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Sandusky, Pedophilila and the Titanic

Sandusky, Pedophilila and the Titanic

*** Like I promised, I am going to tell you every single time they mess with this.  It was scheduled for 5 am this morning and they changed it to 6 pm, so here it is, I just caught it.  Sorry.   Then I discovered they had removed all references to Hitlers top leaders homosexual and pedophilia activities.  Boy, they do not want anything out there to do with this pedophilia scandel, it must be either big or critical to their agenda.  Don't know which it is yet, but if this unravels it all, then it must carry major ramifications to their plans.  I suppose if arrests begin everywhere this is going on, then their entire internal structure would fall apart and result in possible whistle blowers and release of plans and agendas that could blow the entire system for them, and that must be why they do this.... so lets keep digging and exposing as much as possible.   

Vatic Note: What a stroke of luck this is. We had put up a previous blog about the porno Scandals? An anonymous commenter provided this below and it was worth giving it a blog of its own rather than responding to it in the comments section. I am always amazed at what we don't know and what the press does not bother to look into or to tell us, but then if they did, it becomes part of history and they have already rewritten how they want future generations to read this period in time just like they did with nazi Germany. There was a holocaust alright, but someone forgot to mention it was the massacre not only of German POW's, which is a war crime in itself, but also a massacre of over 3 million ethnic Germans at the hands of the US and western countries along with the zionists, and that is a crime against humanity that no one has paid for yet. I say Yet. Read it all the way through, its not a fast food reading exercise, rather its an educational exercise the likes of which I had not seen before. Please do yourself and others a favor and read the whole thing. Thanks.

Sandusky, Pedophilila and the Titanic
Jerry Sandusky’s Case Touches Bigger Members Of America’s Power Elites
By Winsip Custer CPW News Service
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

While Jerry Sandusky maintains his innocence, his lawyer who reportedly impregnated an underage girl, agrees. Michael Jackson’s attorney, on the other hand, Mark Garegos, claims the case against Sandusky will fall apart because of assistant Penn State coach Mike McQueary’s equivocation. More victims are stepping forward, however...up to 10 new ones. Franco Harris says the Penn State Board of Directors acted prematurely in firing Joe Paterno and vouches his support even though it cost him his casino job at the Meadows Casino while Sandusky is claiming that a misinterpretation of his actions led to the criminal indictment.

Sandusky’s work beyond the college grid iron reveals the ties between American college sports and America’s historic power elites that is not being well-covered in the media frenzy according to one Penn State scandal watcher, Brian Laminature, of the citizen watchdog group, Better Than Bloodhounds.

“Pedophilia of this nature was rampant in Hitler’s Germany as evidenced by countless horror stories from Nazi concentration camps. Muscle, brawn, intimidation and repression of the weak is characteristic of a narcissistic and fascist mindset,” said Laminature.

“Sandusky's actions raise the question of whether or not he was the product of a pocket of fascist culture in a city and state that most people affiliate with brotherly love and Quakers. The disclosure this June of 37 pedophile Roman Catholic priests in the Philadelphia area, harbored as they were by the church hierarchy, parallels the conditions at Penn State and the apparent connections between the Roman Catholic church and what has been called the Franklin Cover Up. The connections cannot be overlooked.

The Nebraska cover-up had connections to the highest levels of the Republican Party in Nebraska and Washington D.C.. The Pennsylvania and Nebraska cases are not, in my opinion, coincidental. Rumors that Sandusky was 'pimping out' at-risk kids to wealthy pedophiles have been circulating and are under investigation by at least two prominent investigative journalists.

The removal of Jerry Sandusky from the Penn State coaching staff in 1999 was timed to prevent the eruption of this story prior to the 2000 presidential election. Did it buy Paterno time to rack up a record of winnning? Yes, but that was secondary. All of this has led me to question Sandusky’s connections further,” said Laminature.

“Sandusky left Penn State in 1999 to become a board member of the Paris Corporation where he sits on the audit committee with former Philadelphia Eagle Pro Bowler, Palmer E. “Pete” Retzlaff who also sits on the board of the Second Mile Foundation with personalities like Arnold Palmer, Dick Vermeil, Mark Wahlberg, Franco Harris and Cal Ripken. The founder of the Paris Company is not French, but an Italian American, Dominic P. Toscani. Toscani is a graduate of Bowdoin College…class of 1950, the alma mater of President Franklin Pierce, ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush.

