Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Remote Viewing Monks See 2012 ET Intervention

Remote Viewing Monks See 2012 ET Intervention
Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 3-Jan-2012 14:00:24
In 2012, the world will start plunging into a total destructive nuclear war.
And at that time something remarkable will happen, says, Buddhist monk of Tibet. Supernatural divine powers will intervene. The destiny of the world is not to self-destruct at this time.
Scientific interpretation of the monks, statements makes it evident that the Extra Terrestrial powers are watching us every step of the way. They will intervene in 2012 and save the world from self-destruction.
When asked about recent UFO sightings in India and China, the monks smiled and said the divine powers are watching us all. Mankind cannot and will not be allowed to alter the future to that great extent.
I found this quite interesting, didn’t know monks were into remote viewing.

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