Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Tale of Two Protests

A Tale of Two Protests
Bix Weir
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I can't tell you how many people have emailed me asking how I can participate in such a violent anarchist event as the Occupy Oakland Protest. They send me videos showing people in black hoods and outfits attacking buildings and people burning trashcans and causing mayhem.
This was NOT what I experienced AT ALL!
But it is amazing how the mainstream media is portraying the protest! It is being showed around the world as a violent, out of control movement.
I was there! I was marching with little old ladies, kids, school teachers and veterans. There were bands playing while we marched, balloons and chants of liberty, peace and harmony.
Here's a few snapshots the mainstream media won't show...all they want to show is the VIOLENT SPIN!


And they try to tell the world that it's just a couple hundred "anarchists" and losers...NOT TRUE! There were 7,000 honest, law abiding citizens!



Here's some video of the protest you won't see on the mainstream media...
This article by TIME is more representative...
"As promised, the Occupy Oakland movement on Wednesday spilled from its home base in front of city hall, halting street traffic and blocking access to banks and businesses that defied its calls for a general strike. The mood was for the most part festive, full of homegrown pride for a hard-luck city enjoying a rare moment in the global spotlight. Concerts and prayer sessions, free barbecue and ice cream were among the offerings to a motley mix of protesters. Cannabis smoke was widespread. And of course, there were a lot of speeches: in the main amphitheater, on top of trucks, in the middle of the street. The "Day of Mass Action" culminated with a shutdown of the port, where as many as 7,000 people gathered peacefully to stop trucks in their tracks -- before things took a violent turn overnight for the second week in a row, with police using teargas after midnight, when a group of anarchists attempted to hijack the final hours of the protest."
Watch these 2 videos and you will start to put together that there are dark forces trying to change the focus of these protest...
G20 Violence (watch Black Hoods and shoes)
Oakland Violence (watch Black Hoods and shoes)
The worst thing in the world for the Bad Guys is to have the people RISE UP in a peaceful protest against them. There is no doubt in my mind that these "People in Black" were sent there to create the negative spin and destroy the movement.
As many of you know Clif High has been begging us NOT to fall for the violent spin that the "Powers That Be" will try to put on the sheeple as they WAKE UP. It plays right into the hand of the "Bad Guys". By putting a violent, anarchist slant on protesting the banksters they can maintain control.
The Battles in our fight are INTENSE and being played out in the street, in the markets and in the media.
Stay strong my friends.
May the Road you choose be the RIGHT Road!

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