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Subject: What Happens Now? Date: 27 Nov 2011 From:

Subject: What Happens Now?
Date:  27 Nov 2011

The Fall

Artist: Joe Cocker

Greetings and Salutations;

 For all these years, I've been hinting at the real history of  banking and finally it has gone public, which I view as a pre  announcement thing so the public won't be fully stunned and  they'll be more open to hear what they have been conditioned not  to believe. As we have all heard, 'they who have the gold rule'.

November 24th, 201

A lawsuit was filed today (November 23rd US time) that could end  the secret government that has ruled Western civilization for at  least the past 300 years. The lawsuit claims that close to $1  trillion was stolen by, among others, UN Secretary General Ban Ki  Moon and the UN, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi  and the Italian government, Giancarlo Bruno and the Davos World  Economic forum and others believed to include many of the owners  of the US Federal Reserve Board. The lawsuit was filed in New  York by Neil Keenan, acting as representative of the Dragon  family, a reclusive group of wealthy Asian families. This filing  is the result of extensive evidence gathering by international  police and law-enforcement agencies including Interpol, the CIA,  the Japanese Security Police, Eastern European secret services  and has the backing of the Pentagon as well as the armed forces  of Russia and China.

The ultimate defendants in this legal action are believed to be  the same cabal behind the assassination of US President John F.  Kennedy and many other major international crimes.

This particular lawsuit was triggered by the illegal detainment  of two Japanese citizens, Akihiko Yamaguchi and Mitsuyoshi  Watanabe, as well as the seizure of $134.5 billion in bonds they  were holding in Italy on June 3, 2009. After the bonds were  stolen, self-described 33rd degree Freemason Leo Zagami contacted  this writer and said the Montecarlo P2 masonic lodge could cash  the bonds with the help of Vatican banker Daniel Dal Bosco. This  writer forwarded the information, via a member of the UK Royal  family, to the dragon family who entrusted a further $1 trillion  worth of similar bonds to the plaintiff Neil Keenan. Keenan then,  after much negotiation, entrusted the bonds to Dal Bosco.

Dal Bosco subsequently absconded with the bonds and was followed  24-hours a day by various intelligence service agents to see what  he would do with them. The Dal Bosco trail led to the Davos World  forum, the UN, the Italian government and the Vatican, among  other places. Following this, Keenan was approached by a who’s  who of powerful figures including top Vatican officials, Wall  Street bankers, European nobles and former US presidents, most  offering him astronomical bribes to go away. He was also poisoned  with ricin and nearly killed.

According to Keenan “The roots of this case go back to between  1927 and 1938, when, under arrangements made between T.V. Soong  (Finance Minister of China) and Henry Morgethau, Secretary of the  Treasury, The United States Government purchased some 50 million  ounces of silver and leased vast amounts of gold from the  Nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang. For all the  treasure handed in, certificates were given to those who  surrendered their precious metals.”

Many of the bonds seized by Dal Bosco are backed with the Chinese  gold taken by the Federal Reserve Board during those years and  never returned to its legal owners.

Other bonds seized were Kennedy bonds. These bonds were backed by  gold held in trust for the people of the planet and were supposed  to be used to finance the economic development of the world.  Instead they have mostly been stolen and misused by members of  the cabal that has seized control of the Western financial system  on behalf of private interests.

The original signatory to the Kennedy bonds was former Indonesian  President Soekarno. Soekarno’s heir Dr. Seno Edy Soekanto has  given Keenan power of attorney to return their rightful owners  the Kennedy bonds and other property allocated to the people of  the world via something known as the global collateral accounts.

The lawsuit is only the first salvo in a legal battle to restore  control of the global financial system to the people and  governments of the world as well as the rightful owners of  historical assets that have been seized by members of the banking  cartel.

The lawsuit has been filed as Civil Action #8500 at the United  States District Court for the Southern District of New York on  November 23, 2011.

