Thursday, January 5, 2012

Iraqi Dinar, recently being said: ...

Iraqi Dinar, recently being said: ...
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Date: Thursday, 5-Jan-2012 14:14:49

(Thanks, B. :)
Reader B. sends us:
1-5-2011 Guru Poppy3 still in play and not one source has changed their opinion...I talked today with several sources...all are still telling us the exact same time table... [Thursday] the rv wouldbe released to the banks after they close, then they would have it live friday morning? If its all true great, if it isnt we wait.

1-5-2012 Guru Purplehelmet300 there is a global alignment happening - must work precisly...Lots of details need to line up...The new time line is the same - I thought tues - wed - thurs - so we will see!

1-5-2012 Guru Doc when we look at the things that need to be in place to support the RV there has been favorable news such as Parliament is back and working, the budget is close to approval, a new HCl agreement looks to have support and remaining chapter 7
issues are being addressed. We maintain that getting to resolution of
these issues is still several weeks away at the earliest and the probability of the RV occurring "at any second" is low.
 However, Parliament may surprise us and cuts some deals quickly. When asked about a maximum time we believe June would be an appropriate guess since this is the time frame the UN will consider chapter 7 release. However, as always any rate or date timing is a guess. We report, you decide.

1-5-2012 Guru Jonnywg another deadline day is here...but
this time we think that this is our day... the back bank screens
opened with NOVEMBER RATES on 155 countries...and it is live this am
...I feel this is the start of the process and will keep you informed update...the last rates posted in the banks currency screens were in November...then the
rates shifted for 155 countries to $ the old rates are
live again replacing the placement holder rates of 00.0000.

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