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Kennedy and the NS State

Kennedy and the NS State

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy
US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was by most people throughout the world perceived as a beacon of hope for peace. The world was recovering from two world wars. For the first time in human history the very survival of civilization as we know it, and eventually the survival of the human species was threatened by thermonuclear war. Hope for and work towards peace was needed and welcomed by people throughout the world. For the United States John F. Kennedy as well his brother Robert Kennedy manifested a change towards a new and younger generation. Their father, Joseph Kennedy had been recalled from his post of U.S.-Ambassador to the United Kingdom, accused for sympathies for Adolf Hitler, and he was far from the only influential citizen of the USA with strong Nazi sympathies. Shortly after the war the US began importing over one thousand Germans
to the USA, scientists as well as intelligence personnel. Preparations for this had been well on the way since 1943. Others were helped to Latin America. Regardless who pulled the trigger, it is not only likely but certain that John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy were murdered because they dared to confront the Nazi Trojan Horse that since has co-opted the USA and transformed it into the 4Th Reich. The 4Th Reich which is today threatening the world with a new global war of unfathomable consequences. So if you will, follow me on a journey through history. A journey so incredible that it reads like a spy thriller. A journey that perhaps holds the key to understanding of what is required to defeat the men behind the curtain today.
Eisenhower´s Warning
The farewell speech of Kennedy´s predecessor, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, was the shortest presidential farewell address to the American people ever. In retrospect it can be understood as a warning to Kennedy and the American people of what monstrosity had co-opted the USA. Eisenhower´s speech is so brief and so important for an understanding of the backdrop to the Kennedy Presidency, that it is given in full here.
My Fellow Americans.
THREE DAYS from now, after a half century in the service of our country, I shall lay down the responsibilities of office as, in the traditional and solemn ceremony, the authority of the Presidency is vested in my successor.
THIS EVENING I come to you with a message of leave-taking and farewell, and to share a few final thoughts with you, my countrymen.
IN THE COUNCILS of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
WE MUST NEVER let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. ”
Strange Events, Strange Churches and Intelligence Services
With this introduction to the Kennedy presidency, let us go back to June 1947, to a strange event and an even stranger group of persons who will reappear in public view during the investigation into the death of John F. Kennedy.
Lee Harvey Oswald
Maury Island, June 1947, at the pacific North West coast of the USA. In what sounds like a bizarre incident, a UFO sighting caught the attention of the people on Maury Island and  the military. Involved in it is a person that will reappear in the investigation into the death of John F. Kennedy. The term flying saucer had been termed by US Media during the same month, after a pilot by the name Kenneth Arnold reported about strange, unidentifiable, flying objects. While Kenneth Arnold only observed those objects in flight, the Maury Island event was more tangible. A UFO had reportedly rained hot metallic debris and crashed. Reportedly the metallic debris killed a dog, damaged a fishing vessel, and injured a child. No, I don´t try to tell you that space aliens murdered Kennedy. And yet the investigation into the Maury Island event leads us to a bizarre group of characters who all play a central role in the investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the purported lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.
Fred Crisman
Shortly after the bizarre UFO Incident on Maury Island, a man with the name Fred Crisman contacted the US -Military and claimed that he had observed the incident and that he was in the possession of some of the metallic debris that had rained from the unidentified craft. A delegation of the Air force came to collect the evidence from Fred Crisman. After collecting the evidence their plane caught fire in midair and crashed. The two investigating Air force Officers were killed in the crash. Crisman is a strange person with ties to both criminal and intelligence networks.Most likely he was an intelligence operative. Fred Crisman was also a bishop in an obscure church that functioned, and is up to this day functioning as a front of US-Intelligence services. Some twenty years later, Fred Crisman reappears, being investigated by District Attorney Jim Garrison in New Orleans, because of his alleged role in the assassination of the President of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. We will come back to Crisman, the obscure church that serves as a front for US-Intelligence, and Garrison later.  First let us have a look at the FBI and it´s investigations into UFO Incidents.
Guy Banister
The FBI files that dealt with all so-called UFO sightings, on which the popular TV series “The X-Files” was built, are the Security Matter – X, or SM-X files. One of the persons who were investigating all UFO related cases in the Pacific North West in 1947 was FBI Special Agent in Charge Guy Banister, stationed in Butte, Montana. Guy Banister will also reappear some twenty years later under suspicion for his alleged role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
Bishop Jack S. Martin
One of the men working as investigator under the supervision of Guy Banister was Edward Suggs. Suggs was also known under the alias Jack S. Martin. An alias that does not exactly witness of character. Jack S. Martin was a bishop in the same obscure church as Fred Crisman. The Jack S. Martin who was working for Banister is most likely identical with a Jack S. Martin who is registered in the files of the OSI for investigating UFO related incidents in California in 1949. Jack S. Martin was heavily involved in the group of people around the alleged assassin of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald.
