Sunday, December 11, 2011

To the wonderful people in West Virginia – Vandalia – wherever we are,

 To the wonderful people in West Virginia – Vandalia – wherever we are,

 It’s been a while since I wrote.  I hope this letter finds all in
good spirits & health.  A few people I know are doing an Internet
blogtalk radio show on Sunday – and this is an invite to go to it.  It
concerns all patriots in our state. - 6 PM
until 9 PM – and a West Virginia guy is going to be one of the two
main guests.

 I hope you’re preparing for the – crash – crunch – whatever is
coming – whenever.  I’ve given up on outguessing anything.  I do know
that the inflation rate for food is about 40% - not as bad as I
thought, but it won’t slow down.

 I think all the instigators & infiltrators have gone flap – flap –
flap – flap – flap.  By their words & fruits, they have witnessed the
truth to us about themselves and disposed of themselves.  Truth
outlasted lies – again. The time was not right for people to volunteer
to be contacts to deal with local corruption issues or get out in the
streets – but that will happen as things crunch down over the winter.

 I looked into other grand jury/sovereignty movements – found more
disappointment than encouragement.

 I have worked a bit with some folks who are fighting the
International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC): is the address – worth looking at.   The
IPMC takes on local ‘flavors.’  They go nuts over wetlands and such in
Florida.  They go nuts over other ‘stuff’ in California.

 There are some real horror stories posted at the site – very few – and there are so many
they can’t even think of writing all of them up.  I’m in contact with
‘Alley’ – the gal who coordinates that movement.  People have lost
farms – some have gone on hunger strikes – lost all they had – fled
the country – I could go on.  ‘Officials’ have literally burned
houses, barns, killed livestock, and sprayed plant killer on crops.
Some folks have lost hundreds of thousands in legal fees – and lost in
court – some have fled – fear of being jailed.  The bastards have
jailed people and CPS has grabbed their kids – and they have no idea
where they are - - - because of the IPMC.  I’ve also heard some very
disturbing reports from w/in WVa about the IPMC.

 I’m shocked that someone hasn’t really gone postal about it.  All I
know is that those who choose the wrong side of a revolution
oftentimes don’t survive it – and they spend the rest of their lives –
looking over their shoulders.  And there will be many - - -

 From what I’ve learned, the IPMC bastards-that-be have stolen
property and destroyed tens of billions of dollars of homes in
California – and billions of dollars in Florida – that we’re aware of.
 The F. A. C. Off movement only has chapters in Florida and
California.  The IPMC has been around for over a decade – tyranny
beyond belief – but public awareness and resistance is still minimal.
System resistance to those who are exposing it has continued –
websites have been hacked – activists jailed – I could go on.  ‘They’
– don’t want the truth to come out about it, and the most visible
patriot broadcasters still won’t run with it.  Oh, well - - - we’re
all doin’ what we can.

 I am still associated with Teri Hinkle, who hosts many conference
calls.  She has made some amazing strides at busting the bastards who
violate the FCRA – and – yes – you can get paid from collection
agencies who illegally ‘pull’ your credit.  Terry has gotten a few
four-digit checks.  Her email is if you want
to get in on those calls.

 She’s associated with many patriots who are VERY well connected, and
I’ve been in phone contact with more than just a few.  One led to
another and another.  One of my contacts had solid proof from air
samples that the bad boys are spraying all kinds of different
biological agents on us – all I’ll say at the moment.  The fact – fact
– that they sprayed tuberculosis on one of the ‘Occupy’ gatherings hit
mainstream news – but it’s much worse than that.

 Overall, I am more encouraged – now – than I’ve been in years.  The
tunnels and many of their openings have been blown – our military is
‘awake’ – and a lot of them are keeping tabs on foreign troops,
weapons & food.  At the right time, they will go AWOL.  This meshes
with what has happened in other countries during such meltdowns.  It
appears to me – at this point – that the real patriot military will
not be wearing uniforms – and the invaders will be wearing uniforms -
- - and there will not be as many as there were just a while ago.

 I’m 100% convinced that Tim Turner is totally de facto – an agent –
and RAP/RuSA was the most carefully crafted black op that Teri or I
have ever seen.  I find it interesting that the de facto boys always
wave wads of imaginary cash – and how many fall for it.

 I think we’re past the tipping point – and the time to act is now –
whatever you want to do.  Education is the key, and I’m sure that by
this summer, a lot of people will be in the streets – more lost jobs,
homes, unemployment benefits, increased cost of living, more sick and
dying vets – need I go on?

 I have also done some blogtalk radio – -
Sundays from 6 PM until 9 PM – Freedom Reigns is the name of the
Sunday program – and there are several good programs.  If you have a
DECENT INTERNET CONNECTION – that we don’t have – you can listen
on-line.  They also have a chat room.  More info hides under the ‘FR
Tour’ at the upper right of the website.

 I had no idea that internet/blogtalk radio had so exploded in
popularity!  I don’t think they’re in the same danger as more visible
broadcasters, and I have yet to find any censorship.  I think that
there aren’t enough bad boy operatives to shut all of ‘em down.

 Listenership on the Freedom Reigns program is into five digits –
many newbies – lots of young people – as well as many who were
involved with RAP and RuSA.  I’ve done a show for them on the IPMC, a
program on relationships – how the bastards-that-be have done all they
could to destroy healthy sexuality – marriages & families – and what
we can do about it.  I’ve helped out with topics from preparedness to
economics to naturopathic medicine – make an occasional smart crack.

 We’re having a conference call on Sunday – 6 until 9 PM – will be of
great interest to us.  The previous RAP/RuSA Pennsylvania governor Jim
Wright has filed papers with the Hague – basically informing them that
Pennsylvania is under the original Constitution – basically renouncing
the whole corporate mess.

 I have a copy of the document, and I plan to sign onto this, along
with Drake Bailey – another West Virginia patriot who is heading up
the WVa effort – one of the two main guests on the show.  I’ve spoken
with him on the phone, and he’s on some other Internet radio programs.
 As most of you know, I have little if anything to lose – and I have
no problem signing such a document.

 I’d like to invite you to come to the show.  I serve as co-host from
time to time – and I’ll be serving in that capacity on Sunday.  Two
people will be carrying the call – Teri Hinkle – - and our own Drake Bailey.

 If you listen to the show, and you’re interested in doing what
they’re talking about, feel free to contact Drake – or contact me.  I
will probably learn as much as you will on the call – as I only have
some of the information.  It appears to be quite simple – non-violent
– just giving notice – and – supposedly – if the military knows they
have people who are willing to stand with them, they will go about
their task of taking out all enemies – foreign and domestic.  Now –
whether this is yet another false hope – another flash-in-the-pan – or
not – I just don’t know.  All I know is that something like 22 states
have signed on – filed their papers at the Hague – and they’re looking
for at least 26.

.  You’re invited to come to the show – - 6
PM Sunday – and there’s a phone number (347) 324-3704 to listen over
the phone or chip in – let me know what you think.

 You know my e-mail address, and my phone number is (304) 927-4728 –
Sincerely – Jim

 PS – Some of the best info out there is still found at - - - and the last time I talked w/Manny, gobs of
people are buggin’ out of the USA -

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