Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ponder if you will the biblical allegory of the Garden of Eden

Ponder if you will the biblical allegory of the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. What if the knowledge gained was a lie that blinded rather than opened their eyes. What if the view of good and evil is a lie? What if Light and Dark is a lie? What if the belief in the duality of Light and Dark is a lie? Did Adam and Eve actually gain the wisdom of the Gods the serpent promised?
Is this tale allegory or did humanity get seduced or coerced into this lie? It seems that humanity has at it’s core the unquestioning belief in duality and in Good and Evil. Cause and effect. Love and it’s opposite. But earlier in the tale Adam and Eve lived in Eden without fear, shame or striving. Was this not the natural state of mankind? Was the false belief in a polarized universe of Light vs. Dark in fact imported and introduced to mankind in order that we could be manipulated through fear, greed and all that is implied by holding to such a foundation? Was this the founding incident of Divide and Conquer?
Dividing our hearts and minds into Dark and Light as the natural state of us all.
One does not have to look any farther than our own inner dialogue to spot how deeply rooted polarized thinking actually is. Right, wrong, good ,bad, pretty, ugly, happy, sad, boring, interesting, germane, irrelevant, saint, sinner, light, dark, positive, negative and the list is endless. We are well and truly trapped in a lie so big we cannot even wrap our minds around any other possibility.
We hold beliefs like we must suffer to appreciate joy. We must know loss to appreciate abundance. We must die in order to be reborn. What crap is this?
What if the Universe is actually only light? What if we were meant to live only in the polarity of light? What if polarity is only complimentary energies and not positive and negative? Why do we name the energies in this way?
What if the energetic changes we now experience on this planet are truly a coming age of transparency where the contents of ones heart become visible to all? Can we rise above the polarity of Light and Dark?
Can we rise above judging? To judge is the direct result of the duality of Light and Dark. Can we stop judging ourselves? Can we deal directly with our thoughts and emotions without judgment? Or must we engage the incessant inner dialogue that seeks answers and reasons? There is no end to the rabbit hole of Light and Dark polarity.
Hatred is a lie. Love is all there is. Withdraw your consent to the lie. Free yourself from Dark/Light. Live in the Light. Live in the Eternal now of Polarized Light. Bear witness to all the ways in which we are all connected. Awaken to the reality that we have all been deceived into false divisions. Withdraw your consent. Be free.
Love is all there is, John O

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