David Ferrie
A close friend to Edward Suggs, a.k.a. Jack S. Martin was a David Ferrie. Like his friend Jack S. Martin he worked for Guy Banister. David Ferrie was deeply involved in the group around Lee Harvey Oswald, was a former Eastern Airlines Pilot and a fierce anti-communist. David Ferrie, as many of the other members of the group, also had close ties to Cuban exiles who were working towards overthrowing the socialist Cuban government and Fidel Castro. David Ferrie also was a bishop in the same obscure church.
J Edgar Hoover
Not only were central figures in the alleged conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States of America involved in investigating UFO incidents for the FBI, and not only did they have ties to intelligence services. Most prominently, they were involved in an obscure church that served as intelligence front; a church without priests, utter bishops, one pope, and a board of directors; a church that never had a congregation. A church that exists until today, and a church that still operates as a front for intelligence services; The American Orthodox Catholic Church. It´s Pope and founder was named Propheta. It´s members included Propheta, Ferrie, Martin, Stanley, Baumler, Beckham, who were all implicated in the alleged assassination of Kennedy, as well as the founder of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover was on the board of directors of the church. The church was never investigated, and if it ever was, anything about the investigation remains classified until today. A note written by District Attorney Jim Garrison who investigated the Kennedy assassination exists. In it he asks his co-investigators to look into this church thing, and that it is too confusing to make sense of it or something to that effect. One of the members of the church, Baumler was a New Orleans lawyer who later incorporated another obscure church. A church that also serves as an intelligence front, The Process Church of the Final Judgment, which was implicated in the case against mass murderer Charles Manson and the assassination of Robert Kennedy.
Pope Propheta
The founder and Pope of The American Orthodox Catholic Church known as Propheta was a former member of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. He was a close friend of J. Edgar Hoover, and a fierce anti-communist. Propheta was presidential candidate Thomas Dewey´s choice for White House Chaplain. An office that came out of his reach when Trueman was elected President. This should clarify that this “pope” of the obscure church without priests or congregation by no means was at the fringe of Washington´s political scene and in particular not at the fringe of the Republican party.
Christopher M Stanley
Yet another member of the American Orthodox Catholic Church was Christopher Maria Stanley. Stanley was a close friend of Propheta, Martin and Ferrie. Stanley was canonized as Saint Christopher after his mysterious death. Stanley died two months after he and all other bishops were summoned to New York by the Pope Propheta to show their credentials. Stanley was the only one who complied. Two month later Stanley died under mysterious circumstances in his home, two weeks after Ferrie died under equally mysterious circumstances. As a matter of fact, many of the churches bishops died under mysterious circumstances after the Kennedy assassination. This string of death began after Stanley tried to implicate Martin, and Martin tried to implicate Stanley into the assassination. It must have been the ultimate intelligence inside joke to elevate ones murder victims to sainthood. Think about it for a moment.
Bishop Jack S. Martin
Confused ? If yes it´s hardly surprising. Even District Attorney Garrison was confused by this obscure church. But to understand what functions the obscure churches without congregation, it´s members, including FBI man and UFO chasers Banister, J. Edgar Hoover, and a band of ravaging bishops that surrounded Lee Harvey Oswald have to do with the Kennedy assassination, we need to look farther back. Especially if we want to understand what Eisenhower tried to warn us about when he referred to the military industrial complex, and why John F. Kennedy had to be murdered we need to go farther back in time. The time when the military industrial complex within the USA originated. Doing that, we will understand what men in funny robes elevating the men they murder to sainthood have to do with the murder of John F. Kennedy too.
Angels, Demons and Fireworks
Jack Parsons
On 31 October 1936, on Halloween, the founders of the US-American Space Program Jack Parsons and Theodore von Karman rocketed the United States into the beginning of the Space Age with a rocket launch at Arroyo Seco. When the modest rocket was launched in 1936 no one knew that Parsons would have a crater on the moon dedicated to his name. Parsons was a brilliant scientist, as far as rocket science is concerned. Parsons became the co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory which bears his initials. JPL, James Parsons Laboratories became Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Letters and their inherent mystical value are of the utmost importance to those who are believers in cults like those Parsons was a member of. Parsons had another side, a darker and more secretive side to him which was playing an important role with regards to the political aspects of the space program, and ultimately with regards to the untimely end of the last true President of the United States of America.