Background information on the problems with the global financial  system

The entire cause of the problem.
The United States is a private corporation owned by the British  Crown (Rothchilds), the Bank of England (Rothchilds) and the  Vatican (Rothchilds again). It was previously called the Virginia  Company until 3/9/33 when it was dissolved by Roosevelt under the  Emergency Banking Act. On 5/5/33 Congress elected to dissolve the  Gold Standard and Sovereign Authority of the U.S. and all of its  official capacities including government offices, departments and  officers. The U.S. is a corporation, not a nation. The Federal  Reserve is neither Federal, nor a Reserve. It is a private  counterfeiting organization run by Jewish bankers who lend the  money they print out of thin air at interest while we keep on  paying these criminals to fleece the People.

That technology of theft and deception that has been exported  from the United States through their promotion of this fraud as  the paradigm of global finance is an obscenity that has set the  seeds of its own destruction.

This has been compounded by the refusal of ordinary people to  realize, know and understand that it is the duplicity of  Governments and the deceit and endless greed of bankers that  combined to simply fleece them like the apathetic sheep they are.  Apathy and ignorance of the truth, creates belief in the lie. The  truth is self-evident, but most people choose to neither hear it  nor understand it. The debts of the Federal Reserve are the debts  of a private corporation that is robbing the people of the United  States.

The United States Dollar is a Federal Reserve Note and the  obligations against the currency are the obligations of the  Federal Reserve, not the people of the United States.
Understanding the History

1. Between 1927 and 1938, under arrangements made between  T.V.Soong (Finance Minister of China) and Henry Morgethau,  Secretary of the Treasury, The United States Government purchased  some 50 million ounces of silver and leased vast amounts of gold  from the Nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang.  During this period China was partly occupied by Japanese troops  and there was the fear of China being overrun by the Japanese.

2. For all the treasure handed in, certificates were given to  those who surrendered their precious metals. The surrendered  precious metals and gemstones were sent to the United States  under a lease agreement made between T.V. Soong and Henry  Morgenthau. The Certificates became the underlying funds of the  Kuomintang and were good and accepted securities.

3. In 1934 a new Securities Act was promulgated in the United  States, together with the Gold Act, which required all bullion  gold and gold coin to be surrendered to the Federal Reserve, a  private corporation chartered to operate as the Central Bank of  the United States and to be the issuer of the currency known as  the United States Dollar.

4. Domestically owned gold was purchased. Foreign Gold held by  the Treasury was also surrendered to the Federal Reserve, so, was  leased to the Federal Reserve. This began the series 1934 Notes  issued by the Federal Reserve. These have never been redeemed and  the interest cost was met by further issuances of the 1934 series  FRN’s.

5. These 1934 FRN’s guarantee the lease payments and to allow the  Chinese Government to continue financially. These came under the  control of the Kuomintang, the Nationalist Government in China  from whom the Gold had been received. Many were left in China  when the Kuomintang had to flee to Taiwan. The Gold had been  nationalized by the Kuomintang who moved much of the FRN’s (but  not all) to Taiwan which was built on these notes. These Notes  were the underlying wealth of Taiwan and they were good for value  as they were backed by gold.

6. During the war in China, most owners of the depository notes  issued by Chinese Banks were killed by the Japanese, others later  being killed by both the Kuomintang and the Chinese Communists,  thus the Gold became property of the Nation, especially so, the  Kuomintang. In Europe, Jews who had owned wealth were stripped of  that wealth through various means and were then eliminated. The  gold was taken either by stealth or by force, that is a reality  of history.

7. The Kuomintang appointed guardians of this Gold and the  securities issued by the United States; they are euphemistically  known as the Dragon Family. The Dragon Family is in fact an  organization that operates between old families within China and  Taiwan, and as such is above the political divide of the two  independent Chinese Governments. Chinese are remarkable in this  regard, that old family ties and functions supercede political  arrangements which, though they might last for generations, are  regarded as inconsequential over the passage of time to most  Chinese. Attached to this is the wealth of several nations. The  United States in support of the Kuomintang and resistance groups  actually printed more of these FRN notes inside China itself.  These operations were run by the CIA to buy loyalty of various  factions in the fight against the communists, eventually being  driven out into Burma around 1960. Largely due to the additional  printing of these notes, the additional Notes were given in lieu  of interest, but directed to specific persons and parties.

