Sunday, November 6, 2011


Greetings and Salutations;

 This is the 'cleanest' version of the lyrics I could find, this  is old, no one knows who wrote it. Still, I find the lyrics most  fitting for today's atmosphere. Just let the words simmer and  start connecting the dots. Momentarily, it will be publicly  clear. The dutch news paper article I put in last week slipped  thru and 'they' covered it as quickly as possible, til they got  it pulled and according to folks in the rafters, the author got a  'visit'...about talking outside of school. Basically, the man  told what was about to happen. Something I was always told to  keep to myself and only refer to it by innuendo. Never naming  people involved. The guilty are guilty and that's all there is to  it and they know who they are, so will you.

 Even the europeans couldn't refrain from mentioning the chinese  influence taking place to solve the euro crisis. Goldman Sachs  has already been attached to the greek problem; "oh what webs we  weave, when we practice to deceive". 600t in worthless paper! And  the bankers want compensated, I don't think so. Especially when  they conspired to create them to get all the money being released  into this world. This happened after everyone was backslapping  after the brussels mtgs when the rules were being laid down a few  years ago and they became utterly aware of the 'global  settlements'. Bankers problems will no longer be solved on the  backs of the common man again, we're being taken back to real  banking. Basel 3 is making them all keep some money in their  banks to cover the deals they want to make. They don't like that,  but those are the new rules of modern banking. The can always  quit and let someone honest fill the position. Is that so hard?

 Good news; major transactions took place this past week, that  has put the ball squarely in our court. And has changed the  future of planet earth and her inhabitants. People will get  something at their frontdoors who aren't even expecting  anything...something akin to the old program when Mr Anthony used  show up at people's door giving them a check for 1m dollars. The  'fix' has been done for the elderly and the children so they  don't fall thru the cracks....again. The plutocrats will have to  work a full week after this, no more 3 day a week work schedules.  The owners will be making these ceos work for a living again.  Some will be black balled and not be allowed back into the money  business again. The 20th century behavior ends now. I understand  that's 'hard cheese' for some but it had to end sometime. No need  to revert to fear, take the opportunity to sit and reflect on  your choices for the future. Blow your nose and clear your head,  the utter differences, will take some getting used to, no doubt.  Politicians will be confronted with their own choices, and I  don't know how many will survive this, I submit there will be  some surprises. What will bar attorneys do when there's no courts  for them to bring in frivolous law suits?

 Each one will take responsibility for their own existence,  mothers will be kicking the children out of the nest. The species  must grow up find out the world doesn't operate like the fairy  tales we were all told, growing up. The curtain is being taken  down even as I type. Don't be frustrated, changing the world,  didn't happen over night. So much has been fluid as the moment  arrived to punch that final button and flush the old down the  toilet but never did they stop to cause this all to  happen....with out killing anyone. Some were allowed to take  their own selves out...but that was their own will  clause. Some just couldn't see the world continuing without them  being in control of something in it. They would rather 'rule' in  hell, than serve in heaven. Stop asking 'why' people do this or  not, they do what they do because they can. No harder to figure  than that. This will no longer be about having faith and  believing in stuff, you will be provided enough information so  you 'know'...just like making hardboiled eggs.

 As I understand things, that's it for me, the rest(info) will  come directly to you via your own television sets or radios, then  the internet will kick in. Have fun, enjoy your future and spread  the blessings.
Thank you all for paying attention and using your grey matter for  more than some way to hold your skull in place, much will be  expected of you.

Love and Kisses;

'not you aussies wondering who poof is.

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