Thursday, January 5, 2012

Face it, the election was stolen

Face it, the election was stolen

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist January 4, 2012

Well the chips are in, and the election is stolen.

It took a lot to kill Ron Paul, with my estimated margin of preference for Paul running over 30 percent absent statistical rigging, and others such as Drudge having him at 30 percent, Iowa WAS a slam dunk.

We have all been convinced over the years that people often change their minds the moment before they enter the polls, and THAT is why election results can be so unpredictable, but even if you believe people flop about in their beliefs and preferences like fish out of water, it does not wash in the case of Ron Paul.

We all know, - at least anyone who hits this site should know, that the type of people who support Ron Paul are firm in their convictions and will not flip flop on issues and between candidates. If Ron Paul lost in Iowa, this election was stolen, pure and simple.

Even despite the media smears and excessive voter turnout thanks to the many who voted a lot more than once via the open ID program, Ron Paul was at 30 percent in most exit polls. To drive the final nail, that secret vote count was essential; - so many people supported Ron Paul that the establishment could not get enough repeat voters to push back the wave.

For as long as we sit around and let the establishment steal our power from us, there will be no revolution. So many people are too flouridated, Zolofted and food poisoned to ever see the light of day, and in a democratic Republic that can kill a society. With the present condition of so many people, there is not likely to be an American future.

When we have a media so rigged that we can't get ANY truth through "official" news channels about issues like 911, Osama Bin Laden, the Federal Reserve, JFK, and a host of other subjects, you can forget about the 50+ percent of the people who don't have enough brains to read anything beyond the ingredients on a Gerber jar. It is beyond their capacity to seek out anything other than whatever is baby fed them by Fox and CNN. They are useless dead weight that will drown us all.

And we are not likely to do anything about it, because the establishment has firmly and conveniently rooted in all of us an attitude of non violence, while in turn that same establishment uses violence modus operandi. It's a lose lose for us.

Americans are so often now a bunch of skinless boneless chicken breasts just waiting to be eaten. And absent a violent revolution, we will be digested and flushed.

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