Thursday, January 5, 2012

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory reaches 1 million views on You Tube

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory reaches 1 million views on You Tube
Thu Jan 05 2012 20:30
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corbettreport on Sep 11, 2011
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fedup said...

Better Sit Down For This One Folks…(INSIDER RELATED)
by Ulsterman on February 16, 2012
Reports now circulating that Kamala Harris to be President Obama’s next pick for Supreme Court Justice.

From a just released ABA Journal report:
SCOTUSblog does some prognosticating and says California Attorney General Kamala Harris could be the next nominee tapped for the U.S. Supreme Court, replacing Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (LINK)
For those familiar with the White House Insider interviews, that name will certainly ring familiar.
For those who perhaps are not quite up to speed, read the following from a related report on Kamala Harris:
-The California Attorney General is Kamala Harris. Her brother-in-law is a gentleman by the name of Tony West who himself is an Assistant Attorney General working directly under Obama Attorney General Eric Holder. Insiders are already indicated West may in fact be among a short list of potential replacements should Holder resign his position.
Now Tony West was a big time campaign bundler for Barack Obama back in 2008 as was described by this San Francisco Chronicle report in 2009:
As co-chairman of Obama’s campaign, West was instrumental in helping the candidate raise an estimated $65 million in California and has been considered a rising star in both the legal and political circles of the nation’s most populous state. He is an attorney in the San Franciscooffices of Morrison & Foerster.
$65 million dollars is a lot of campaign cash – even by Obama standards. And Mr. West also gained notoriety in 2007 as a member of the “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh’s defense team. So we have a former Obama campaign bundler and defense attorney of a Taliban terrorist, who also happens to be the brother in law of the California Attorney General whose state just received a multi-billion dollar housing bailout – the same man who might soon find himself being placed in the position of being the next Attorney General of the United States.
Let that sink in folks. Really. Take a deep breath and let that sink in…
Ok – so take what you have just been learned about Tony West, Kamala Harris, and Barack Obama – and let us now add the possibility of some serious campaign donation fraud. We are talking tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars – all being funneled through California.
Here is an excerpt from a very much related Insider interview:
…and then in 2010 you got my friend going directly against the Obama administration – working against their candidate of choice. And you need to remember…California…Obama lost the primary out there. That plays a part in this…the president needed to lock up this position. That 2010 election was much more important to him than folks realize…and my friend…I’ll repeat it again…he was working against the Obama White House in 2010.
(Long Pause) …he would be dead within months of losing that election. Timing…timing is everything huh? Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not…
…more at site

Unknown said...

WOW, am not sure whether I should be surprised or not?! But, interesting non the less considering all the junk we get from western media normally!

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