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Is God Satan? Could everything we know about the Abrahamic faiths be backwards?

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Topic started on 9-11-2011 @ 12:48 PM by starsyren
This is kind of a theory I've been working on for some time now. I've never been one for mainstream religion, even after being made to attend private xian schools as a child. I always felt that something, about the messages they were trying to get across, even as a kid it didn't feel right. And this Jesus fellow...what the hell's going on there? This led me to research in all world religions, even occultism and witchcraft, since I was in high school.

But I've recently come across an idea. It started with a friend (a devout Pentacostal, but I don't hold that against her) who said to once that "Satan's greatest deception in this world was convincing mankind that he didn't exist. That he was no more than the Bogeyman!" Well...I can think of a Greater Deception: what if Satan not only convinced man that he was gone...but also too that he was GOD?

Controversial, I know! But that idea really stuck with me. So much so, that I started digging on it. Any information I could find, Bibles, the internet, local preachers and professors (boy did I ever piss them off!!). But it was a website that really caught my attention. Now, when I first came across this website, I was extremely skeptical, especially given its name. But I think this is more of a ruse to weed out who's willing to dig for knowledge and who's not. So regardless of whether or not this site, and the people behind it, are legit...the ideas presented here are actually pretty thought-provoking. This site contains MANY well researched, well thought out articles. But one that really grabs me is here: 
The Mithras Deception's kinda long. But part of the conclusion sums up the idea I'm interested in really well is this:

"Christianity, in order to eliminate Mithraism, simply assimilated many of the key aspects of the rival religion: a perfect Satanic strategy. Equally, Satanic propagandists have managed to portray the Illuminati in the popular imagination as the opposite of what they actually are. However, the truth will emerge slowly but surely. One day the world will bathe in the light of Illumination and be free forever of the Satanic Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism that have worked so much evil in this world.

What type of person glorifies "God" by crashing an airplane full of innocent passengers into a building full of office workers? God or Satan? The answer could not be more obvious. The True God would never accept a "gift" of psychotic violence; he would never make martyrs of mass murderers, he would never welcome killers bathed in the blood of innocents to paradise. Such people have damned themselves. But what is truly amazing is that these people believe they are doing the work of God. How did their minds become so twisted? That's how powerful and damaging Satan's propaganda is.

Christ at no time said he was creating a new religion. He was at all times an observant Jew, faithful to the Demiurge Yahweh, and if "God" was a Jew then presumably everyone who believes in him ought to be a Jew too."

--Now, I know some of you are probably at work, or otherwised pressed for time and will probably make a snap judgement on this idea based on that exerpt alone. But I encourage you, please take the time to read the entire article/essay before you start with the flaming. It's just a theory, albeit in this skeptic's mind, a pretty plausible one...and it seems plausible to me for the simple fact that it is NO secret we are being lied to. By goverments, by churches, by schools....they all do it (unwittingly or not). So, in my eyes, a theory like this...well, it just seems to fit. 

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