Franklin Pierce was an unwavering supporter of fascist filibusterer, William Walker, who was killed in Central America and buried in Honduras. Attorney for Paris Corp. is Thomas Toscani with Toscani & Lindros law firm, previously with Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoads, LLP. Thomas received his law degree from Stetson University Law School, named for John B. Stetson the famous hat maker whose factory was in Philadelphia. Stetson’s hats became synonymous with cowboys, a favorite of Texas Rangers like Samuel Hamilton Walker who is credited with the invention of the Walker Colt pistol and John Coffee “Jack” Hays the uncle of John Hays Hammond, protégé of Cecil Rhodes of the DeBeers Diamond Company.

Stetson’s university graduated a number of significant personalities including two presidents of Boeing International and the founder of Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith, now known simply as Merrill Lynch, but with the Pierce name connected to President Franklin Pierce. A Merrill Lynch former president was Chief of Staff of the Reagan White House, Donald Regan. Michael Moore has widely circulated film of Regan’s handling of Ronald Reagan as he addressed the New York Stock Exchange to show the power that was exerted over the President.

Like Mercer University, Stetson University, has been a repository for second tier activists in the American intelligence community, the CIA, over which George Herbert Walker Bush sat during the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba and most believe that he was the key designer of the Iran-Contra fiasco. Testimony from the Franklin Cover Up from a photographer working for Nebraska Republican, Larry King, revealed that the Omaha based pedophile ring had included visits of U.S. Army Colonel, Michael Aquino, who delivered millions of dollars in cash and bearer bonds to fund Iran-Contra. The Ivy League schools, especially Yale, are the top tier.

With its historic connections to the oldest of America’s pioneer power elites, of which the New England Brahmans are exemplary, these predominantly Anglo Saxon Protestants from cities like Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Hartford and Boston ruled with an iron fist lubricated by money from whaling, shipping, the China Trade….which is synonymous with opium smuggling….and eventually railroads.

With the discovery of oil their investments in chemicals and fossil fuels increased. They saw themselves as the world’s new De Medicci’s. In fact, they created an American colony in Tuscany (the North Central region of Italy associated with the ancestral home of the Toscana and Toscani families. Florence and the University of Padua where Galileo and Copernicus were held under house arrest by the Roman Catholic Church is there.

The arrival of the Northern Tuscan Italians in America, whose openness to enlightened and progressive thought connected them in a closer relationship with the American Protestant power elites than with the more parochial Southern Italians...from Rome, Naples, Sicily... helped to solidify their alliance with the American power bases in major cities like New York, Baltimore, Boston and Philadelphia. Francis Toscani (1915-1973) and his predecessors come to mind. Toscani, a Philadelphia tailor was a designer of the Botany 500 business suit. In Italy, as in the New World, the Tuscans were like our Connecticut Yankees while their Southern brethren were like the American Confederates… more progressive and open to change, the other more parochial and traditional and both warring with each other.

Northern Italy’s De Medici and Bandini’s, like the Catholic Bonaparte's from France, would take prominent places within the American establishment providing to the Northern Protestant power structure support from within the Catholic Church and expanding their knowledge of world-wide mercantilism,” said Laminature noting the Roman Catholic connections to the FBI whose first director was the great nephew of Napoleon I, Charles Joseph Bonaparte. Charles Bonaparte had previously been the Secretary of the U.S. Navy.

Charles Bonaparte operated out of Catholic Baltimore where he was glued each Sunday to his pew at the Baltimore Cathedral. Baltimore was the home of Alexander Brown, the progenitor of Brown Brothers Harriman and the National City Bank which U.S. Marine General Smedley Butler said was behind a 1930’s fascist coup to remove FDR from power. Prescott Bush, father of GHWB worked for Brown Brothers Harriman. Prescott's father had been in charge of ammunition for the U.S. Army during World War I.

I could go on to point out the fact that the CIA’s long-time director, Allen Dulles and his cousin, Avery Dulles, exemplified the tenuous peace between the Protestant American power elites and the Roman Catholic Church,” said Laminature. “Or that they conspired together to get out of Germany the Nazis' most knowledgeable leaders in science, technology and mind-control like that reportedly used in the Franklin Cover-Up case.

Or that while Herman Cain worked for Pillsbury in Minnesota before moving to Omaha where he bought Godfather's Pizza from a man connected to the Franklin case, or that a young U.S. Navy officer from Yale who was the tail-gunner in GHWB's airplane during World War II was a Pillsbury family member who had challenged the Yale elites' position on profiting from munition sales to Germany and Japan before Pearl Harbor. All that's way too much to go into here. Meanwhile folks may rationalize that people like McQuery and others should have had unshakable core values that caused them to immediately respond to Sandusky's threat, just as the same case was made in Omaha. They drastically underestimate the evolution of the newer mind-sciences which are now employed in everything from anti-terrorism to Madison Avenue advertising," said Laminature who believes that Sandusky shows the type of subtle manipulation techniques that these methods employ.

