Wednesday, December 7, 2011

rumor RV

[8:13:43 AM] John MacHaffie: 12:42 AM [SouthernLawya] energy33: tttrader 10:28 PM pat: 1:25 AM [tdv75098] RV is confirmed showing in China and Australia per Cap1!!!! 1:27 AM [tdv75098] Not reporting rate yet.

12:46 AM [tdv75098] Cap said rate 5+

12:47 AM [tdv75098] Cap thinks it will show in the banks before it shows at the CBI

12:55 AM [ChrisB] lgtennis>> they cannot show one without the others so it has to show tommorrow morning. Talked to my chinese contact tonight.

12:57 AM [Austin-Powers-For-PM] lgtennis>> Sounds like you have the goods on this one. You believe we will see the retail rate at the banks in the morning or sometime during the day tomorrow? If so, I sure like that.
[8:14:30 AM] John MacHaffie: That is +5 BPD rate  ---- what is that in USD!   YEEEE HOWWWW

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