Saturday, November 19, 2011

The PWS - Protect Wall Street movement

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Topic started on 18-11-2011 @ 11:26 PM by mastahunta
OWS is a communist plot destined to destroy capitalism and freedom.
They are also dirty hippies, lazy, union thugs, anti American, pro terrorist too.
They don't have any leaders or consistent message, they are illegitimate, evil,
uneducated and are protesting the wrong things. George Soros funds them, they
berate children, use babies for human shields, crap on cars and will be used to
extinguish your ability to do what you want in America.

The Protect Wall Street movement is alive and well, stacking up a laundry list
of defamatory information and threads aimed at eliminating any positive public opinion
of OWS. Instead of be cognizant of what has happened here with the American
financial institutions, many people seem to think that attacking other citizens
and their protests against these institutions is a more important use of effort.

But I ask you PWS and ATS

Did OWS take over your government with slow and methodical infiltration?

Did OWS, bribe your politicians into making laws that stripe you of your tax money? 

Did OWS make turn collapsing Americas economy into a successful business plan?

Did OWS destroy the vigor of your business?

Did OWS initiate the pain and suffering of the people in your communities?

Do I have to go on?

Many of you claim to be against
the forces that are creating misery in America, but you seem to think that a disorganized
band of people in the street is the source of this misery, and that is an unreasonable
conclusion. The state of the economy and the government existed long before OWS
ever hit the streets, yet you sure as hell wouldn't know it would you?

Can any of you PWS proponents please list a specific grievance which has been perpetrated
against you by OWS? I want anyone on ATS to list the crimes which have perpetrated
against you and I will apologize to you with sincerity. I truly am sorry if OWS has done
something to harm you or your family because I know that is not the point or intent.

PWS, the banks and associated forces bribe the politicians that you elect to serve you.
They make you pay interest on money that has no tangible value or worth, essentially
making you pay for the money they create and earn for free. They employed a business
plans that almost destroyed America and they did it with full intent and knowledge. Not
only did they sell more fake assets without their international derivative scheme, but
they fully knew that the depositor value in their holdings could be used to leverage
and warrant bailouts.

I find it very hard to believe that any of you can seriously find more fault with other Americans
in the street, than these methodical and felonious liars that see no consequence in destroying
your beloved country, while making you pay for it! 

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