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Hunger Strike Against Clergy Abuse In Italy has begun Oct. 31, 2011

Hunger Strike Against Clergy Abuse In Italy has begun Oct. 31, 2011


Victims encourage people worldwide to sign the online petition to revoke the privileges of the Vatican as a EU sovereign state 

SAVONA, ITALY – (VaticanCrimes.us) –Nov.6, 2011 – On October 31, clergy abuse victims Francesco Zanardia and Alberto Sala, have declared a hunger strike against abuse by pedophile priests after an unsuccessful 500 km pilgrimages to Rome, where the Vatican denied a meeting to discuss proper guidelines of addressing pedophilia.

As the Vatican continues to be uninterested in addressing this global issue, then the victims now turn their attention to the European Union, where they have declared a hunger strike, requesting a meeting with the EU President Jose Barroso, demanding that the rights as sovereign nation of the Vatican be removed.

If you stand against clergy abuse and support this cause, you can take part in signing this petition that will be presented to the European Union. You can submit it online by accessing: jh.to/petition

You can also find out more info, by visiting www.francescozanardi.eu.

The Vatican Crimes Exposed organization will be interviewing Francesco live on air via Radio NetGracia daily in Spanish and Italian at 11 am ET thru:www.netgracia.com

Catholic Church generating astronomical profits from Pornography in Germany


GERMANY - One of Germany's largest publishing companies, Weltbild, has more than 2,500 erotic novels in its online catalogue - interestingly enough, it owned by no one other than the German Catholic Church. Yes, the Vatican owns 100% of Weltbild, which generates profits similar to Amazon.com
German newspaper Die Welt, has published that the Catholic church for over 30 years. Some catholics complained of this and the climax of this opposition resulted in 2008, when a 70-page report on the book sales was sent to the catholic bishops.
Die Welt reports that the situation came to light after a report this month mentioned the erotica distributed by Weltbild, which generates overf €1.7 billion ($2.4 billion) annually and has a 20 percent market share when it comes to selling books. That makes it the second largest online retailer of books behind Amazon.
But the Vatican's profits from pornography does not end there.
The global corporation known as the "Catholic church" also owns a 50 percent stake in publishing company Droemer Knaur, which also produces pornographic books.

Occupy protest closes London's St. Paul's Cathedral

LONDON, UK - 'Occupy' Protesters who have camped outside St. Paul's Cathedral in central London for six days have forced the cathedral to close to visitors for the first time since the Second World War. The time has finally arrived. The soon destruction of the Vatican is inevitable. 

The Dean of St. Paul's, Rev. Graeme Knowles, said the decision to shut the doors of the venerated church to visitors following the afternoon service was made with "heavy hearts."

Knowles acknowledged that the demonstrators, who have banded under the name Occupy the London Stock Exchange, have been peaceful and the atmosphere has been good. He added that there is "something profound about protest being made and heard." But, he urged the protesters — over 500 approximately, to leave since they have made their point.

He cited "health, safety and fire concerns" as being the "reason" the Catholic synagogue has an obligation to "keep visitors safe".

The protesters placed about 100 tents on church property, arriving last Saturday as part of a series of protests in many cities throughout the world in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street activists in New York.

"The beginning of the occupation began six days ago and call themselves OccupyLSX. Protester Ian Chamberlain, 27, said the group is in no hurry to leave despite the dean's plea. For days they have braved chilly weather with the help of donated food and blankets. "It's about deciding when it's no longer effective to be here," he said. "Many of us are determined to stay here as long as possible.”
Protester Diane Richards, 36, said the cathedral closure was unnecessary because the impromptu camp has been safe and well organized. "I'm really disappointed, because there has been no violence here," she said of the decision, which church officials had hinted at in recent days.

As a result, Sunday services have been suspended as part of the closure, but the BBC reports small gatherings of 100 people or less will be allowed in for scheduled weddings. 

Very soon we can expect to see more manifestations of this nature as the occupy protesters discover that the root cause of the injustice in the world is the Vatican - the corrupt religious system that has fornicated with this Great Harlot (or Whore) and has made them drunk with her wine as the prophesies foretold. So much so that these governments have given the Catholic Church immunity to rape children without punishment. To steal them, torture them and in many cases even assassinate them. For evidence of these organized crime schemes implemented by the Vatican worldwide as a means to generate astronomical profit, visit:http://www.jh.to/organizedcrime

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