Sunday, November 13, 2011


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So, I’m saying Good Bye….for the umpteenth time…what about it? Hell I didn’t know they were going to wrap the ‘armistice’ stuff up or that it even needed wrapped up. If you remember, last year, germany finally finished paying their debt from WW1. Read the information and you will understand why it was never settled til now and they even used the 11th for the ‘time’. While no one in the media was talking about it, China was here in DC, signing the final signature on the g20 agreements, and finishing what was started at the treaty of versailles, all those years ago. Notice, there were reparations to go with that, delayed by behavior of countries, until the lender of last resort, brought down the roof on everybody, which is what you’ve been watching for the last few years. The ‘never pay model’ has failed and the bankers are wailing. There’s a ton of legalities involved, the bad boys could never get by and the results are before you right now.
Perhaps now you will understand why everything begins and ends in France and the US.
This next link will blow your mind, we knew for years, that nazi war criminals were brought into the us, after ww2 ended but it wasn’t obvious.
Check the other links on the page too.
Now the dragons of china, were watching this stuff for years and as their part of making this world right, went after this bunch to end their game. You believed the propaganda they fed us for years and years. Soldiers went to war and fought for these criminals under the belief they were being patriotic and defending people’s freedom. Now the crap ends and the world will finally know freedom from these miscreants. Yes the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off. This bumper sticker is now being distributed to members of the unity church. So while we whined about how long distribution was taking and friends and relatives passing on during the wait…those folks in the rafters were clearing your way. This so, the bad guys couldn’t start the machine back up again. I have no idea, how ‘christians’ miss the fact that Jesus, by today’s definition, was a socialist…present that idea, when you hit the pearly gates and see how far that gets you.
The pedal is hitting the metal right now, hold on to your shorts and check your opinions at the doorway to your freedom and be thankful, someone was looking out for your ignorance. More will be revealed so, the public never hands their freedom over again to folks in suits.
C’est la vie…..ya’all
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I have to ask this question. If we all are suddenly millionaires, who is going to continue to work? The way I see it 80% of the people will retire immediately and who will produce the goods and services that we need? What person is going to go work in a grocery store stocking shelves or running a cash register for $8.00 per hour? NO ONE! How will we get food? What truck driver is going to sit in a truck all day hauling the goods we need? What good is all of this money if we can't eat or purchase the things we would like to have? I. myself was thinking how I would like to have a Sun Room put on my house to better be able to enjoy the skys at night. Then I thought, well who could I hire to do it when everyone will want to stop working?
Don't get me wrong, it will be a great blessing in a way, but I think it should be given in increments, not a windfall so everyone won't immediately quit working. We have to have another system in place to get our goods and services needs addressed before everyone stops working. There should be at least some amount of minimal work hours required by all to continue to get their funds on a regular basis. It would be GREAT if after all our toil we could stop working completely, but then so would society stop working unless everyone buys their own farm and then builds their own manufacturing companies to make what they need. Could the fact that this needs to be worked out first be the delay in distribution of the funds?