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The Real Meaning Of “The Wizard of Oz”

The Real Meaning Of “The Wizard of Oz”
I’ve found an other interesting view regarding this great movie (1939) by ‘The Author’ of Matrix V:
Metaphors From The Wizard of Oz
The 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz, contains several excellent examples of Dark and Light polarities, Balance and the Higher Self. The Dark polarity mind control in the U.S. relies heavily on Wizard of Oz themes (read Cathy O’Brien’s ‘Trance-Formation of America’ for numerous examples).
I have mentioned the Wizard of Oz in other material in Matrix 5, but will expand on it here and give you an important, totally new way to look at the movie.
Three of the main characters are Dorothy, the Wicked Witch and the Witch of the North, Glinda. It is obvious that the Wicked Witch is the dark character. However, the Light character is Dorothy, NOT Glinda.
Dorothy is a perfect Lightsider character. She calls herself “the small and meek” but is anything but meek. It is Dorothy who the Wicked Witch (in Dark black) battles with, NOT Glinda. Glinda, in the position of Balance, tells the Wicked Witch in Munchkin Land, “Begone you have no power here.” True – polarities have NO power over Balance, but the Wicked Witch knows she can zap Dorothy ONCE Balance has departed. “True, I can’t tend to you now .. “, she tells Dorothy under Balance’s direct protection.
Glinda never refers to herself as the ‘Good Witch’, only the Witch of the North. I suggest to you that Glinda represents the Higher Self. How does she arrive? As a globe of energy that transforms into Glinda. The reverse occurs when she leaves where we see Glinda absorbed into the globe of energy.

The energy globe represents your Higher Self (Dorothy’s in this case) and Glinda is the image the Higher Self chooses to communicate, as a guide, with shim’s incarnation, Dorothy. I would suggest that Glinda represents a Dominant Incarnation.
At another part of the film, Dark attempts to halt the Higher Selfs Plan for the incarnation by putting a spell on the poppies thus causing Dorothy to fall under a deep, paralyzing sleep. This is a major, unacceptable interference in the Higher Selfs Plan for the incarnation. As the Higher Self (in ALL cases) will not allow any permanent derailing in the Plan shim has chosen, the Higher Self intervenes to stop Dark, in this case, by sending snow to disrupt the Dark spell and allow the incarnation (Dorothy) to proceed.
Remember, Dark does NOT see those protected in gold light, so the Wicked Witch can only say, “someone keeps helping her”, but apparently has no clue as to whom. The Dark Witch is unable to know that Glinda (Balance and the Higher Self) is act ing on Dorothy’s behalf even after the events in Munch kin Land.
Note that Dark still makes life quite miserable for Lightsider Dorothy. These are necessary experiences for Dorothy’s growth and the Higher Self knows that the incaranation can overcome them and grow from them.
Finally, when Dorothy has advanced enough in experience and maturity, Glinda t ells her how to go home. Glinda says, “You’ve always had the power to go home.” We are always connected to our Higher Selves from first through Final incarnations. When asked why Glinda didn’t t ell her back in Munchkin Land, how to return home, Glinda responds that “she wouldn’t have believed me.” This is true.
This compares to the progress of an incarnation. Since all incarnations on Earth are simultaneous, the Higher Self (Glinda) has vast amounts of knowledge that shim will not give an incarnation until the incarnation is ready to receive it. BUT the Higher Self CONTINUALLY watches over ALL shim’s incarnations to ensure that s him’s Plan is not interfered with.
Dorothy clicks her heels 3 times, says the words and Glinda circles her wand behind Dorothy’s head. The circling wand (clockwise) represents the transfer of knowledge from the Higher Self to shim’s incarnation.
“There’s no place like home” also has another interpretation other than dreary black & white Kansas. Consider that ‘home’ refers to the Higher Self, the REAL you and where you return to after each of your incarnations, your incarnations’ true ‘home’. There is NO place like home. Now, when you watch The Wizard of Oz, you can look at it very differently. There is more that can be drawn from the film, but that’s up to you to discover.
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The Real Meaning Of “The Wizard of Oz” the 1978 version
In this script ‘The Author’ gives even more interesting interpretion about the 1978 version:
Frank Baum wrote his child’s story, The Wizard of Oz, over 100 years ago. It’s amazing that that book would spin into several versions and visual interpretations. What is behind The Wizard of Oz?
