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They know where the underground bases are – and they have verified that the two earthquakes - Virginia and Colorado – were nuclear explosions in which many tyrants & patriots died. This is the third report I've gotten along these lines of troops, materiel, and underground facilities – from three different sources – and they mesh with each other.

Jim Lovel  11-11-11

 Folks, I have said so little - for so long.  I haven’t disappeared.
I just had little to offer you because I can see no hopes for any kind
of 'restoration' in America – whether from the Constitution Party – or
anyone else – no offense to anyone.

 The only animosity I feel is towards lies and liars.  And though I
respect many people, I have no more respect for the Constitution Party
than the two major parties - after what happened to me and to our West
Virginia group after I told the truth about TT's paradise lost before
it was found - and I've lost all respect for all the Mutt & Jeff -
actor & handler cointelpro teams who only know how to lie and destroy.
 People who destroy have very few skills, compared to those who build.
 Things will not go well for them in the future.  God's revenge is
always exquisite.  We are approaching a time when God will deal with
many - - - who have lived off the fruits of others' labor.

 And – contrary to what many might think, Ron Paul can’t even save us
all.  I still get e-mail from various different sovereignty groups –
various different movements.  I’ve also been in contact w/many very
well connected and informed people who were once in the fantasy TT
‘republic.’  We know who the infiltrators are.

 I have investigated every single ‘solution’ I’ve heard about, and
found that none can come close to saving us from almost total economic
collapse in the near future – whether it comes down fast or slow.  I
have been very wrong in my previous estimates for timing, but at this
time, I don’t think the economic trigger will be pulled until the
police state is more firmly in place – and people are really beginning
to resist that.  It’s just a matter of time until snipers start taking
out various tyrannical ‘enforcers’ – whether on the job or at home –
and that may change many of these tyrants’ decisions about their
continued employment.  As soon as they realize the 'government' is
going down - so they won't have the protection of 'their' government -
many may undergo quite an attitude adjustment - very quickly.  Things
do not go well for those who ignore the Golden Rule - for too long.
Our military is waking up – very quickly.

 Almost all ‘solutions’ I bumped into were nothing more than attempts
to get people to stand down, or worse – to entrap them.  Many who used
Tim Turner’s Secured Party Creditor program and various UCC 1
solutions – have had all they had – illegally, unlawfully, and
immorally stolen from them.  Others haven’t.  If paper solutions had
worked, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in – now.

 The government has simply been taken over by criminals.  Criminals
won’t obey any law.  The criminals will have to be forcefully removed
– hopefully with the least bloodshed.  Many of them know that the
government is going down - and so they aren't worrying about being
brought to justice by lawful people in the government.  Things are
rapidly going into chaos - lawlessness.  They're on a rampage - a
feeding frenzy.  Only by getting out in the streets – general strikes
– and people openly arming themselves against the criminals – will
things change.  No matter what, many will die.  This rips my heart

 Most people fall prey to political 'talk' that’s based on false
hopes and lies - of one sort or many sorts.  RAP really threw me a
curve, but I am not one to be led too far astray by false hopes or
liars.  The rhetoric of restoration now – reminds me of discussions on
HOW to rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

 Many fall prey to political talk, because few know real politics or
real history.  Politics is all about money, who is really in power,
and public perception of events.  Real history has been the unceasing
battle between right and wrong – liberty and tyranny – people and
banksters.  Jesus of Nazareth tried to clean the moneychangers out of
the Temple – twice.  They nailed his butt three days after the second
clean-out.  Coincidence?  I think not.  He also trashed the Pharisees
(lawyers) – the scribes (media) – as well as preachers and teachers of
the law (education.)  I’m sure all those orchestrated liars of that
time were conducted and funded by the moneychangers.

 Few understand real politics.  Even fewer understand economics -
that powers all politics - and thus they do not understand political
rhetoric - a nice name for lies.  Let me put all politics in their
place – right now.  After you realize - really realize - that your
government really, really not only wants to steal all you own, it
really, really, really wants to kill you - whether you work for them
or not - then you have only one choice left to you.  And that choice
is - how - you are going to die.  Choose carefully.

 Those who do not choose the right side of a revolution may be making
a very fatal mistake for themselves and their families.