Parsons at Agape Lodge
While out in the desert Parsons had other activities than launching rockets, such as summoning angels and demons. Parsons was a follower of the notorious black magician, high degree Freemason, and founder of his own religion, Aleister Crowley. Parsons styled himself the son of Crowley and the beast incarnate. One of Parsons early partners in ritual magic was Lafayette Ron Hubbard, who later became the founder of the Church of Scientology. Another church with close ties to intelligence services, in particular the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA. L. Ron Hubbard´s friendship with Parsons came to an abrupt end when Hubbard ran away with both Parsons money and his girlfriend and bought a boat in Miami. Just as a side note, L. Ron Hubbard also ripped off Lee Harvey Spencer and the money of the then newly established Rosicrucian Order A.M.O.R.C., who in it´s 13th or Illuminate degree teaches about the advantages of the Arian Race.
Due to his magical workings Parsons was investigated by the FBI as a security risk and got under so much pressure by the FBI that he was making preparations to leave the country when he suddenly died. Parsons entire house with Parsons inside it was destroyed in a spectacular explosion.
Qian Xue Sen
The leader of the group that established the Jet Propulsion Laboratory was Theodore von Karman. Von Karman was born in Hungary and had studied in Germany. He established the JPL together with Parsons, Frank Malina, Ed Forman, and the Chinese national Qian Xue Sen. Like Parsons, von Karman has a crater on the moon designated to his name. Qian Xue Sen should years later return to China and jump-start the Chinese rocket and space program. Years later Qian was as everybody in the space program investigated by the FBI and intelligence services with respect to security concerns. Given that Qian was Chinese and the suspicions against him due to the development of the cold war, he decided that enough was enough and defected to China, but that is still years ahead. It is important to remember, that we are now considering a time where the US Space program was in it´s infancy, and absolutely under military command and control. It is also important to remember that in 1936, and until the end of world war two, the German rocket program was far more advanced than that of the USA.
V-I - The worlds first Cruise Missile
The same year that Parsons rocketed the USA into the space age with a primitive rocket, 1936, the German scientist Fritz Goslau begins his work at remote-controlled aircraft at the Argus AG. The first successful launch of a V-I rocket in Germany takes place in 1942, when US-American scientists still experimented with primitive solid fuel rockets. The V-I is considered to be the worlds first cruise missile. In 1944 Germany successfully launched the V-II, which was a formidable weapon, responsible for over 7.000 civilian death in London and Antwerp. It is said that approximately 12.000 of slave laborers were killed during the production of the V-II. Much of it may be propaganda, but slave workers were employed.
Paperclips and The Demonic Cult from Germany
After the war, literally thousands of German scientists were brought to the USA in what is known as Operation Paperclip, and began working for the American military. So let us have a look at some of the apparently de-nazified new Americans. 
General Walter Dornberger
The person in charge of the production of the V-II was General Walter Dornberger. His assistant was SS Major Wernher von Braun. With respect to later US history and the assassination of John F. Kennedy it is crucial to make a clear distinction between the Waffen SS and the SS-Order. While the Waffen SS were political soldiers, who did not have an elite military education but were sent to reinforce political discipline at the front lines, the true SS was a political Order based on an occult doctrine, or a cult. To become a member of the SS one had to document that one was descendant from a pure Arian blood line and a true believer in the new cult that was based on knighthood and paganism. Wernher von Braun was a true believer, and not as history tells today someone who just had to be a member to advance his career. After the capitulation of Germany von Braun was brought to the USA and debriefed by Qian. Von Braun is best known for developing the rockets that brought American astronauts to the moon. 
Dr. Hubertus Strughold
Dr. Hubertus Strughold was in charge of numerous human experimentation experiments on concentration camp inmates and other undesirables. Experiments included among other the freezing to death of people under laboratory conditions, experiments on oxygen deprivation and the effect of vacuum on the human body. Subsequent to the German capitulation Strughold was brought to the USA to continue his work and he is widely regarded as the founder of US-Aviation Medicine. He was given his own research institute at Randolph Airforce Base in Texas.
