Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The hacker group known as ‘Anonymous’

The hacker group known as ‘Anonymous’ has released a new guide for those living in countries where the populace may be engaged in civil unrest, rioting or revolution.
Covering topics that include noticing the first signs that your country is about to descend into chaos, making preparations, storing food and water, general post-collapse strategies and best practices when entering hot zones, the free guide, available below, may provide some insights and ideas you have yet to consider.
Because the mainstream media, and certainly our government officials, will refuse to tell us anything when things have turned completely south, here are some warning signs that may indicate the shit is about to hit the fan.
Noticing the First Signs (Excerpt):
 Revolutions don’t just happen instantly over night, they develop over long periods of struggle. So keep your eyes and ears open for signs of a coming uprising, such as:
  • Civil unrest prior to riots in the major cities.
  • Politicians and media blatantly lying about the most obvious developments.
  • Censorship of social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. This may not be entirely obvious at first but when the sites are blocked completely the warnings are clear (with excuses like child pornography).
  • Censorship of old media such as newspapers and television (non-regime critical press).
  • Arrests of political opposition leaders (In Tunisia the leaders of the Pirate Party were rounded up and imprisoned without charge. The prison was subsequently burnt down with many people dying inside).
  • In times of crisis many rumours will spread around and fear mongering is rampant. Be calm, think before you act rashly.
  • The #Hashtag of your country, or name of your political leader is trending worldwide on Twitter.
  • Friends and family members living abroad may try to contact you to check if you are alright.
Full Anonymous Survival Guide For Citizens in Revolution (v1.0)

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Anonymous said...

In my view, Anonymous is clearly a co-intel-pro front for the powers that be and their agenda is to incite anger toward revolution. Then from the ashes of the revolution will arise the world order and control mechanisms being sought, while the vast majority of the truthers will have no idea that they have been used as mere pawns in this plan.

The NWO is bogus. The second world order, from the defeat of the NWO, is what they really want. They need us to think that we are causing the change and getting what we want. They need us to think we are winning and co-creating our new society as we shift into the new age.

It's all BS. We are being exploited. The Anonymous group makes it just so obvious.