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Obama Must Yield Now To The Flag, The Bible, And The Law - Prophetic

Obama Must Yield Now To The Flag, The Bible, And The Law - Prophetic
Wed Nov 16 2011 10:12
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By Reverend Lainie Dowell
"To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under Heaven." [Eccl. Chap 3]

America's elected leaders and their own unelected appointees have infected the foundations of these United States of America. They have contributed to blurring the lines of truth and lies. They have moved from their sight and out of reach, the goal posts of justice and faith. They have gripped the necks and broken the backs of the American patriot and citizenry alike. They have willfully, deliberately and knowingly executed all that we hold dear. And they have denied doing so even as they have invited us to take a front row position to stand and watch their devastation and wanton destruction of our culture, society, morals, mores, faith, justice, and Godly prosperity.

Who is there from among us who will stand to judge them by the Lord's righteous judgment? Is there none who will stand and deliver the most scathing charges against them ever? They refuse to hear? Nonetheless, whose finger will point in their faces? Whose tongue will lash out against them all? For none is blameless among them. Whose voice will leap across their own barriers of filth and trash and hurdle across their divisive walls designed to break down the American resolve to remain "true to our God and true to our native land?" Which voice shall it be to bridge that gap between our laws and faith and stand squarely upon their own throats and not let up until it is they who will be evacuated from the bowels of this great nation and flushed down the same cesspool they have created and where they deserve to be instead of them making plans to remain at the head of leadership anywhere across the globe -- much less across America?

Instead of our endless debating and discussing among ourselves about who can swim the best in the disgusting muck and mire the leaders, themselves, have created and covered over with their sickly, sweet-smelling dregs of disgusting lies, conceit, and deceit, we, as a people, must rise up and let God be God and let Satan be gone! If money could do it, we would have no impoverished among us even as those in leadership line their own pockets and fill their own bank accounts with the taxpayer dollars they say is not there (?) If masses of people could do it, our land would be overflowing with "milk-and-honey faith" rather than watching as those in leadership skim the fat of the land from the top and making all of us follow along as they keep marching this nation to the edge of Hell, with impunity and without accountability!

Godly solutions are at hand but none wants to extend their hand to enact them for America. The season of God's righteous judgment is also at hand. The season of wicked rulership has come and gone. And that includes from all across America, as well. This is that season of 2012, which I shall declare and herein so decree before our God that 2012 shall be called, "The Year of The Conservative."

It is housecleaning time all across America.

The movement created by Barack and Michelle ObamaNancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and their many secret and not-so-secret partnerships all across the globe has come to be symbolized in the unconstitutional Occupy Movements, the results of which evidence the blight of these, our teeming and gleaming shores. That Movement symbolizes the evidence of how they have trampled our rule of law down into the earth. And, every one of their little fiefdoms must come down and take them down with their little kingdoms. We have no King, but Jesus!

The media and politicians have betrayed our trust. We have no confidence in their word or their actions. They have colluded among themselves to pull down our flag, our Bible, our language, and our law. And, they publicly feign ignorance when the fallout erupts in their own faces. The recent case in point among so many being Penn State University. The government says, "If you see something, say something?" But what good does it do when their ears that the "something" goes into are full of wax? And, moreover, they have shut off our communication lines, barred their doors, and placed taxpayer-funded armed guards in front of us and them so they will not receive the calls of any concerned citizens. And there are many who try to reach them all but to  no avail, except and unless it is so heinous they will get their own faces splashed across the nation and hailed as a hero. When, in fact, more often than not, there are people weeping and bleeding on their steps who are still trying to get their attention!!

It is not that someone had turned their back and looked the other way, but it is that those in leadership could just not be bothered to do their job they are paid handsomely for but have failed to go investigate their own crooked comrades in arms. As with Penn State and in every community across America, (including Obama in the White House), people in leadership know exactly what is going on. They have no excuse to say they do not know. They knew. But, they had hoped nobody else would find out and call them to task for not doing anything to correct all of these ungodly, illegal acts. And, by the way, lest they have forgotten, that is the job they stepped up,  volunteered, to undertake and for which they had taken an oath or affirmation of office, with one hand on the Bible and the other raised to Heaven, to cement their resolve to faithfully so perform their duties before God and all mankind. They have all FAILED who continue to do unlawfully everything to abuse their authority and power in order to undercut this people and to grow their own bank accounts and status! They deceive only themselves!