Wernher von Braun
Subsequent to the German capitulation some 1.000 German scientists were brought to the USA. First under the operation name Crossbow, later under the name Overcast, and finally under the code name Paperclip. Over 1.000 German scientists wound up working for the United States Army in the first phases. In the final equation, thousands of Nazi scientists were brought to the USA. It was not only the USA but also the UK and USSR who were in a rush to secure themselves the top scientists. The USA how ever ended with the greatest number of them. Not only were scientists secured and brought to the USA, but so were hundreds of railroad cars of materials and documentation, family members, and so forth. Keep also in mind that German capital as well as scientists had since 1943 begun to invest heavily in and migrate to Latin America, and that the USA also began securing that those scientists would be working for them after the war.
Keep in mind that until 1957 there was no civilian rocket or space program in the USA. Thousands of German scientists began working within and for the military of the United States of America. Now consider one more time the warning of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Does his warning to Kennedy and the citizens of the USA begin to make sense ?
My Fellow Americans.
THREE DAYS from now, after a half century in the service of our country, I shall lay down the responsibilities of office as, in the traditional and solemn ceremony, the authority of the Presidency is vested in my successor.
THIS EVENING I come to you with a message of leave-taking and farewell, and to share a few final thoughts with you, my countrymen.
IN THE COUNCILS of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
WE MUST NEVER let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. ”
Thousands of Trojan Horses
Americans were told that these were decent people. Victims of circumstance. They were not really Nazis and just had to play along to keep their job and funding. They were now de-nazified and working for the USA in the spirit of true Americans. True, some did, some were. There is one important factor that was and still is not told to the people. To be considered for a leading position within the SS in Germany it was not enough to play along. You had to be a true believer. A true believer in the politics, and at least equally important, a true believer in the German Cult. No one became a member of the SS Order without this deep believe. And what were the results? The Paperclip scientists within the US rocket program were provided with the best possible funding, the best possible equipment, and almost limitless finances. However, it was the USSR, not the USA that launched the first satellite into Earth Orbit in 1957.
Questions were raised at the Senate. How could this happen with the US providing everything possible for their scientists. Wernher von Braun joined the SS years before the beginning of the war, and under no pressure. While von Braun was working in the USA he sent classified material to his former chief General Walter Dornberger, who according to US-Intelligence reports was an ardent National Socialist, a fanatic. The, according to US-Military Intelligence, ardent and fanatic National Socialist, Dornberger, later got a board position at Bell Aerospace. Keep Bell Aerospace in mind with respect to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
As declassified documents prove, von Braun sabotaged the US- Rocket and the US-Space program from day one, and so did countless other allegedly “de-nazified” Germans. In the family possessions of the author of this article we have a letter from the authors grandfather, also a high-ranking member of the SS. A brief quote from the letter should be enough to elicit that while it is possible to change political strategy, to change a deep-rooted religious belief is an entirely different ballgame all together.  The letter was written two days before the German capitulation. My boy, the German military forces are defeated and Germany will capitulate. We will not be able to see each other again, but rest assure that we will fight on for the final victory. A victory more near than any of us had dared to hope.
Paperclip Members at Ft Bliss Texas
Kurt Debus, a member of the SS as well as SA, who was known to turn his co-workers in to the GeStaPo, the Secret State Police, for making condescending remarks about the party. Kurt Debus became the first Director of the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Theodor Zobel, another Paperclip Nazi brought to the USA performed wind tunnel experiments on German prisoners. Emil Salmon who torched a synagogue in Germany got work at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. Rocket Engineer Hans Giesecke, a member of the SS got employment for the Airforce. His family spied for Germany inside the USA during the war. Executive at I.G. Farben, responsible for selecting Auschwitz as site for testing Cyclon B was employed at W.R. Grace and Co. in the USA. Leonard Alberts, a member of the SS, SA, Gestapo, and Abwehr got employed at Bechtel. In short, thousands of ardent National Socialists were deployed throughout a rapidly developing American Military Industrial Complex while keeping their loyalty to their National Socialist ideals and while secretly maintaining their cult of Blood and Death. Many of them actively undermined and infiltrated. Many others actively sabotaged and leaked information, such as von Braun. It is also noteworthy to remember, that the father of former president H.W. Bush and grandfather of president G.W. Bush was involved in Financing IG Farben and the German military industrial complex.