8 At the end of the World War II, with Communist and Kuomintang  factions at war in China, the International Community and the  Chinese assented to the Gold being placed under the overt control  of Indonesian President Soekarno. Soekarno then, on August 17,  1945, came to be known as M1 under United Nations Approval No.  MISA 81704 “Operation Heavy Freedom. This was because much of the  world’s gold had been delivered into Indonesia and the  Philippines. Canada, Australia, Great Britain, India and other  British Colonies sent their gold to the so called “impregnable  Singapore” The Japanese, as per the arrangements agreed to by  Hirohito in the 1921 Pact Between Nations made in London,  delivered much of this gold to Indonesia (Then a Dutch Colony)  and to Philippines (Then a US Colony) into secret bunkers that  had been mostly constructed by the Japanese between 1924 and  1945. This is why the Allied troops in Malaya had no air cover or  sufficient supplies to that would have allowed them to resist the  Japanese. Singapore had to fall so most of the global wealth  could be “lost” into a secret system that made the gold standard  redundant and fiat currencies a reality.

This gold was documented into accounts through the Swiss  Commercial Bank Union Bank of Switzerland, placed under  protection of the Swiss Attorney General, registered through the  Swiss National Bank into the Bank for International Settlements  International Collateral Combined accounts and then from within  the BIS, blocked to form the Institutional Parent Registration  Accounts of the Federal Reserve System.

Later President Marcos of the Philippines was appointed and held  the position of M1 until 1987 and then the position was  transferred to Dr. Ray C. Dam, in October of 1987, under Legal  Decadency to Heir RCD1087 Far East Entire with formal Power of  Attorney and Assignment of Indonesian Assets signed by Sarinah  Soetiwi (holder of the assets on behalf of the Nation of  Indonesia as assigned by President Soekarno) in 1992, Dam’s  authority later promulgated January 20, 1995. Dam proved to be  impossible for the entire system to work with, (either because he  refused to allow those who placed him in authority to steal, or  because of his personal arrogance…. Difficult to know which is  correct) and his authority over the Institutional parent  registration Accounts set aside and the system reverted to the  three Nations who had controlled these accounts since World war  II, United States, Great Britain and France, who systematically  and illegally subverted the established system since 1996.

9. From this we can see that there are two functional operations.  One was ownership and Depository control by the owners of the  Gold and the other a control system set in place to administer  and control the Collateral Combined Accounts as an independent  Arbiter. Ownership rights are held by the signatory to the  Depository Accounts in Commercial Banks and Control Rights have  been held by M1.

10. So it was, that the entire world supply of bullion and  coinage gold was withdrawn and fiat currencies became the order  of the day. However, underneath the notes and money issued by the  Federal Reserve was the underlying wealth within a centralized  system that Nations was intended to be used equitably, but  Bankers determined they would use to raid national economies.

11. In 1963, President John F. Kennedy entered into an Agreement  with President Soekarno to provide the funds to allow the United  States Treasury to print its own currency, thus subverting the  “right” to print the currency held by the Federal Reserve. The  Agreement would have transferred some 59,000 tons of gold to  underpin this currency. The problem with this was that the US  domestic currency would have then been backed by gold which would  have been a violation of international agreements meant to  stabilize currencies. 11 days after signing this agreement,  President Kennedy was assassinated. President Johnson the  suspended EO11110 as issued by Kennedy and transferred the  bullion to the Federal Reserve. The Green Hilton Agreement was  not implemented until 1968 when Soekarno fell from office and  when Global Trade made it imperative that the world have a Global  Currency. As the Gold had been transferred to the US Treasury in  1968, a series of Bonds known as Kennedy Bonds were issued in  order to honor the terms of the Green Hilton Agreement made  between Kennedy and Soekarno, the 1968 terms of the gold delivery  to the United States being different than made in 1934. When  after 30 years, interest had not been paid as promised, a reissue  of the bonds in an increased number were issued as commemorative  notes and were accepted by the owners of the Gold, the Dragon  Family.

