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RMN started 15 years ago for one main reason… to inform the world that there was a group of people… called Faction Two

Note from Rayelan:
RMN started 15 years ago for one main reason… to inform the world that there was a group of people… called Faction Two… who have been working together for over one hundred years… to end the rule of the tyrants who took over the world’s economy in the 1500s when they gained control of the Bank of England.
From there these miscreants went on to pillage and plunder one sovereign nation after another after another. Toward the end of the 1800s, the sovereign heads of the nations that were left met secretly and came up with a plan that would hide their treasures… gold, jewels, artifacts, scrolls and other real treasures… the kinds of treasures that Nicholas Cage discovered in American Treasure.
While I have not been in the vaults where these treasures are still hidden, I have seen videos of the treasures and as you know, Gunther and I were responsible for the first sanctioned transfer of gold from one of these vaults. To the best of my knowledge and belief, the gold we transferred was NOT part of the collateral accounts… but that is a question that will have to be answered by people who are a lot more informed about this than I am.
Gunther and I were told that we were bringing home the Austrian Treasury which consisted on gold and other artifacts. I already knew that the Austrian Treasury had been stolen by Hitler and placed in his Swiss bank account. During WW2, Admiral Canaris made two trips a month to the Catalan region of Spain. On his way there, he stopped at the Swiss banks and picked up the Austrian Treasury. From Catalan, it was transported by submarine to Paraguay where it stayed hidden until 1955. That was the date that the allies forced Austria to sign a 50 year agreement which stated that any member of the royal family who tried to restore the monarchy had to be sent into exile. And any gold discovered, that Austria said was their’s, was to be given to the Jews.
Gunther and I spent most of 1994 arranging the transfer of the gold back to Austria. Austria had already started allowing the exiled royal family members to return. It was thought that the ruling powers in Austria would allow the gold to return since it was late in the year. But no one figured that the head of the Austrian National Bank was a Mossad agent.
The gold that was the Austrian Treasury had to be resmelted and brought in as newly mined gold. It could not go in to Austria, it went in to Germany on January 20th, 1995… the day that OITC was officially created.
Was there a connection? I don’t know. I do know that Helmut Kohl lost his Chancellorship over the gold. He is the one that brought it into Europe. How do I know this? Because I met Chancellor Kohl in Herr Doktor Kurt Waldheim’s office when Gunther and I went to see him about our inability to get the Austrian National Bank to accept the gold transfer.
Dr. Waldheim already knew about the trouble we were having and had summoned Chancellor Kohl to obtain his cooperation. All of these meetings went on in front of the Mossad agents who were set up in the window of the building across the street… a street that was less than 20 feet wide. The Mossad agents didn’t even need a microphone to hear what was being said… which is why Gunther and Dr. Waldheim carried on their discussion in an ancient Hungarian dialect that is virtually unknown.
The initial transfer was 1500 metric tonnes. I was told that it would eventually be used to back the Euro with gold… but I later found out that many of the European countries hated the Euro and wanted to return to their own currencies… which would be backed by gold… the gold that Gunther and I had transferred.
The initial transfer could be extended to 500,000 metric tonnes. Enough gold to back every currency in the world.
At that time… almost 17 years ago… I was told that Faction Two had set in motion a plan to bankrupt the member banks of the Federal Reserve. When the Federal Reserve was finally bankrupt and exposed… a new economy would appear.
This is what I was told 17 years ago by Gunther and by many Austrian ministers as well as members of the team Gunther was working with.
I expected all of this to happen on September 11th, 2001. But you know what happened on that day. I have no idea how many members of Faction Two were in the Twin Towers when they came down, but I suspect quite a few were.
Many of Gunther’s team, who had stayed in touch with me, vanished shortly after the war in Afghanistan started. I suspect they were murdered by the criminal cabal that runs this planet.
When I was married to Gunther he told me about his “family”… Faction Two… many of which are blood related. He explained to me that he was directly related to the Chinese Royal family through Ghengis Khan. He is also related to every European royal… the ones who still are sitting on their thrones, as well as the ones who… like Gunther, have had their thrones, palaces, lands, money and titles taken from them by the victors of WW2.
I could barely believe the people he told me he was related to by blood. Polynesian royals, South American royals, Russian royals, Chinese royals. He also showed me a flowchart of all of the companies and banks that were owned by his larger family. This larger family is what he called Faction Two. Of course there are many members of Faction Two who are not related… but who have joined with these Sovereigns because they have a common enemy.