An incident that had the potential to cause a serious diplomatic raw with Mexico that took place on 29 May 1947 is a perfect example for the degree to which sabotage took place. A Hermes missile, based on the design of the V-II, was launched by German scientists in a test from White Sands New Mexico. Instead of landing in the designated area, the missile landed in Juarez, Mexico and blew a 50 yards wide crater in the ground near a populated area. The German scientists had sabotaged the missiles guidance system. Even though their American colleagues complained to the Pentagon that they had strong suspicions that the Germans were not really working for the USA, no action was taken from inside the Pentagon. Three out of four launches of the Hermes missile were failures. So why did the USSR launch Sputnik, and why was the US-Space Program lagging behind? Because Paperclip scientists sabotaged it; and because intelligence was leaked to both East and West Germany. German scientists, members of war-time and post war German intelligence services were moving freely and unmonitored throughout the USA as well as Latin America, including the Gehlen Organization, which later morphed into the German intelligence service BND or Bundes Nachrichten Dienst. Records of intelligence being passed from Paperclip scientists and intelligence members who were passing on intelligence and blueprints to their colleagues in both Eastern Germany and the USSR have slowly been declassified over the past years, and much more needs to be declassified. Much of it would provide a much more detailed picture of how and why the last true President of the USA was assassinated.
To believe that a cult of true believers looses it´s true faith because they have lost a military conflict would be utterly naïve. The best historical and cultural analogy would be that between the early Christians in Rome and the German Nazis in the USA, the USSR, Germany, and Latin America. Christians were oppressed and hunted like wild animals in Rome for three hundred years. The bide their time for generations. They hid in catacombs, infiltrated, they played along but never lost their true believe until they succeeded in co-opting the Roman Empire. The mistake to evaluate Nazism as a purely political phenomena was the greatest blunder of the American people, a blunder that has led to the assassination of their President and the establishment of the 4Th Reich.
To sum up the development so far. 1947 Kenneth Arnold is sighting unidentified flying objects. The term UFO is coined by media. 1947 a UFO allegedly crashes at Maury Island. Leads from the Maury Island affair lead to J. Edgar Hoover, a church operating as front for intelligence services and the group around alleged Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.
1947 the famous Roswell UFO crash is reported. 1947, the National Security Act is implemented. 1947 the CIA is established. 1947 the Department of the Air Force is established. 1948, Truman defeats Dewey in a head on head election. 1948, the conservative, mainly Republican anti-communist establishment is becoming active throughout the USA and the world. 1950, the Korean war and the cold war begin to turn hot. The United States of America is transformed to a nation whose economy is increasingly based on the military industrial complex. It begins being involved in countless wars of aggression. Assassination of foreign heads of state become a legitimate tool of US foreign policy. The Constitution of the United States, and the civil liberties and rights of the citizens of the USA are undermined to such degree that there are but few differences between the police and security apparatus of Nazi Germany and that of the USA post 11 September 2001.  
Psychic Spies, Nazi Ties and US Nobility.
The Korean war begins, and with it follows an intense anxiety among the US Military and Intelligence Services. Prisoners of war are being “brainwashed”, and the USSR is spending vast sums of money and resources at Moscow State University and throughout the nation on Parapsychology, the development of spies with psychic abilities, and manipulation of the mind. A development that was initiated subsequent to German scientists with deep ties to Nazi occultism being imported to the USSR. Being a society based on materialism, the USSR has no moral or religious grounds to investigate if the phenomena could be useful.
The US responds with CIA programs, later including abuses like MK-Ultra, with human experimentation including radiological experiments, drugs, torture, abduction of children for experimentation, sexual abuse of adults and children, and attempts to create the Manchurian candidate, the perfect assassin. Drug rings and prostitution rings are created to manipulate politicians. Medical Institutes and clinics as well as leading members of the American Psychological Association are getting heavily involved.
Arthur Young
In 1952 a man involved in the hysteria and black projects holds a séance in a farmhouse in Maine. His name is Andeija Puharich. Puharich is a medical doctor, scientist, inventor, and Captain in the US Army. Puharich is stationed at Camp Detric, known for it´s development of chemical and biological warfare agents. Puharich has a special interest though, the weaponizing of psychic abilities, and due to the opening of this new military front, Puharich is suddenly attracting the attention of intelligence services. His obscure ideas begin to become attractive. Puharich is also well-connected within both the military industrial complex as well as American nobility. So who are the nine people who take part in this séance in a farmhouse in Maine, in 1952, and what does it have to do with the assassination of John F. Kennedy?
