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Ah so—could there be foul play afoot? Cattle? Sheep? Where, then, goes the touted cause of AIDS, the African green monkey? Who would lie to you lovely, trusting citizens of the world “brotherhood” of man?
If you look at the genetic structure of the AIDS virus, the genes don’t even look like a monkey’s—they genetically appear exactly like bovine (cow) leukemia virus of cattle and/or visna virus of sheep.
These are retroviruses of animals and these viruses are known to cause “brain-rot” in sheep and leukemia in cattle. Therefore, if you cross these two viruses, you produce AIDS virus. Only your local AIDS expert will tell you otherwise and your politicians, physicians, pharmaceutical houses etc., etc.—will also vehemently disagree; but your veterinarians will agree!

If you have bovine leukemia virus on one hand and visna virus on the other, and you simultaneously infect a human tissue culture, what is produced is not only the original parent, bovine leukemia virus and visna virus, but every possible recombinant that will grow (and a lot that won’t grow or reproduce which are called “incompetent”). An example is most simple in concept; you are each a recombination of your father and your mother and are direct descendents of those parents—50-50. These viruses “pair” to recombine and thus create a myriad of downstream offspring that are each slightly different—in other words, they are not “clones”.
Here, I shall give Dr. Strecker further confirmation. (He doesn’t need it, but I wish him to have it anyway.)
If you look at your planet’s animal population and species, most particularly those immediately in your proximity, and evaluate and isolate the viruses which attack these animals, you come up with your answer—AND YOUR PROOF THAT THIS AIDS DISEASE IS DELIBERATE AND MAN-MADE.
You will discover that in cattle there is a virus known as Bovine Leukemia Virus, which is exactly the same shape and identical in appearance to the HTLV-1 virus. It has an exact same dependence on magnesium as well as the exact same molecular weight. It has the ability to produce B-cell and T-cell leukemia in the bovine (cattle) population and is most proliferative in tissue cultures.
If you look at the bovine virus identical to HTLV-2, you will find another virus of cattle which has the same exact shape, the same magnesium dependency, the same basic appearance, and the same molecular weight, and produces “hairy-cell” leukemia in cattle.
Now, if you look further back, you will discover a virus known as Bovine “visna” virus, which has the exact same appearance as AIDS virus; the same molecular weight, morphology, magnesium dependency, etc. In 1974, either bovine leukemia virus or bovine visna virus was producing pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in one of your higher apes, the chimpanzee. (DO NOT CONFUSE WITH THE AFRICAN GREEN MONKEY.) But that, friends, is AIDS! You now have HTLV-4 which represents a recombination between visna and HTLV-2, or bovine syncytial virus, which is a new AIDS virus, and HTLV-5 virus and a mirror virus (look-alike).
In simple terms, the AIDS virus attacks and destroys T-4 cells. Those are the cells within the body of living animals (humans included) that protect against the development of cancers, as such. In persons infected with the AIDS virus, there is T-4 cell destruction and subsequent development of specific types of cancer—Kapose’s sarcoma and pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, “the AIDS hallmarks”—which are always “lethal”.
There are numerous other deadly retroviruses besides the actual AIDS virus, which are infecting humans and causing cancers, including cancer of the blood—leukemias. These human cancer-causing retroviruses, including AIDS, are identical to animal viruses—but not [of] the African green monkey. They are from cattle and sheep, labeled as bovine and visna viruses. IF I WERE YOU ONES, I WOULD BE VERY NERVOUS ABOUT THIS TIME FOR YOU SHOULD BE MOST DISTURBED INDEED!
AIDS is, by all definition, a “plague”! It will affect society in ways that you cannot now even imagine. There is no cure within your grasp as a people (There are cures for all these evil things brought upon you-the-people; however, they are not allowed. But we will deal with preventative “medicines” that you CAN use to enhance and heal the body.) and no prospects of a vaccine—both of which will be thoroughly discussed as we move along. Even by scientific optimistic projections, it is not even hoped for within the next fifteen to twenty years, at best. It is projected by Public Health experts that over 2.4 billions of people, half the world’s population, will die from AIDS viruses and mutations of those viruses within that period of time. Not a pretty picture by any standard.
Economic devastation is impending for the medical health systems, insurance facilities and all related services within the next decade.
Now, some shocking information for most of you newly interested readers who feel safe and secure with your singular relationships and the comfort of a cozy condom. If things do not change radically and immediately, what you are really destined for is extinction.
