Friday, December 23, 2011

– Jim from West Virginia

 All wealth starts by being dug or grown out of the ground – removed from planet Earth – one way or another.  You can create wealth when you take something of little or no value and increase its value as the result of human endeavor.  Value – is determined by what a WILLING seller and WILLING buyer are willing to trade for at a particular time.  The cost of all taxes accumulates in the price of the final product.

  Those are thoughts stolen from Adam Smith – who wrote ‘Wealth of Nations’ in 1776.  If you can grasp those four statements – 1) where wealth starts out – 2) how you create wealth by adding value – 3) how the value of something is determined – and 4) how all costs of production including taxes and regulations show up in the final price – you will know more basic economics than 90% of the people in this country.

  Many focus on politics – rhetoric.  I focus on economics – reality.  We have four wealth-producing machines: farms & ranches, mines, factories, and trade.  A trader who buys something of some value to one individual – then sells it to another who is willing to pay more for it – also creates wealth – benefiting supplier – trader – and buyer.

  Anything you do to damage or destroy any of these wealth-producing machines lowers the overall standard of living.  Several things occur as the result of taxing and over-regulating a business.  1) The cost of the product or service increases, 2) the availability of the product or service decreases, 3) the owners and employees of the business receive less compensation for their efforts, so they have less money to spend, and 4) the taxing entity eventually either drives the business out of that jurisdiction – or – out of business.

  Does this sound like what has happened in America?  That’s why I’ve brought this issue to your attention.  This destroys much more wealth than the taxing entity receives in revenue – and – eventually destroys the taxing entity’s source of income.  Government over-regulation is also – a tax in that it taxes – drags down the wealth producing machine.

  It also has the effect of blaming businesses for higher prices – when the real cause for the higher prices are taxes – hidden in the final price.  At this time, about 2/3 of the price of anything you buy is comprised of taxes on all the people, places, and things that brought that product or service to you.  

  Most folks in the patriot community know that a corporation is masquerading as our legitimate government.  If you doubt this, go to - and I think you’ll find it listed in the ‘G’ section – Government of the United States.  The CEO is Barack Obama – and the corporate office is the White House.  It was incorporated in 1871, and then it was given to the private Federal Reserve – a counterfeiting company – in 1933.  If you doubt this – go to

  Understand that so-called government agencies are actually agencies of this corporation.  And, as such, the CEO of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation can order that agency to cease and desist from their activities – or increase them.

  The highest elected law enforcement officer of any county can also shut any of these agencies down.  If you want to start economic recovery – right now – get your county sheriff to start kicking these agencies out of our lives.  We MUST protect our wealth-producing machines – our farms, ranches, mines, factories – our businesses.

  You might want to bring this to the attention of your sheriff.  Do what you will with it – Love to All of You – Jim from West Virginia

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