Sunday, December 4, 2011

Greetings and Salutations;

Greetings and Salutations;

 One thing you have to understand about the "rastas", they view  all mankind as Jah's children, white, black, green, or  indifferent. They refer to all this crap going on in the world as  the works of 'Babylon', so our job as Jah's children, is to work  to be rid of it. First of all, of course, you have to know you  have been victimized. If you realize how you've been abused, you  just say, that's the way it is, and keep accepting the refuse  they give you and keep the game of division, they've taught you  as 'normal'. Remember, this? If you're white, you're alright, if  you're black, step back, if you're brown, stick around. Like  Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' just keep repeating untruth until it's  taken up by the public, then it becomes what? an accepted fact. I  have done enough study on the movements of tribes across this  planet and there is No one a pure anything, the dna is scrambled  all over the world. The aryans had their start from the taklan  basin in western china so when their civilization broke up they  traveled east and west, bringing that yellow red color skin  everywhere they went. Ghengis Khan went further. Admiral Jeng He  took his armada of ships all over the world, carrying chinese dna  to the furthest reaches of the earth. Once a person starts into  their own roots, no telling what they'll find.

 I said all this because history is calling everyone back to  their roots and it is effecting the banking system. These  hotshots who have had the power for the last few hundred years  are being foreclosed upon for not paying for what they borrowed  to get started.
Vast institutions are being effected's  money so that only makes sense. Perhaps many of the readers don't  know, the bulk of the central banks of the world are owned by the  dragon clans of china. So this move this past week to the rescue  of europe was a move by the dragons and it was not coming out of  the tax payer. Of course that makes for great political fodder  doesn't it. That's like the dinar thing, behind all these revals  out here, were the dragons, because they created the new banking  system we are moving to. The europeans know it and were even  bitching because things look like they are not stepping in as  they promised. They also promised to handle the heavy lumber out  here, which was why last week's sting operation went down. The us  big wigs have 2 big worries, Interpol and the Texas Rangers. If  you're dirty they'll get you, Jamie Dimon is in jeopardy now, for  his actions with MF Gobal and all that worth less paper he  invested in. He torqued off the owners of JPM and that was not  wise. Yes, the inscrutable ones have great patience, but once  it's used up, they move quickly and extract a great toll. They  already know where you'd run so the escape routes are already cut  off.

 30 years ago, the st germain folks told me, 'we are shifting the  wealth of the world' and the bad guys would not even get a sniff  of the people's wealth, now I'm watching how they are living up  to that promise. My help was enlisted at that time, the how was  given later. Hold this damn torch up until they got it  done...sigh. When they linked with the dragons, I could see major  forces unite for the benefit of humanity. Forces to vast and  powerful for the bad guys to stop. Technologies will come off the  shelves held by huge companies like GE, boeing, even GM to  benefit people as the nasty guys no longer have the power to keep  them away. The drug companies have been dispensing poison to  people and are in their waning days..along with the fda and the  ama. Any 'rasta' man will tell you, everything meant for  mankind's health is growing right out of the earth. There's a  cancer cure but, they can't turn it into a synthetic so it  remains in the ground, growing. Yes, the world is about the  change vastly and the nasties don't like it but they are power  less to stop as they face a force beyond their comprehension to  deal with it. Not like they didn't know it was there, they just  didn't want to admit their position before it...they damn sure  didn't want you to know, the vatican is forefront in knowing  what's up.

 Ok folks, I'll need another week of input to say anything  useful, this is just to let you know, nothing has stopped and the  D9 continues coming to your front door. If you hear a diesel  running outside your front door, that may be your day for  freedom. Don't expect the politicians to reflect a concern for  your welfare, they are concerned only with their own butts right  now and they hope against hope they will escape the purging about  to happen in DC. This doesn't get any 'formers' out of jeopardy  either. Justice is going after the republicrats....past and  present. I see cheney is really starting to sound like darth  vader now. Another production of their alternate technology they  keep hidden from the people...I do Not refer to that crap he has  in his chest acting like a heart pump. The heart is more than  something to push blood around your body. It is the heart that's  the seat of intelligence, not the brain. Now you know what's  wrong with half of these folks. I have for a long time called  them a bunch of reptiles. Crocodile tears they gives us, and we  should feel sorry for them.

 Have a wonderful future and follow what your told, the old grey  mare ain't what she used to be. Don't be a lottery winner and  lose it all shortly for doing something stupid.

Love and Kisses,


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