12. From copies of Bank documents received by Neil Keenan, within  the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement, the funds the amounts of  gold and platinum are specified. These amounts of gold are  certificated and the certificates and ledger copies with full and  exact identification and recognition codes are available. These  certificates are further proven by the bank reports, copies of  which are now held by Neil Keenan. The truth of these instruments  can be vigorously defended through documentation in our hands and  further through interrogation of the Black Screens where the off  ledger collateral is held, together with an interrogation of the  grey and blue screens where we will find enormous fraud from the  illegal use of these assets.

13. In the few documents we present with this complaint we can  see that the assets have been deposited, the counter-assets  created and presented to the depositors, the depositors have been  cheated for over 70 years through the intentional and fraudulent  failure of the Obligor to honor the Agreements.

14. In recent weeks we have come into possession of the books and  records of the late President Soekarno, and all the codes and  ledgers of the Global Accounts. The size of these accounts can be  seen by reviewing the Collective Agreement between the Garuda  Memorial Hilton Indonesia and the Green Memorial Hilton Geneva,  established, structured and made operational between 1961 and  final signature in 1972. Under this Agreement the assets of the  international collateral combined were established and brought  forward, then, within a short period of time misused to change  the operating systems of banks.

15. Reviewing these books, we can now see that Banks set aside  the notion of operating under the Charters they hold as banks,  instead of being Banks they became like very poor casino  operators and traders, selling what they do not own. The records  in our possession, signed and registered by the receiving and  managing commercial bank, show the underlying funds in numbers  and amounts that stagger the imagination. The Green Hilton and  Garuda Memorial Agreements demonstrate clearly the value of the  global account system.

a) Gold and Platinum Deposits ran into millions of tons.

b) 1934 series Federal Reserve System Bonds, Notes issued in 1928  , Kennedy Bonds ran into Quadrillions of US Dollars, Dragon Bonds  are all recorded and acknowledged within the Green Hilton and  Memorial Hilton Collective Agreements. Both Assets in the form of  Bullion surrendered to the Global Accounts through the United  States Government and then entrusted to a private corporation,  the Federal Reserve System.

The hard doc is here;

 I have been told this man is not a white knight or anything but,  many of the less than nice guys are doing 'good faith' work, to  clean up for past deeds.

 Last week ended up being a sting operation and it was sold well,  the info on delivery starting caused the cockroaches to come out  of their holes preparing to make a huge haul on the unsuspecting  public. Thus they found themselves in a trick bag and being  dragged away to undisclosed locations, some getting 'dirty rice'  for turkey day and funny colored water. There is a huge 'perp  walk' in the offing, which I suspect will be like the nuremberg  trials after ww2. From the activities this past week, there are  many in america trying to get into a deep hole right now, before  the wholesale arrests begin over here. I'm seeing now how they  are making that promise fulfilled, 'the bad guys would not even  sniff this money'. This is how you perform the 'Art of War'. Your  future is not being determined by politrix. The widows and  orphans will not be compromised by plutocrats and they who work  for them.

 This planet is much more advanced technologically then the  populace has been allowed to know. We will now enter the Jetson's  world and leave the stone age behind. They have been able to  clone humans since 1947, think about that one and it's  implications.The trouble with that is they have a short shelf  life. The drug companies have been dispensing poisons to people  and have been willfully doing it because it fits the agenda of  the elite, 'thin the population', that ends too. As smart a these  guys have been, they don't grasp their own limits and have pushed  an agenda that was always doomed to fail. They can't control  nature, there's always a snap back effect, if you try.

There's much more coming but I'm leaving that up to the official  folks whose job it is to announce it, in both east and west. Word  from the rafters says this is it...finally, and the countries,  like 133 of them having their currencies revalued, will engage  this week coming. Despite info out here to the contrary, the  Rothschild were the first to deal with money they borrowed from  the dragons, the cockroaches that didn't, oh well, Bye see ya  have nice life eating crackers and government cheese. Should have  followed the big r familiy's lead.

Love and Kisses,


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