One other thing Gunther told me that I could hardly believe… he told me that all members of Faction Two who are related to him by blood, were Knights Templars. I still have a hard time getting my mind around the thought that a Hawaiian King could be a Knight Templar, or a Chinese Emperor could be a Knight Templar. While I have not been able to prove this… I have had enough of what Gunther told me prove to be accurate… that until someone completely disproves this… I am going to believe it.
After WW1 and after WW2 the vaults were opened and new treasures were put in them. One of the strange things that is inside one of these vaults is a Wells Fargo chest that is about four feet long and at least five feet high. It is completely filled with hundred dollar bills. I was told that this was the money that Germany had to pay after WW1.
I do not know how or why this chest got where it is… in the “vaults” (caves) where the sovereign heads of the remaining sovereign nations hid their national treasures so the Rothschilds and their relatives couldn’t steal them.
I do know that a great deal of theft has gone on since the death of Ferdinand Marcos. Gunther said that Marcos was the good guy… he was guarding the treasure… NOT stealing it!! The Presidents of the Philippines who followed him have stolen as much as they could. I just heard the the last President… Gloria is under house arrest. I don’t know what for, but I suspect it is for stealing billions if not trillions of dollars from the Philippine people as well as from the sovereign nations vaults.
I also know that the number one man behind these thefts if George Herbert Walker Bush who was General MacArthur’s aerial photographer. GHWBush literally photographed the vaults as they were being constructed. Because of this, he knows where every vault full of treasure is located… and I fear his “team” is doing everything they can to steal as much as possible before Faction Two is successful in pulling down the present world economy.
As I said, this plan is over 100 years old and the part that we are currently working on… the bankrupting of the Federal Reserve member banks… started in the late 60s.
I don’t really understand the theft of the bonds that Neil Keenan talks about. In my opinion it is a distraction designed to make him look important. These bonds are a drop in the bucket of the wealth that I know is stored in these vaults around the world.
Faction Two has the gold. Faction One… aka the new world order… has the banks and they won’t allow Faction Two to put their gold in their banks… remember what the President of the Austrian National Bank did. She did it because she knew if that money came in to Austria, the Austrians would use it to create a central bank for their own nation and for all the nations that made up the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
As long as the Rothschilds control the central banks of most nations, the gold that will be used to back the new economy will never allowed to surface…. ergo… the Fed and all the other Rothschild controlled Central banks have to die… and hopefully their owners and controllers go to prison for the rest of their lives.
What Neil Keenan is making such a huge deal over is a drop in the bucket of what I know exists.
I have no idea the time table for the new economy… the old economy has to die first. What I do know is these bonds don’t add up to a boil on the backside of an ant when compared to the gold and other treasures that Faction Two controls.
While I will eventually make my own comments on Keenan’s lawsuit… I was sent the video that I have inserted. I am posting it because I want to remind people that RMN was started to teach the world about Faction Two and their plan to destroy the Federal Reserve and the rest of the Rothschild banks. While there are many readers and RMN Agents who think the sun and moon rises and sets on Neil Keenan… I do NOT…
I think he is a low level player with a very large ego. I suspect that even Ben Fulford will soon realize that he has been sucked into something that he really didn’t understand and he will try to save his reputation as best he can.
Here is the comment that was posted with the video. Once you read it you will see why I had to write this. I do not want anyone to think that RMN supports Neil Keenan in any way. If there are naive agents who support him… don’t blame RMN for their naivete. Each agent posts his or her own opinion… I do not step in to argue with them unless what they are posting is absolute crap or worse. We have over 150 active agents. Most of the time when someone posts something that is pure crap… one or more agents will tell the original poster that it’s pure crap.
This couldn’t be done with Neil Keenan’s lawsuit because NO ONE here at RMN, including myself truly understands what is really going on. I will bet even Neil Keenan doesn’t understand what is really going on.
I will be back later… maybe tomorrow… with more information about Neil. I have to obtain permission to post… if the reader does not give me permission… I am going to violate one of my own rules and post this email… because everyone who believes in Neil Keenan needs to see another side of him… one that he revealed in the email I will post. But I want to give the reader who sent it an opportunity to agree to let me post it… but I assure you… post it I will.
Here is the video which wasUploaded by TRUTHFULPORTAL on Nov 29, 2011. I had never heard of Truthfulportal until I received this video tonight.
The revealing TRUTH and timeline behind Neil Keenan’s disinformation and defamation attacks against OITC (Office of International Treasury Control). On 11/23/11 Neil Keenan filed a fallacious civil suit complaint and is using Ben Fulford, Rumor Mill News, and David Wilcock, etc as his disinformation and distribution tag team channels..

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