More than one Higher Self as it evolved into these 2 major films. There is so much hidden in this story that even the Dark polarity has used and warped it to serve them with the sex slavery based in the US (read Cathy O’Brie n’s book Trance Formation of America. The keys and examples, primarily woven in the 1939 and 1978 versions, are waiting for Very Advanced and Final Incarnations to discover.
In my 1939 interpretation (partial) was to set those incarnate interested to uncover more, if so moved. Now to give you some observations from the 1978 version as well. The Wiz is more sophisticated with its lessons.
Ease on down the road – The road is your individual Path. Yellow bricks are chosen as yellow is the color of t he mind and mental activity. Using your ‘yellow brick road’ is when you start going within to find your way. Along the way, Dorothy (the Unawakened Final Incarnation) meets her 3 Dominant incarnations: Scarecrow, Tin Man & Lion. They all are parts of Dorothy. Note that in the early part of the film, Glinda (reflecting Balance in the 1939 version) is representative of a Higher Self in this version. Glinda caught Dorothy in the snow tornado and took her WITHIN herself (OZ) to discover her Path and reach Awakened status. Note: the 2 versions present some different and some similar lessons, but you must discover them.
Going down the yellow brick road, besides Dorothy meeting her 3 Dominant Incarnations, she also meets her other incarnations in the form of the Munchkins, Winkies and Emerald City inhabitants. The Emerald City inhabitants are pure mid levels. Everything centers around their deity, the Wiz (the Game). Whatever the Wiz dictates, the sheep follow. Colors of the moment are used in this film for whims of deity and conforming to society.
The Winkies, at first, are slaves to the Wicked Witch (another facet of the Game) and work in her ’sweat shop’. Eventually Dorothy, while beginning to Awaken is not yet fully so, frees these incarnations by flushing Evillene down the toilet. This refers to eliminating the Game’s controls over your life. Once the witch is dead, A Brand New Day is the peppy song of freedom. What are they free of? The Game. Once they realize they’re free, they remove
their ugly exteriors (incarnational bodies), they see their true selves and rejoice in who they really are- “Can you feel a brand new day? !”
Dorothy and the 3 Dominants wind up back in Oz ,catch the wizard sleepi ng and discover the Wiz is a phony. A significant departure from the 1939 version, the 1978 version does not have the Wiz giving anything to anyone but is rather a totally pathetic character. Dorothy is the one who gives the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion what they search for by teaching them
to go within themselves. Now as the Awakened Final example, she’s able to surpass her 3 Dominants and assist them. Dorothy says ‘what you seek is within you’ and ‘you never needed someone else to give to you what you already have’.
The Wiz asks if Dorothy can help him too. Her advice to him (and to all those who are playing the Game and want to escape) is ‘you’ll never find out what’s within yourself as long as you stay within the safety of this room’. In other words, you’ll never find out what is within yourself, your Real You, if you stay within the illusionary comforts that conforming to the Game brings. Believe in yourself is the main theme at this point.
Glinda, who has been watching all along and is described by the Wiz as having ‘great powers’ finally makes hers elf known to Dorothy thus completing the Awakening process.
Dorothy want to return ‘home’. Home is actually WITHIN your Higher Self. Lena Horne sings Believe In Yourself as a reprise to Dorothy after she sang it to the 3 Dominants.
“Believe in yourself as I believe in you” sings Glinda. The Higher Self KNOWS Dorothy AND her incarnations will succeed, BUT she concentrates on Dorothy since she is the Final Incarnation and is telling her that she has to find this out and prove it to herself.
I would change this slightly. Belief in yourself is the .first step, but KNOWING who you are is your goal as knowing requires proof “Know yourself as I know you” is the next step, for once you KNOW, you are only a step away from BEING your Higher Self.
“Think of home” Glinda says. “Think of me, your Higher Self” is implied for I AM you. Glinda asks Dorothy what she’s learned. Dorothy responds, “I’ve learned that I must look inside myself to find love”. As I’ve said before, English is a piss poor language to describe what she calls ‘love’ here. It is a woefully inadequate word to describe the awesome sensation that you receive from your Higher Self. I KNOW. I’ve felt it several times. When I was in the Forbidden City in China, I had to steady myself since it was SO powerful. ‘Love’ just is not the right word. You’ll find out what I mean when it happens to YOU.
By the time Dorothy is ready to return to 3rd density Earth, she’s Awakened and is far from her Unawakened state of when the Higher Self, Glinda, decided it was time for shim’s Final to Awaken. What a film! I encourage you to watch BOTH versions of The Wizard of Oz and see what YOU can see. This is one event that contains several keys very useful to a Very Advanced and Final’ Incarnations.
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