Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Republic - More Expose on Tim Turner

Republic - More Expose on Tim Turner


Remember I told you I had a recording Turner did not know I had but wasn't yet free to publish it. This was a recorded call of their so called Immigration Committee (hint we are the illegals). On the recording those involved identify themselves and proceed to lay out how they will refuse all Americans the right to be Americans unless if they are not a part of this groups particular Christian ideology, they renounce their faith and get sworn testimony that they have converted. They identify lists of people and religions who are "repugnant" to the Republic and so on.... explosive to say the least. 

Here is the radio show recording...

I am writing an article on another thing which just happened. The investigator Turner assigned to investigate the missing ID machine and money thinking he could control the guy turned out to be a truly honest man. When he discovered much more than the fact that the whole story about the theft was a lie and where the money went Turner demanded he turn over the evidence to him so he could decide what would be in the findings. The investigator gave him a flat no so Turner started threatening him. Didn't work. So a couple nights ago Turner got the rest of the committee to discredit and kick out the chief investigator officially..... that is going to blow sky high very soon.

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