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Full and Complete* E.T. Disclosure Just Weeks Away! (MUST Read), page 1

*Full and Complete* E.T. Disclosure Just Weeks Away! (MUST Read), page 1
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Topic started on 7-11-2011 @ 04:59 PM by Aqualung2012
This amazing FIRST HAND report was heard on the "Speaking of Strange" radio broadcast hosted by Joshua P. Warren out of Ashville N.C.... (this is the very reason I have joined ATS)

The report is given to us via telephone from a good friend of what one would call an "international entrepreneur." He WILL remain anonymous in this post, as the 
information passed to him was done so in confidence by top NATO representatives from multiple countries. The man reporting this information will be known in this post as "Mr. Jones." (No, not ALEX Jones... or any real Jones for that reason.)

I have located the archive file of the broadcast, and I have recounted from it the report given to Joshua by Mr. Jones' friend. The "friend" is a person who works very closely with Mr. Warren, as well as Mr. Jones. This is a recountance of what was reported:

While on vacation in Bulgaria, Mr. Jones happened to have a chance to sit down for a drink and a candid conversation with five NATO representatives.

During the conversation, Mr. Jones asked about the Ex Canadian Defense Minister's comments and belief in UFOs, peace in space, etc. Basically... Mr. Jones asked whether they thought he was a nutjob or what? Their response was somewhat startling.

"No, he's absolutely telling the truth, evey bit of it," they said.

Interested, Mr. Jones asked more about the topic. Given the libations and the candid setting, as well as Mr. Jones status in general, the Officials continued to divulge:

"In all actuality, there are ETs present at this VERY summit, and they have been for a long time. They just appear in the room when they please and dissapear the same. Of course, they only attend the highest level meetings, where there are only two or three Top NATO reps present."

Continuing, the men discussed the nature and content of some of the meetings. They informed Mr. Jones that since the 1950s, a 60 year contract between the ETs and World Governments has existed which established a "balanced relationship" between the two entities.

In summary this "balanced relationship," consisted of a bargain: You (the ETs) may take X amount of our population/resources for use in experimentation, observation, etc etc... and in exchange, We (the world governments) will be given alien technology for our own use. The underpinning to the contract was that the Governments of the world would gently disclose to us the ET existance... the TRUTH.

Now the World Governments just couldn't follow the rules. They have kept us in the dark, and actually, included in NATO documents, there are specific international guidelines as to how each nation will deal with ET encounters or UFO sightings. This basically spells out which country to blame if a UFO is reported in another country, but only if there are pictures/video available. If not, then there is a framework of "logical explainations," such as swamp gas, atmospheric anomalies, etc etc.

Granted, the ETs never kept their part of the bargain either. They have taken as many people as they want, manipulated whoever they wanted to, whenever they wanted.... because they CAN. The whole "agreement" was a bit of a joke on their part. It was basically "throwing the World Governments a bone."

Now here is the shocking part, which was finally revealed to Mr. Jones after many hours of discussion: The Contracts have finally and officially EXPIRED. What does this mean?

Apparently, the ETs have now warned the World Governments that they have but weeks (not known are the exact dates) to FULLY disclose their presence and true role in the history of human kind. The ETs feel that we as a people are not only READY for it, but that the people of the planet NEED to know, in order to promulgate human evoloution in the times ahead. They confirm that we are in the crucial period of transitioning from a type "0" civilization to a type "1."

World Governments have refused (obviously,) so the ETs have said that they will disclose THEMSELVES, with a global demonstration of their fleets, over every major city over the Earth. Obviously, this is very shocking, and there would be much turmoil over such a revelation. On the other hand, the World Governments would basically castrate themselves if they announced "Yes, we were lying... about EVERYTHING."

So... there you have it. This is very serious, and very exciting. This explains SO MUCH that it is mind numbing. Now we can understand the huge amount of "feelings" people are having. We can prepare for the biggest news in the history of all human existance, but how? Knowing is the first step.

Please listen to the broadcast linked below, at least in an attempt to lessen the inevitable "shock of the gods," which is approaching at a rate MUCH faster than we have anticipated.

LINK TO THE MP3 OF THIS STORY ON SPEAKING OF STRANGE. (SOS528hr2) With Laura Eisenhower (Skip to 9:25 for the actual interview)

EDIT: they are calling for it by 2012, not weeks. My apologies. Months folks, months.
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