Rut Forbes Paine Young
The first of the group of nine was Puharich. The second was Arthur Young.Young was the inventor of the Bell Helicopter. Eventually at the end of world war two Young gave up his top position in military aviation at Bell to dedicate all his time to the study of ancient wisdom, yoga, meditation, the occult and the paranormal. The third was his wife, Ruth Forbes Paine Young. Ruth was married several times. Her first husband was a Forbes. The Forbes family is a very rich, very old and well-connected American family. Former US-American presidential candidate John Carry belongs to the Forbes family. Ruth was also married to George Lyman Paine, a direct descendant of the group who wrote the American Declaration of Independence. Due to Arthur Young´s connections her son, Michael Paine, got a position at Bell Aerospace in Texas. Ruth´s best friend is Mary Bancroft, the long time mistress of the same Director of Central Intelligence whom John F. Kennedy fired, threatening that he would tear the CIA apart, bit for bit after the Bay of Pigs incident. The same Allan Dulles who later wound up on the Warren Commission, investigating the death of Kennedy. The boss of Ruth´s son at Bell Aerospace was General Walter Dornberger. The General Walter Dornberger who came to the USA under Operation Paperclip, and the same Walter Dornberger who was the chief of Wernher von Braun in Germany, and the same Walter Dornberger to whom von Braun sent classified information from the USA when Dornberger still was in Germany.
Ruth Paine
Another of the participants in the séance is Ruth Paine, the wife of Michael Paine who is working at Bell Aerospace under Dornberger. Ruth Paine was a Quaker, and had a strong attraction to the Russian language. On the evening of 22 November 1963, on the day of the Kennedy assassination, Ruth Paine spent the evening with Marina and Marguarita Oswald. A photo of Ruth Paine, Marguarita Oswald and Marina Oswald was taken on the evening of 22 November, in the living room of Michael and Ruth Paine, in Irving, Texas.
Ruth Paine with Marina and Marguarite Oswald on the evening of Kennedy´s assassination
Ruth Paine was the person who got Lee Harvey Oswald the job at the schoolbooks depository, from where he allegedly shot the shots that killed John F. Kennedy. In September 1963 Ruth Paine had visited Arthur Young and her mother in-law Ruth Forbes Paine Young in Philadelphia. Marina Oswald was a Russian defector and wife to Lee Harvey Oswald. Marina Oswald, together with the Oswald´s children were living with Ruth Paine, in the Paine’s household, in Irving, Texas.
What conversations had been going on between going on between Arthur Young, Ruth Forbes Paine Young, and Ruth Young during that visit in September 1963 is not known, but one could speculate. Did Ruth Paine tell them that she has this Russian defector living in her house. A previous NKVD operative. The Russian defector who was married to a Lee Harvey Oswald, whom she helped with a job at the school book repository. The Lee Harvey Oswald who was only 24 years old, but could speak Russian so well that his Russian born wife believed that he was Russian. The Lee Harvey Oswald who had been a Marine, working on an American Airbase in Japan, the Azugi Air Base, as a radar technician. One of only two airbases in the world where U-2 Spy Planes would start or land. He defected to the USSR and wanted to become a Soviet citizen and then he re-defected to the USA. What a life, and he is only 24 years old. His wife, Marina is living in my house and she is teaching me Russian. What conversation has been going on between her, and Arthur Young and Ruth Forbes Paine Young remains conjecture since nobody has told the truth about it, or because the truth remains classified. The story is, that Ruth gives the young Oswald’s shelter because she wants to learn Russian, and the Oswald’s were broke, so she helped Lee Harvey to get a job at the school book repository from where he allegedly shot the President of the United States of America.
So back to the séance arranged by Puharich, who wants to weaponize psychic powers. We have Puharich, Young, Forbes, Paine Forbes, Ava Alice Muriel Astor, a DuPont, and other members of the wealthiest families with ties to the military industrial complex at that time. During this weird séance in a barn, an even more unusual event occurs. According to Puharich and official documentation, a group of nine aliens contacted the group of nine super rich and well-connected American blue bloods who took part in the séance, giving them the mission to transform life on the planet.
Think about it how you may. It does not really matter if Puharich was using a psychedelic drug on the participants of the séance; or if it was a collective and induced hallucination that made the participants see and communicate with nine aliens; or if a new deep black, still unacknowledged electro gravitic craft was used to give the impression that the crafts occupants were aliens; or if there really were nine aliens present, which is the least likely of possibilities, yet not an impossibility. What matters with regards to the participants in the séance was that they believed that they were chosen by those beings, to alter the course of human evolution, and acted upon it. That is what is the most important fact, also with regards to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. What also matters is, that all leads from this séance lead towards the military industrial complex, to alleged UFO incidents related to US military bases where Paperclip scientists were stationed and working on deep black projects and technology, to a church without congregation and intelligence ties. A church whose bishops literally surrounded Lee Harvey Oswald in the month leading up to the Kennedy assassination. Not to forget the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was given the school book repository job by one of the members of the group who purportedly communicated with aliens, and the fact that our entire story begins with the bizarre UFO event at Maury Island, leading directly to the church, Hoover, the group of nine, Oswald, Dornberger at Bell Aerospace and the military industrial complex.
