Saturday, December 10, 2011


From the Dinar Chat II skype room-rumor until proven otherwise
Saturday, December 10, 2011
DINAR - They are all saying it is over but the posting
I guess I just have to see it on the CBI site… and no U.S. figure mentioned here.
LOOKING REALLY GOOD THOUGH, Oh what a great God we have !!!
We praise and thank you, Lord !   Dora
Dan – don’t read into why we have held off a little bit because speeches and announcement’s.
We are at another day where the govt, agency are acknowledging a sovereign nation.
I couldn’t be in a better mood
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__Tony – I am happy, I’m going to tell you everything; things didn’t happen until 1 PM PST
Iraq is a sovereign country; we knew yesterday that a big meeting in DC, it was all about Iraq, docs signed. Were we going to see the RV this evening, this weekend, Monday? We know it’s done.
Look what happened today with the Euro crisis today, banks aren’t going to crash, euro is not going away. Somehow they came up with $600 million dollars, 2$2 billion to the IMF funds. I am getting text saying its done.

Tony – everyone is telling me it’s done and the Euro deal could not have been done without the RV. Dan I will give you a chance to defy it in a min…lol you see in the news that the US is not putting money into that the UK has stepped aside. UK is not in Euro and I will explain…

Dan – I agree with Tony

Dan – the reason the EU didn’t collapse last week is because it was done.

Dan – we are looking at a shifting of a country’s power, what Tony said about the EU is correct and speaks volumes of what we are seeing today.
Tony – the UK moving out of the Euro today and US not putting USD into it. How would we look if we put 1 trillion USD? We actually put into the IMF, the IMF is saving the Euro. The IQD is attached to the GBP, we don’t want it attached to the USD. The USD can go up and down, we need the IQD stable like the GBP.

Tony - I’m getting from several agencies that is done done… We could see it today if not by Monday and you will know about it.

Tony - We don’t know if it will change today before the market closes or after or on Sunday. When they signed those docs today in DC I had a guy there that saw it.
Dan – text asking Tony for date and rate
Tony – it’s to the GBP

Transcript from HH: (this is the PTR call from 12-9-11

Dan: Because of the speeches today we potponed the call. Bottom line is we're at another day where the news is saying the Iraqi country is moved into a sovereign nation and the US is helping them out of Ch7.

Tony: Something that was supposed to happen at 9 was moved to 12 and didnt happen till 1. ITs over and done with now We knew a big meeting in DC on PA Ave. Dignataries arrived at the White house, documents were signed and transferred over Its done.
I have info from all over the world. The Euro Crises ended today The banks are not going to crash. Countries that were about to go broke-are happy today. They have plenty in their cash reserves, Extra in the IMF fund.
I look at those things to tell me its done. Its not delivered yet-but it will be. It needs to now come to us.

In a couple hours we may see it-maybe not until Mon, but its done. This Euro deal is complete and would not be possible without the RV. In the news-the US is not putting money into Europe and that England is not involved in the Euro. Both countries needed to say that for the RV.

Dan: I agree with you. I fully beleive this has been done. Really until its publically done -we can't cash in. Lots of sources in country and out of country are telling us its done. All the Euro countries know this is done and they are positive whats happening. The economys being saved probably happened 3 weeks ago. We are seeing the structure become stronger today . We are now seeing more public acknowledgement today that things are done

Tony: One of our members: The global banking system restructured today. The RV should be able to happen now. Tony is reading a text:
Tony: the world banks should change today. Or anytime between now and Monday befor the markets opened.

Tony the meeting happened, The documents were all signed. the meeting was 30 minutes long and its done. I feel great!!!
It is pegged to the GBP I can tell you that.
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*Comment by me*   **It rather makes sense that it may be pegged to the GBP as there are many out there that would like to disconnect from the USD**

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