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Welcome to the Other Side of Root Canal 'Therapy'

Welcome to the Other Side of Root Canal 'Therapy'
Root Canal Therapy is regarded as a sophisticated, scientific dental treatment whose aim is to keep a dead tooth painlessly in the mouth.  We are constantly assured that it is a safe and effective treatment.   Dentistry claims that this treatment will 'save' the tooth!
The preview is downloading from YOUTUBE
root canal
The idea that a dead tooth  could cause a wide variety
of diseases is strenuously denied by the dental profession.  How could modern dental treatment
cause asthma, cancer, sinusitis, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, brain tumors, eye diseases, miscarriage and birth defects and many many other diseases? 
How do the universities get away with teaching such disastrous nonsense?

ROOTED is a one hour documentary which takes a hard-hitting look
at the dangers associated with root canal therapy.
It is made for everyone to understand easily.
Dentists may find it challenging

are you a ping pong ball between dentists and specialists
This is life changing information. 
You do not have to be the ping pong ball between the dentist and specialist!Learn what a root therapy really is and your alternatives.
ROOTED is accompanied by about twenty minutes of interviews
with real patients telling real stories. 
See also my letter defending ROOTED
responding to an attack from within the dental community.

Anyone who has had a root canal treatment needs to know how such a tooth may effect your health.it is a myth that a dad tooth cannot affect your health
For detailed information about root therapy go to Robert Gammal's web site
           Is this just another dodgy movie about ....??? 
Does Dentistry Acknowledge the reality of this association?

focal infectionOne way to convince yourself that the information contained in ROOTED is real and based in science is to check out the references.   All references are listed at the end of the movie and also on this web site. 

Quecksilber - The Strange Story of Dental Amalgam
The other documentary that you must see about the danger of mercury poisoning from your mercury amalgam fillings. 
This documentary is also fully referenced and understandable by everyone. 
The preview is downloading from YOUTUBE
More information at www.quecksilber.net
Learn what steps you can take to have them removed safely from your mouth.   
Mercury is the third most toxic substance known to science, after arsenic and lead.
Mercury leaches out of amalgam ALL of the time at
levels which are toxicologically relevant.
The World Health Organization has estimated the daily absorbed dose of mercury from amalgam, as being
ten times higher than all other sources combined, including seafood!
Amalgam does not cause a 'specific' disease. It is the
source of mercury which poisons the body and causes
a wide range of illnesses and symptoms.
mercury brain

Many countries have already banned the use of this material as far better and safer alternatives are available.  There is no excuse to keep placing this toxic material into anyone's body. 
There is only one place in the whole world that mercury amalgam is regarded as safe and NOT toxic waste. That is in the mouth of a living human.  Dead humans contribute about 11kg of mercury per year per crematorium chimney.

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