NASA and the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow.
25 May 1961 President John F. Kennedy informs the US Congress about his plans to send manned missions to the moon. On 12 September 1962 he makes his famous speech, telling the American people that we choose to go to the moon within this decade, not because it is easy, but because it is hard. On 22 November he is assassinated. When the USSR sent Sputnik into Earth Orbit in 1957 the point was reached where the American Congress could no longer tolerate that the USA financed the German scientists and black projects without clear results. NASA was created as a civilian space agency, with congressional oversight. The trouble was, that while NASA was created as a civilian space agency, almost all of the Paperclip scientists that had been working for the military were moved to NASA, which was a heavy blow for the military industrial complex and the Paperclip scientists who were working towards securing their final victory. Der Endsieg.
With his plan to send manned missions to the Moon, Kennedy gave a clear signal that he would no longer tolerate that German scientists sabotaged the American space program. Moving these German scientists from their military industrial employment to a civilian agency, re-channeling the financing of projects to a civilian agency that was accountable to the people as well as oversight, and seriously limiting resources that were previously spent on military purposes was a declaration of war against the military industrial complex.
This was the reason why President Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his stern warning to the American people, ending with the words “We can not take anything for granted”. Sadly, John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert Kennedy, the American people, and the USA lost this war. Ever since, the United States of America ceased to exist and the 4Th Reich took it´s place. The process is slow and hardly recognizable on a day-to-day basis, but compare the USA before the Kennedy assassination with how it is governed today. But back to Oswald and believe it or not, NASA.
Before Lee Harvey Oswald came to Texas and began working at the school book depository, he was in New Orleans, working at The William Reiley Coffee Company. He was working there until shortly before he began his job at the school book repository, and until shortly before he and his wife moved into the house of the Paine family. When Lee Harvey quit he told his co-workers that he had found a “Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow”, and that he is going to work for NASA. As far as it is known, Oswald has never been working for NASA, but he was probably working out of an employment office at a NASA site. An office that was a front for an employment agency of the CIA. After the Kennedy assassination all of Oswald’s co-workers at the coffee company also all got “jobs at NASA”. Alleged coffee company clerks all got a job at NASA. There must be some people at NASA who have a special taste for coffee. The William Reilly Coffee Company exists until today and is probably still a CIA front. The American Orthodox Catholic Church still exists today as a front for the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Many of the bishops who were implicated in the Kennedy assassination however died under mysterious circumstances, shortly after the Kennedy assassination.
Garrison got Some Things Right.
After the Kennedy assassination eventually, in New Orleans, District Attorney Jim Garrison begins his own investigation. It would eventually include Jack Martin, David Ferrie, Thomas Beckham, Tommy Baumler, as well as the two persons who helped ushering in the UFO age, Guy Banister and Fred Crisman. The latter were probably involved in covering up deep black projects with German technology, including antigravitic and zero point energy projects which had been experimented with in Germany, as well as aircraft designs that were literally decades ahead of aircraft design and development in the USA.
Garrison got some things right. He discredited the single shooter and single bullet theory. He came close to the intelligence operatives who gathered in robes and called them selves bishops, he suspected strong anti-communist motives, but he never got to the point where he could point a finger at those who stood behind the plot. Non of the intelligence operatives, not even J. Edgar Hoover could have made the Secret Service stand down from protecting the President. Not even vice President Lyndon B. Johnson could have made the Secret Service stand down. And non of them alone would have been able to cover it up.Garrisons problem was that he was confronted with a conspiracy so monstrous, that it was and still is impossible to believe.
The Rogue Networks.
The CIA was blamed for the Kennedy assassination, and so were other organizations including the Secret Service. Given the fact that much of the structure of the US American National Security state was established during and subsequent to world war two, and that there was a large amount of Nazi Sympathizers within the American Military echelons, government, as well as finance and industry, a much more likely scenario is that of a rogue network, penetrating most if not all services and echelons. Sure, Allan Dulles had all possible reason to hate John F. Kennedy for firing him for doing what he thought was his duty, to fight communism in Cuba. Dulles also had contact to the woman who gave Oswald the job at the school book repository. Especially after Kennedy threatened Dulles and the CIA with splitting the CIA into a million pieces Kennedy must have had enemies within the CIA. What is important to remember, however, is that the CIA is not a coherent organization, but an organization within which several fractions are represented. If to look for CIA operatives who were involved in the Kennedy Assassination, the best possible candidates are Dulles, who already began protecting Nazi war criminals before the end of world war two, and groups that were working closely with him. Allan Dulles knew Ruth Forbes Paine Young. The American Orthodox catholic Church is one of the groups and was most certainly involved in carrying out the assassination.
