Thursday, December 29, 2011

We have the list of all the is the time for everyone to jump in and get to your sheriff!

We now have a list of every sheriff in the US and their contact information.  Each one will have an invitation via email within a couple of days. We have placed the invitation on the web site,, at the bottom of the page.  You may print it off and hand it to your sheriff just to make sure he/she receives it.  Encourage him/her to attend.  Hand delivering this invitation with your request that he/she attend will add that personal touch.   Please help us help you have a sheriff who will stand up with you and for you against tyranny.
Fortunately, there are many people who can see how important this project is.  Unfortunately, there are not enough of you who understand just how important this project is.  If we can get enough sheriffs onboard and in alignment with the Constitution and Bill of Rights, it could apply enough pressure around the country to all the others who are yet non-compliant and still status quo. 
You may be surprised at how many sheriffs and even governors who are unaware that the State's power/authority supercedes that of the US government.  Most sheriffs do not even understand their own authority as the only elected law enforcement officer.  They have the ability to interpose on your behalf.  At the conference, they will learn all of this and how to go about it.  They will become part of a nationwide support system of other Constitutional sheriffs.
If you all understood how important this project is, we would not still be groveling for donations and working so hard to get exposure.  There are a handful of us who have put a tremendous amount of time into this effort.  It is an effort that will benefit EVERYONE of us.  This is one of those things that in order for us to fix it, we must fix it for everyone and not just ourselves. 
Tom Woods, Joe Bannister, Stewart Rhodes, Michael Badnarik, and others are going to be part of the educational platform at the convention.  All the sheriffs who have been standing up against the federal government are planning to attend and some of them will be speaking.  I cannot stress enough the importance of this conference and getting your sheriff to it.  Getting Constitutional sheriffs and getting them informed is critical to bringing our country back under control and in the hands of the People.  This is a private conference by invitation only but on Tuesday, the day after the conference, there is a public meeting scheduled at the hotel to brief the public about the conference. 
The federal and even state governments are trying to figure out ways to neuter our county sheriffs.  In Connecticut, the state legislature voted to remove elected sheriff positions.  So Connecticut doesn't even have sheriffs.  Some governments are cutting their sheriff's salaries to poverty levels trying to force them out.  I heard that some salaries have been cut to $23,000 annually for a sheriff!!!!!!  How insulting is that??
This is sooooo important.  The time available to get something done is collapsing quickly.  Your support in this matter is absolutely crucial!!!!  Please help get this information out and get your sheriff to this conference.  Act quickly, time is of the essence!
Standing together for freedom!

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