Monday, January 2, 2012

3 Misc. Monday Afternoon Chats emailed to us

3 Misc. Monday Afternoon Chats emailed to us
2:41 PM [bookings] ok guys no question, because i do not have any answwers at all. I've got a text at 12 last night said the rates was locked in at the banks, and we should see the rate go live tonight sometime. I'm been sitting here all morning wondering if i should post it or not. But there you go, take it for what you like.

[3:47:14 PM] [poppy3] awesome awesome god is so great just know the end is so close we could get snake bit at anytime. I will say this the calls i just got says the globe will know the rate and begin cashing before this week is out . Now, go enjoy the day meeting are going on and things are going well everyone trying to smile and get along and all the legal process is being settled for the good of the iraq people . We could see our part later this week. Oh and all the gurooster peeps saying pinned to bp are wrong but we will be within the great rate of the kuwait dinar the highest rate in the world ---- wait and see. Poppy3

[3:09:11 PM] [generals64] O.K., you gave an answer but, it was wrong....The ISX (Iraqi Stock Exchange was closed down and was to re-open when????
[generals64] January Right do you think they will open at one rate tomorrow and then change the rate in a couple of days?????
[3:09:27 PM] [generals64] OKCBulldog hit me with that one...I about fell off the barn from embarasment not remembering it.
[3:09:40 PM]  [generals64] think they'll change in a couple of days or do this before they open tomorrow?

Delta's Back> CC Replay with Transcript Notes Post By Denaridori PTR Forum
(Note: this is a few days old)

Delta - Replay 12-28-11    


Or call             760-569-7699       - 156996#

137 Minutes

Frank begins the dinar update after a sponsor's info at 42:33    Delta starts at 47:00

Transcript highlight notes (Better to listen to the call for an accurate, complete version of the call.

Main issue - articles coming up about the government

Iraqi TV and inside Iraq - everyone's come to the conclusion that Maliki isn't the problem

I was one of the few taking his side vs. Allawi, but it's more than that

Problem: Saudi Arabia is the most powerful on earth

M isn't a bad guy -- he's a hero - the only one working the hardest for his country (no one is perfect) but doing something
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