 Alex Jones is right.  Things are much worse than he can say.  I now
know many of the stories that the patriot radio broadcasters won't
air.  Things are quite hot enough for them - and I cannot fault them.
Most keep holding out hope - - -

 There is no real hope for ‘restoration’ of America now – only
resurrection.  Before there can be a resurrection, there must be a
death, and the old ‘America’ will die – nothing anybody can do about
it.  The only questions left are when; and how many Americans and
others – will die.  Violence is a choice that I fear many will wrongly
choose.  The only justification for violence is to stop otherwise
unstoppable violence.  God help us all.

 I've been writing a book - called 'Get Ready' - because that's all
that's left to do.  It would just be an e-mail book – around a hundred
pages.  It covers everything from explaining the most perfect economic
storm concocted in the history of the world – in the simplest terms –
to practical 'how to survive’ w/o utilities - normal electronic
communication - motorized transportation - or Federal Reserve Notes –
and what you must learn to survive such times and events.  Get used to
the idea that any or any combination of these conditions will most
likely apply to you - depending on where you are in this once-great
nation that has - too long - escaped God's judgment.

 I have spent several months – off and on – writing this.  The more I
write, the more I realize that it is a waste.  Those who don’t already
know what we are facing – won’t pay heed to what I’ve written – too
horrid for them to handle.  People haven’t heeded what I’ve told them
for decades.  Those who do know what we’re facing have already made
preparations – tailor-made for their specific situations and
locations.  They’ve already applied their brain to this issue and have
come up with what they need and need to do for their situation – much
better than anything I might suggest.  One cannot write a book on how
to be ready for everything – but one must make preparations for –
anything happening because almost anything could happen at any time.
Preparation boils down to one of two things – bug out if your home
gets too dangerous – or stand and fight.  Know when to hold ‘em, fold
‘em, walk or run.

 I've been doing blogtalk radio programs - in contact w/many -
including a retired brigadier general with extensive contacts.  A
group of retired military men have networked together to track and
trace foreign troop movements - and war materiel movements - as well
as storable food movements.  Retired military in the transportation
businesses from airlines to trucking have been the main sources for
the intel.  This man, as well as a retired full bird colonel estimate
that we now have between two and two and a half million foreign troops
in place all across the country.  They have tracked many of the
personnel and materiel from where they landed in America to where they
are now.  EG: One unconfirmed report: 600 Soviet T-72 tanks are in
Virginia and West Virginia.

 Most of these men are retired upper rank officers.  Most understand
how to gather real intel.  Most have managed to avoid being murdered,
but they’ve lost more than just a few.  They know where the
underground bases are – and they have verified that the two
earthquakes  - Virginia and Colorado – were nuclear explosions in
which many tyrants & patriots died.  This is the third report I've
gotten along these lines of troops, materiel, and underground
facilities – from three different sources – and they mesh with each

 There are those who somehow think that they will profit from the
attempted taking down of America.  God help them.  History is
repeating.  Some agent provocateur, or somebody who has nothing left
to lose - will spark the revolution.  People in government - and
people not in government will go to war.  The uniforms will win the
first battles, but they will not win the war.  Then, the people will
then hunt the 'uniforms' down - and inflict retribution on them and
their families - usually by death - for at least a decade.  An eye for
an eye is still in the Bible – and common to most cultures.

 According to people who have good track records for predicting the
future based on the past, we will lose between 15% and 40% of our
population in the next decade to starvation, exposure, disease and
violence.  The number estimated depends on the prognosticator.  There
will be utility outages - no power - phones - municipal water systems
or sewage disposal – and no food or medical care for many.  Many will
suffer and die.

 As a pacifist, all this rips my heart out.  All I can tell you is
that every day that goes by, the spring gets wound tighter – and it
WILL either explode, or unwind very destructively.  Rather than seeing
an extremely hard ‘crash’ – I see a long, drawn out horrific ride to
the bottom as being most likely.

 All I can tell you is get ready.  Imagine living w/o utilities –
electronic communication – normal access to food & water & medicines –
w/o transportation for any number of reasons – and w/o Federal Reserve
Notes.  People all over the world have survived economic and currency
collapses.  Imagine guarding your own home and the homes of your
neighbors.  Your most likely threat will come from your unprepared,
unrepentant neighbor – not troops.  I believe that our military –
though instructed to work with these foreign troops – will deal with
most of them.

 Get right with God.  Get right with your family.  Get right with
your neighbors.  You will need all of them – and get what you will
need to survive without the things I’ve listed out for you.  Good
luck.  God be with you – Jim

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