What's more, if those in leadership and the media are so aggrieved about what has taken place at Penn State, then they are still missing a crucial clue hiding beneath their indignation. The questions become, "What makes them continue to believe they have done Americans a favor by working hard to change the status of the essence of life, which is the family structure? What makes them now believe in the face of such stunning perversion, that Americans consider it o.k. to allow homosexuals and all of their own different self-styled categories of gender assignment to change marriage and for them to take into their homes behind their own closed windows and doors our babies through adoption or artificial insemination? What makes their self-styled "lifestyle" entitle them to lambaste us Godly Americans in the name of "diversity," and "political correctness," which are only false excuses for their rejecting God's law and man's laws?

As a result of such ongoing "legalized" corruption, fraud, graft, and lies, we and our children and our nation are ashamed of what we are seeing and hearing and have made it known. However, if Congress and our elected representatives refuse to hear our voices who are grown and Godly, then what chance does the little one have? And, why does the Obama Administration place before us our own children whom they have propagandized in our taxpayer-funded universities and their taxpayer underfunded early education programs? It is all designed to grow up an entirely new generation which will be dependent upon Maoist-style communist and Islamist government in their newly "Reformed DIS-United States of Everything Goes," when, in fact, they need to go! What's more, the late, Senator Eugene McCarthy should be dug up and apologized to, because he got it right in the first instance.

So, the destroyers covered over their true intent, waited decades, taught their youngsters like Obama and his ilk to lie, cheat, steal, and keep hidden their true nature and intent. Well, I stand to declare it did not work, because God uncovered them a long time ago. But it was from among the elected leadership who loved neither themselves, nor their families, this nation's rule of laws, nor our God enough to "JUST SAY 'NO'!"

Instead of cleaning up the messes they have made, they blame and shame and expect us to go along with their deadly game. But the Jig is up! They cannot get away with it unless we the people give them permission with our blessings to go to it and stick with it until nothing of faith, God, family, truth, and justice is left standing among us. And, now, only their bare behinds are left exposed and defecating all over our flag, our Bible, and our Constitution -- their very stench of which smells to high heaven.

God is not pleased and neither are we who declare and decree, also, that they have gone as far as they can -- and no farther. Women and children are the casualties of their domestic warfare which they wage against us on the home front. Whenever men and boys have no power "to protect, preserve, and defend," then REAL Men and REAL Women of Faith must stand and deliver the most scathing message against all of those who have set themselves up as gods (little "g"). For,  all across this land, they have also created a battlefield but have dug a pit for themselves in the way of Saddam Hussein, Bin Ladin, and all other such selfish, greedy, leaders who have been struck down and are continuing to fall in our time. What's more, their time has come and gone in our God's eyes.

We have no God but the Lord. We have no King but Jesus. We have no failures among us, except their own who scheme and plot against us both in secret and in the open. But, no more! For, we shall be neither blackmailed nor intimidated into silence. We shall rise to hold up the flag of our nation, the Word of our God, and it shall be their own lawless, unconstitutional laws that shall crumble before their very eyes. And the rocks from the fall out shall meet up with the Rock of our Salvation and come crashing down upon their own heads, necks, and backs and not ours.

No more shall America and Israel's God be disrespected and have Satan's imps thumb their noses in our God's face and our own, as well. Our God shall arise and arise and be made manifest in all the earth such that no one shall doubt that our God lives forevermore. And all shall fully understand that wicked mankind is a mere puny speck in God's eye and they are about to be expelled from God's sight by His own mighty hand. Watch! For it shall surely come.

Restoration -- Reconciliation -- Religion are no more to be defamed. Citizenry are no more to be blamed and shamed. For, we shall pray such that God's own powerful hand shall surely serve up our reply. And, the whole world shall see it and fear Him who is the true and living God and not the terrorists and their fake, self-imposed godless and gutless power coming from behind the hidden walls and doors of this nation's own leadership hovels.

Then so be it! And, as our God hath so declared to another stubborn, hard-hearted, hard-headed man made a reprobate by God's decree and who now lies in his early grave "dressed in his suit of rest," as prophesied because he also failed to discern, heed, hear, and obey. So, too, it shall remain such for the time to come, as the Lord Himself hath set:

Thus saith the Lord, "Twice warned, twice warned, thrice warned, but it shall not come again without retribution."

And now, Lord, let the voices of truth, liberty, and the American Judeo-Christian Godly justice prevail in the nation. In Jesus' name, we openly pray and call it done. And, may it, likewise, be in our time. And, so it is done! Amen.

Now, run on and tell that!

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