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Dec. 15, 2011
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Subject: Dr. David Duke News & Updates! – Do Zionists Control Wall Street? The Shocking Truth!

Zionist Control of Wall Street

Zionist Terrorism in Norway

the most powerful film ever made exposing the Zionist control of International Finance and the FED!

I defend an African American woman who has been crucified for saying that Zionist Jews Control Wall Street, and I show how she was completely correct. I even show a clip of Alan Greenspan saying that the Federal Reserve cannot be told what to do by the President or any agency of government! And this is the same Federal Reserve that prints our money and gives away trillions to their Zionist bankster brothers! This has got to be my most powerful video yet on the Zionist influence on America and the World!

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A New Powerful Video Exposing the Zionist Criminals on Wall Street! Here is the video you have been waiting for. Occupy Zionist Wall Street!  This video starts out with a popular LA Zionist Talkshow host attacking the opponents of Wall Street and boasting on the air how his "Tribe Controls Wall Street!"

Be inspired by this video and please help the world see it! Here is the Link:

The Insanity of Christian Zionism, "What will it take to get YOU to wake up?"
"What will it take to get YOU to wake up?"  David Duke

You can only be kept in the cage that you refuse to see...." Stefan Molyneux

Almost every person the movement for European heritage has family members or friends who are bamboozled by the Christian Zionists who tell that good Christians must support the Jews and Israel. It is hard discussing the matter with many of our loved ones. Well this video will shock any Christian, and it will show anyone, no matter what their religious belief, the evils of Jewish extremism. This video, using extensive clips by and of Jews, has enough power to shake any apologist for Israel, Christian or non-Christian, to their boots. It begins by showing an Israeli TV show that mocks Jesus, denigrates non-Jews and parodies the crucifixion of Jesus played by a gorilla puppet.

The Insanity of Christian Zionism!

Dr. David Duke Exposes the new Zionist-doctored U.N. report meant to start war against Iran

Subject: Dr. David Duke News & Updates! -- New Video ! Strauss Khan Evades Justice Again! - This one you have to see!

Dr. David Duke News & Updates
My Friend,

Here is my latest video that powerfully exposes Zionist Strauss-Kahn and the entire Jewish media and political power that dominate the Western World. It shows how corrupt Zionist Bankers evade justice and are today a ruling class over the rest of us with special privilege. I show that Jewish extremists are today a ruling class now in Globalism, similar to the distinction between Roman citizens and subjects during the days of the Roman empire. A perfect example of the special treatment of the new ruling is class is the fact that before the NY scandal Strauss-Kahn was considered a suitable candidate for French President of the Socialist Party. A billionaire, capitalist banker as the candidate of the Socialist Party and hardly anyone in the media exposes this craziness! Strauss-Kahn also stated publicly that his heart was wholly with Israel and that every day his first thoughts are what he can do for Israel. How could any media pundit, or any politician support a man for President of his own country whose first loyalty is to a foreign nation? Answer, much the press has that same loyalty! This video is a powerful wake up call to the realities of Jewish Supremacism!

I pray you will help me make sure gets seen by the world! Here is the Link:

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David Duke


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