Sunday, November 27, 2011

together we will triumph

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Anonymous said...

YES, something is available for everybody...
Occupy Wall Street is for all the peaceful protesters out there, Anonymous is for the more radical type of protester (we don´t forgive and forget), wow, and there´s wikileaks for all the people out there that suspected that not everything in this world functions correctly and for the more family type of person that get´s sick about what´s going on in this world... we have zeitgeist and thrive... with lots of children running around at the end of all movies. yes, that´s nice!

so, no matter who you are or what your taste is, you get perfectly served by one of these groups ;)

so, what´s the purpose? to make you mad, angry, frustrated, and finally get you into a mood where you will accept a MAJOR CHANGE IN THIS WORLD, a change for a better life.

So, guess what that change will be?
Wake up people, this is the NWO and they want to sell you a worldwide government and currency !