The FBI is at times blamed but again, it can not have been “the FBI”. What is likely however is that those within the FBI who were working with the cover up of advanced German technology, protected under the cover of UFO´s and aliens were involved, which they in deed were, and in collusion with elements within the CIA. Most prominently, J. Edgar Hoover was involved, and he had both professional, political and personal motives.
The Mafia is not a coherent organization, but elements within the mafia strongly overlapped with elements of both CIA and FBI.
Freemasons, Occult Orders, Illuminati, or how ever you want to call them are only coherent at the highest echelons. At these echelons they are more concerned with globalization than with national and international politics. Some of those involved have certainly been members of lodges and orders, but it is unlikely that the order came from within one of the lodges, and certainly not from a global secret lodge. J. Edgar Hoover was most likely implicated and a Freemason, but the Freemasons as such would probably not have had the means and opportunity.
Prince Bernhard
The military industrial complex is not a coherent organization. There are however coherent groups within the military industrial complex. Rogue networks. The strongest of those rogue networks at the time of Kennedy was that of former SS Officers. The members of this network have slowly been dying, but it must be remembered that the SS was not as much a political organization as it was a cult that made use of politics. The secret SS network must not be confused with mindless hooligans and skinheads today. It has provided for the future and is still operating under countless names and guises. It´s functions today are the governments of what is still called the USA and the EU. It´s function of control are the Bilderberg Group, founded of a former SS-Officer Prince Bernhard of Belgium.
The former SS officers and Nazi Scientists are the most coherent network, and most likely to pulling of the assassination of Kennedy. Not only have they had the motives, they also had means and opportunity. The fact that some of the means included US Military Special Forces, CIA Operatives, contacts within the FBI and all strata of the US American Elite makes them the most likely candidate. Their means also included operatives of foreign intelligence services, including that of both East and West Germany, as well as Latin American Intelligence Services.
In the USA the SS Network is most overtly represented by the likes of former Director of Central Intelligence, Vice President and President Herbert Walker Bush and former President George Walker Bush. Was John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassinated today, this would be where I would start any investigation.
Making Sense.
It is very likely that the world never will learn the full truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The question that remains the most urgent to be answered is, how we can draw meaningful conclusions from it anyways. Compare the assassination of John F. Kennedy with the Reichtagsfire in Berlin. We can speculate for decades who stroke the match that started the fire. What is far more important is to analyze what function it had, and who gained benefit from it. We can investigate decades more about the Kennedy assassination, and we can analyze who benefited. We can theorize and investigate for decades more about who precisely was behind 9/11 and how exactly the crime was committed. We can also choose to investigate who benefited. If we analyze who benefits we achieve a meaningful insight into how to take back our rights and liberties. That said, it is also necessary to remember the words of President Woodrow Wilson, who said that we are confronted with a conspiracy so deep, pervasive and dangerous, that no politician dares to speak about their breath when speaking in condemnation of it.
The point is, no one can fight the rogue networks alone, and the rogue networks are traditionally experts in the strategy to divide and conquer. The truth is out there. The question is what we are doing about it. The most fearful scenario for the few is that the many raise in solidarity, without letting them selves being manipulated by co-opted parties, foundations, and other co-opted institutions. A clear demand for realistic change, an end to war, and a dismantling of the military industrial complex together with everything that is related to it, including co-opted functions of mass media. Research into renewable energy. A stop to the oppression of limitless energy resources, which the author has seen working. Transformation to an economy of progress for all mankind. Failure to achieve just that may very well be failure to save ourselves from extinction. John F. Kennedy must have been acutely aware of this fact and acted upon it. It is up to every single one of us to pick up the torch and carry it without fear. We should take nothing for granted.
The Final Irony
The third Lunar Surveyor mission landed on the moon on 20 April, the birthday of Adolf Hitler. Apollo 11 , the spaceflight which landed the first humans, Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr. on the Moon, landed on July 20 1969, on the 25th anniversary of the failed bomb plot against Adolf Hitler.

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