Saturday, November 12, 2011

Teen Tweets of Abuse 144 Times, Kills Herself

Teen Tweets of Abuse 144 Times, Kills Herself
A Texas teen tweeted 144 times in six hours about being molested by a family member and being forced into prostitution. Then 18-year-old Ashley Billasano killed herself—after announcing to some 500 Twitter followers she was going to do just that, reports the Houston Chronicle. No one sought help for her…
There’s two sides to this fence. One, the truly troubled who need help. Two, the attention seeking idiots who ’suicide-prank’ via the internet.
Who paid the price this time? Ashley.
Billasano went to authorities a year ago to report sex abuse, but there was not enough evidence for charges, said officials.
I’d like to know who these ‘officials’ are.
ETA: The ‘official’ was/is a CPS worker right out of college who didn’t believe Ashley. Who’s answer to this girl who needed help? ‘I’ll have to contact my supervisor’) (See link below).
“That’s when I changed,” she tweeted. “I didn’t care anymore and the people I was meeting gave me no reason to.”
Billasano [then)suffocated herself, using a technique she found on the Internet,

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