Sunday, December 18, 2011

To the dear folks in Wherever We Are, Planet Earth,

 To the dear folks in Wherever We Are, Planet Earth,

 I guess I’m sorta like the proverbial bad penny – not worth much –
kinda bruised and battered – but I keep on showing up.  A lot of
states are filing papers with the Hague – notifying the world that
they are going to follow the original constitution – up to and
including the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment – and – if a couple more people
in West Virginia want to do that we can do the same.  If you’re
interested, let me know.

 I don’t know very much about it – but a guy by the name of Drake
does – and I’m sure he’d be willing to set up a time to have a
conference call.  I think we have to get together to have a
face-to-face meeting – elect a few officers – write up some minutes –
type it up – print it off – and sign it – he has all the details.
I’ve seen the documents and I can’t find anything wrong with any of it
– real simple.

 This has something to do with handing a bunch of these letters to
various people in the Pentagon - - - so they will start cleaning house
per their oaths of office.  I’ve been told that Obam-bam no longer has
the flag behind him when he makes noises at TV cameras – that means
that he is no longer the commander in chief – and the top brass is
awaiting our instructions – as – Americans in the various states.

 Anyhooooo – I’ll also be doing most of a radio show on - listen online - and there's a chat room.
Or you can listen or call in at             (347) 324-3704       – on Sunday – the 18th
– as in today – between 6 and 9 PM.  The show is on gathering intel
and activism.  Our listenership last Sunday was above 50,000 - and
it's been growing.  (!)  I've done a couple of other shows for them -
and chipped in on shows about economics, education, and preparedness.

 Teri Hinkle will be joining in – and it may turn into a two-part
show.  In the past, I’ve said that there wasn’t much anybody in our
group could learn from these programs but – I almost guarantee you
that you will learn some good ‘stuff’ you didn’t know on this one.
I’ve put a whole lot of work into it.  I don’t think it will bore you
- - - - Jim

 PS – On Christmas Day, they’re going to re-air a show I did on
relationships – as in how the New World Order has carefully crafted
the utter destruction of healthy sexuality, real marriage and thus
families – people – and the solution is simple.  I first became aware
of this way back a long time ago, and from the number of requests for
replays, a lot of people really liked it.  ‘Til we meet again – peace
be with you – and may the spirit of Christmas stay with you – always -
- -

PPS - I've been watching Iceland ever since early 2009?  Here's a link
you might find interesting - - --

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