AIDS is NOT prevented, nor hardly even impacted, by use of condoms. AIDS is NOT a venereal disease. AIDS is NOT a homosexual disease and AIDS did not come from any monkey bite in far off Africa. It came right out of a man-organized laboratory by cross breeding cattle and sheep viruses—(it will not grow in the green African monkey).
The AIDS virus was specifically requested, produced, deployed, and now threatens extinction of the species. You are headed for the worst catastrophe in the history of your world. Yes, there is a cure—100% cure, but your government and controlling factions will not allow it to come forth—it is being held secretly for the privileged few. And since the purpose is to annihilate selected groupings of persons deemed unsuitable, you will not be given the methods of cure until it so pleases your guardian leaders.
As background for this material I must request that you obtain prior writings by myself and Commander Ashtar (Ashtar is also of The HOSTS of God. In the event that you are going to destroy the planet, and have to be immediately evacuated en masse, I, Hatonn, move aside and Commander Ashtar takes over. All the records of EACH person are stored with the Ashtar Command—which has access to the AKASHIC RECORDS—WHICH IS THE DNA OF GOD. That is a big brain, chelas; nobody will be left behind!) as well as some of the higher dimensional entities. If you don’t know what the problem is, you cannot even hope to solve it. We are not in the book business, but our intent has been to give information forth in proper sequence that you might understand our truth and, as the material gets heavier and heavier, we don’t have to continually deal with disbelief in our status.
(In 1952 the Khazars of Israel invented the AIDS/HIV virus—in Tel Aviv, Israel! Now the false Jews of Khazaria have manufactured a BEE AIDS! Nearly all your produce—fruits and vegetables—are made possible to feed humans and animals BY POLLINATION. Now, a world-wide mystery has come to light—the bees are all disappearing! Only Satan and his followers would do such a thing to God Aton’s balanced creation called “Earth”/Shan!) The first officially diagnosed case of AIDS was in San Francisco in 1981. Actually, it went something like this: The AIDS virus appeared in New York in 1978, San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1980. It appeared in young, white, male homosexuals who were between the ages of twenty and forty and promiscuous in behavior. (Which is exactly what the virus was engineered for. The homosexual act tears the blood vessels in the intestinal walls and provides DIRECT access into the bloodstream for the virus. AIDS is a retro-virus—it acts just like a “common cold virus”—and it can be transmitted just as easily! It replicates many thousands of times with each host, using YOUR DNA. So it is infinite in its ability to multiply and spread—you have not been told this yet. But it is coming! How else can everyone get the mark of the beast micro dot injection?? Or, if you didn’t have it, you will after you get vaccinated!) Simultaneously with its appearance, there was conducted a Hepatitis B vaccine study in New York in 1978 and in San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1980—among young white male homosexuals who were between the ages of twenty and forty.
You must surely ask yourself if there is a relationship between the Hepatitis B vaccine study of the United States and the subsequent outbreak of AIDS in the same population groups and at exactly the same time.
Further, this followed right on the steps of the outbreak of the disease in third world areas such as Africa and Haiti in the 1970s. West coast gays, particularly from San Francisco, made Haiti a main playground and vacation spot during that ensuing period of time, thereby being hit from two directions.
I am going to tell you and then I will explain about viruses and why you are in such devastating predicament.
In your mid 1970s the outbreak of smallpox in Africa was epidemic and spreading into many other sectors. An organization was created called the World Health Organization (WHO), which made an all out effort to inoculate thousands and thousands of people, among which were some 15,000 Haitians who were working in Africa at the time.
Now, before you jump off into accusations of “assumptions” let me point out a few things which are readily documented in hard physical fact, and I expect you to do some checking for your own comfort and confirmation.
You have to have some understanding of viruses, bacteria, human cell origin, tissue culture and manipulation of all those things within the laboratory. I hereby give confirmation to Dr. Robert Strecker for this simple and most adequate discussion regarding the subject. He has isolated the mechanism and actually knows, further, the cure in concept. We shall help in fleshing out that which is missing from the present data.
In the addressing what the AIDS virus is, the virus has a morphology which is actually a D-type retrovirus. So what are viruses? Some of you people are convinced, and I shall not confuse you, that viruses are the smallest replicating microorganism. That means they are thought to be the smallest replicating organism that require other cells in which to grow themselves.
That viruses are not capable of reproducing themselves on their own, outside of living tissue, is the conviction of the scientists today. Viruses must inhabit another cell for potential growth and reproduction.
[To be continued …]

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