"Remember that Dr. Carl Mengele' was both loved by some and feared by others....a charming physician....and a brutal monster," said Laminature who also noted the need for all in this case to be aware and vigilant. "One victim is represented by Philadelphia attorney, Ben Andreozzi. Ben will want to be aware of these connections and his own possible connection to the Southern Italians, Giulio Andreotti, seven time Prime Minister of Italy with deep ties to the Sicilian Mafia which was documented in Paolo Sorrentino's 2008 movie, Il Divo.

Giulio Andreotti graduated from the only law school in Italy allowed to remain open during World War II by fascist dictator, Musolini" said Laminature. "Ben will also want to be aware of possible family connections to Nicola Andreozzi, ex-Director of the Agenzia dei Monopoli of Sicily who currently holds the same position in the detached agency offices of Campania and Sardinia, but who was arrested in operation 'Clean Hands'," said Laminature.

“The irony of this is that while the Northern and Southern Italians are both Roman Catholic….their allegiances to the church are strained by these political realities and can put them on opposite sides of political jostling. The Tuscans identifying more with the American Protestant “mafia”....whose family portraits and flow charts will never show up in a Congressional hearing....than with the Southern Italian Mafiosos.

Add to this mix the Irish Catholic mobsters jockeying incessantly for power and position within this dark and dangerous milieu. News of an overlapping pedophile ring within the church and college system in Pennsylvania and Nebraska would be handled as such things have always been….in a way that provides the most lucrative and advantageous outcome for the secret-holders and power-elites propagating the evil or at least managing it's explosive nature," said Laminature who lamented the message being sent to the victims and their families.

"While the Bandinis, Tuscan rivals of the De Medici, grew grapes in California’s wine district not far from Bohemian Grove and married their most beautiful women, like Arcadia Bandini, to New Englander Abel Stearns, part of the George Luther Stearns family who controlled America’s lead production for bullets during the Civil War, Philadelphia also had the family of Peter Aurrell Brown Widener. Widener’s fortunes would be made in providing meat for the Union Army, then steel, Lucky Strikes and other supplies to the U.S. military during World War I and II while merging his investments with names like Brown & Williamson and RJ Reynolds whose heir was George Herbert Walker Bush’s chief legal counsel, C. Boyden Gray,” said Laminature.

“Widener is synonymous with U.S. Steel, so when the CEO of U.S. Steel fires Joe Paterno, you begin to see the battle lines…..remember Hyman Rothman’s line from The Godfather….. ‘We’re bigger than U.S. Steel,’” said Laminature noting the wild card nature of the Jewish element in American politics. “If the conflicting groups are not bigger than the Brahmans, they want to be and they would use anything, including a secret pedophile problem, to make them such,” said Laminature. “Don’t forget,” he concluded “that if you are looking for a center of fascist thinking in Philly that would provide a context for Sandusky’s behavior, Widener’s son, Joseph Early Widener, was a key leader in the American fascist group that would have overthrown FDR’s administration with a 500,000 soldier army led by General Smedley Butler had Butler not challenged them. Widener’s relationship with Brown Brothers and Harriman and George Herbert Walker are well documented. So, too, is his ownership in the White Star Line that built the Titanic. Letting people know that the Penn State scandal and the Omaha, Nebraska scandal....the Franklin Savings/Republican pedophile cover-up are connected.... would be like a ship hitting an iceberg.”

I asked Laminature what might have happened had FDR been overthrown. He said "either we'd be speaking German or they would have knocked off Hitler and taken his place," he concluded. "You could argue that Smedley Butler saved the Republic as we know it, but not that FDR was innocent in all of this. The Roosevelt fortunes were as much from the China Trade and opium as the others. The Puritans weren't all that pure and pedophilia is the most prurient of their impurities. Remember that Teddy Roosevelt's son, Kermit, overthrew the democratically elected leadership of Iran in three weeks and replaced it with the repressive Shah of Iran accompanied by Norman Schwartzkauf, Sr. . If this is the Democrats outing the Republican Party's tightly held secret in the run up to the 2012 election? Politics as usual! But anyone who has ever worked with a Chicago union organizer knows that none are not one. Well, the kids were, but their eyes are opened now. And Jerry Sandusky was famous for telling his Second Mile kids 'it's not what happens to you, but how you handle it," said Laminature adding... "Let's see how Sandusky, Penn State and the nation handle it."

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