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dinar chat sunday 7-24-11

Bulldog post Sunday morning

10:48 AM [Bulldog75] 9:45am CST, Sunday, July 24 UPDATE. 33 REASONS TO RVD RATE POST NEAR AUGUST 1: 1. O & G 2. IMF & WTO pressures 3. World Court rulings 4. UN influence 5. Chapter 7 6. HCL 7. GOI/Banks/coinage 8. Ramadon 9. Removal of 000s 10.New IQD currency 11. World powers upset 12. Maliki -China oil agreements 13. US Reserve Currency power status 14.Tier1 & 2 vouchers/cash outs 15. World Elite control 16.Power, ca$h, Oil, Timing 17. Unanticipated leaks 18. Size of info into baskets & new software by WTO & IMF 19. Sensitivity & Secrecy info 20. Blatant corruption/payoffs 21. UST & Bank set up to cash in 22. US congress conflicts of Dems & Pubs 23..World Markets instability 24.Budget, debt ceiling, default 25. Lost Funds & abuses 26.NO One accountable 27. No guarantees,total speculation 28. US, Federal Reserve & World Bank cover-ups 29. Citizen's Rebellion of unknown opportunities 30..US & World Bank Bailouts 31.Synchronization of info/pings 32.Greatest Transfer of Wealth ever 33.Excessive Taxation. Note: 91% probability of Rate Post by August 1 with 9% X Factor. Blessings. Protect your family. Amen.

thanks BJ for the email

lBaino] It's late... but I have several days worth of stuff ... the long and short is that several of my contacts with excellent resources in the ME... especially Baghdad, are really confidant about tomorrow... I had this on Wednesday, on Thursday from another source and today from the first as a continuing confirmation! We shall see... To answer your next question: I think the best place to see it first is on the CBI site... hopefully the new site we stumbled into in April ... (just once!) will be uploaded to replace the existing site... and away we go! IMO, ForEx cannot assign it a value initially, but can push it once it has been assigned a value by ..... wait for it...... "Them!"   

[Blaino] As everyone knows... "them" are closely related to "They say..." which, as we all know are the biggest liars that ever was... (were?) Anyway There you have the essence of the intel in a very compressed form... Don't chew, don't swallow it all at once and it will expand into a multi day "Hopium" dose ..... LOL!

(Thank you Toucan from People Invested for posting this)
   Congressional leaders work to avert default        
No progress reported in negotiations; Reid chastises Republicans

Congressional leaders were working desperately Saturday to design new legislation to head off a government default.    

House Speaker John Boehner told House Republicans in a conference  call after meeting with President Barack Obama Saturday that he hoped to be able to announce a "viable framework for progress" by 4 p.m. EDT on  Sunday, before Asian financial markets open, two participants told The  Associated Press.

The goal is to produce at least a framework agreement to raise the  nation's debt limit by Monday, congressional officials said. Even that  would allow scarcely enough time for the House and Senate to clear  legislation in time for Obama's signature by the Aug. 2 deadline, a week from Tuesday.

But after hours of staff negotiations followed by a meeting of  Congress' top four leaders, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pronounced himself "deeply disappointed in the status of negotiations with my  Republican colleagues," saying a lack of progress was bringing the  United States closer to default.

Read he complete article on the MSNBC site with video links

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7-23-11 The Call Squad Call MP3 (1st 75 min.)
(Volume Leveled and Boosted)

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· WangDang on tuesday afternoon? supposedly at the Britis forex BGG??

· WangDang BGG on friday I saw the dinar  paired to the GBP sale 1.913 buy 1.503 on the has been like that for the past week....hhmmm in deed.

· BGG I don't think it happened last Tues - I had a friend with int'l connections, a London broker and  means....ready to hike it to London as soon as that happended. I have  not gotten that call yet. The rate may well be showing - but it also had a "Parliment hold" on it....much like our "US Treasury hold".

· Panhead BGG what do you hear about RV tomorrow, like Okie said?

· BGG Sounds excellent to me - hearing that alot lately. Do not believe it to be "circular" of pass-around...

· ayechihuahua BGG, what's your take on the World Court pushing the rv to happen tomorrow, are you hearing the same as Okie?

· BGG Don't know about that - sounds good. My info is ver similar for different reasons. Sorry.

· BGG very...

· cantwait BGG do you announce your calls in here? When will the next one be if you know?

· BGG I'm hoping the next one is post-RV.

· BGG I just got off the phone with Okie  just a little bit ago - he just called to give me a hard time. He's so  funny. But he is hearing exactly what he is relaying to you...

· jjhall coco2626 Just got intel from vp of boa he spoke to pres of foreign currency dept and confirmed that as  soon as budget and debt ceiling is finish the Rv will follow soon after  have a great weekend Go RV

coco2626 I like having this confirmation make me feel really confident we r

· BGG jjhall - About a week ago that was pretty much exactly what I was hearing...debt agreement = RV. Then about Friday or so, my best sources started saying they intend to go around  this hold-up no matter what. Either way - fine with me.

· WangDang BGG what day are we looking at??

· BGG I am hearing this weekend we'll see something - hope it's a "hard RV".

· templejc BGG ::: Could you talk to us why the debt deal would be desired to be done befor the asian markets were  to open as being reported on CNN

· BGG They want it done before Sunday  because as I understand it - it will happen no matter what and we would  look lot's better as the "trigger pullers".

· templejc BGG ::: Like WOW! OK that works for me.

· BGG I do see a sense of urgency - which is encouraging.   

(Emailed to us, ty FL)



from OOM [susananderson] I had a foreign exchange guy at Wells Fargo....(same branch that has always called the dinars blacklisted) when I asked about it before.. tell me in the same conversation they don't deal with dinar and I told him I knew that but I have it ..I OWN it now and I heard a cash in was happening soon and the rate could be around $3.40......without binking an eye he said he could give me a better rate than that and took my cell phone number.:)

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