aside their arrogance and ask for help. When that happens, the White Dragon Society will be ready to step in. It will request a campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, end war and free the suppressed technology. In exchange, it will promise the current ruling elite financial and physical security as well as a change to participate in the coming bonanza. This all sounds very abstract but in the coming weeks a series of high-level meetings have been arranged, and have already begun. It will not be long before what used to be dismissed as conspiracy theory will simply be seen as yesterday’s news. Please be patient though. Major historical changes must be handled with great care. Please be optimistic but also realistic. (Ben August 9, 2011)
•… the White Dragon Foundation is offering to take some of the trillion dollar Chinese gold-backed checques issued by Federal Reserve Board and cash them. They wish to use this money to finance a swords-to-plowshares transition of the military industrial complex. They wish to finance vast projects to turn the deserts green and replenish the oceans with fish. They wish to end poverty. Once the planet stops bleeding the WDF would like to finance things like research into longevity, expansion into the universe and the development and implementation of hitherto suppressed technology.( Ben July 26, 2011)
•Sean David Morton: So what were they planning on doing with all this money, Benjamin? Are they trying to change the world with it? Are they trying to bring about peace? What’s going on with all this money? [BenF]: Well, what they’re saying is the people who have been using it don’t have the legal rights to it. They’re saying they want to use the money for developing the planet, not to finance war. So, for example, a huge campaign to end poverty. Another one to stop environmental destruction. Then they’re saying that instead of using these wars and all this development on arms and killing, they want it to be used for exploring the universe, designing space colonies and things like that. Really, it’s about deciding what we, as a species, do in the future. (Ben interview October 13, 2011)
•So if humans say, “From now on, we are going to decide what we are going to do in the future,” then a few obvious things come to mind of what people want to do. One is they want to stop the destruction of the environment. And I don’t mean this global warming fraud. I’m talking about destroying ecosystems and wiping out species. And they want to end poverty. The other thing is that according to the American Association of Scientists, [DW: The Federation of American Scientists, to be precise,] there are more than 6000 patents that have been suppressed. We want to take this technology and bring it out to the people. (Ben interview October 13, 2011)
• I also believe we should have some kind of end-of-the-world type event. I don’t mean World War III, I mean like a big party type of thing. Then we could reset the calendar of the world to zero. Something really big to let people know things are different now. Like a wedding ceremony or a coming of age ceremony. Everybody knows after [this event that] it’s different. We’d like to have some kind of huge global party to inaugurate the new freedom for the people. (Ben interview October 13, 2011)

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