Monday, November 21, 2011

Has Truth Occupied Wall Steet?

by Zen Gardner
An amazing thing is happening on the world stage. While the Occupy Revolution continues to be minimized, marginalized and seemingly bastardized by the mass media and even some of the alternative media, it keeps rolling on in spite of all the efforts to ignore, deter or derail it.
And I think I know why.
This now multifaceted phenomenon appears to be morphing...and in very exciting ways. Occupy just-about-anything has taken on a life of its own and energized vast multitudes of fed-up people worldwide. Citizens everywhere are realizing their officials and leaders are sold out stooges of the military corporate complex and that they're not going to get any changes by "normal" means.
So they're mobilizing--physically, mentally and spiritually. And it's wonderful--in spite of all the damn co-opters, distortionists, jealous non-participants and the like.
Screw 'em.

And the fundamental cry at this point is simple - DO something! Make your presence known and try to effect change in whatever sphere you can, cuz clearly the establishment isn't going to do anything except continue to make things worse.

Getting Past the "Guy Fawkes Vendetta" Image

Like you, I'm not sure who, how or what started this thing. On the heels of the Mideast uprisings and as the Bankster  scam escalated unabated, a group of activists calling themselves Anonymous wearing those Guy Fawkes masks appeared on the scene. Good for shock value perhaps, but hardly a roll model that should be used for a non-violent movement that's looking for Truth.
But good on them for taking action.
Unfortunately, Guy Fawkes was the patsy blamed by England's elite for allegedly trying to blow up the UK Parliament, a kind of false flag of its day, and he has been getting burned in effigy for almost 500 years since this questionable event.
Not exactly a symbol to rally around.
Furthermore and more importantly, Hollywood glamorized this false flag character along with all the violent imagery they could conjure in the Illuminati-made movie "V For Vendetta" that's designed to stir up people's reptilian instincts and incite violent rebellion.
Not a lot to get behind there as far as the vast majority of us are concerned. Happily this image is falling by the wayside and not even referred to in most serious dialogues about the Occupy phenomenon.

Is Occupy Morphing?

It sure appears that way. The vast majority involved in all of these Occupy efforts are peace-loving, non-violent sincere Truth seekers. Look at all the different issues that are being discussed and brought to light!
The media of course disses it and calls it "lack of direction". Hey, if you're on a careening bus approaching a cliff I think just plain screaming at the sleeping driver might be in order. However, if the media would dare to investigate the depth of dialogue taking place at these events it would certainly see another story.

Not Without Its Naysayers..."Truthers" Included

It appears that even amongst Truth activists there are a lot of pooh-poohers and naysayers regarding the Occupy Movement. My question to them is: Show me something better? Let's see it, and let's see it motivate millions world wide to take to the streets.
Of course Occupy isn't any kind of be-all end-all solution or the ultimate expression of people's frustration with the best possible effects. But it's happening! And it's happening whether anyone likes it or not! It's a form of expression that is bursting out all over the world and it's for real! Ride with it, make the best of it!

Of Course They Would..

Of course there are those who would love to steer it according to their manipulative ends. Of course the bankster owned United Police States of America will try to buy it off, oppose and eventually to crush it. Of course the media will try to misrepresent it. Of course they'll send agent provocateurs to try to stir up trouble. And of course they will no doubt get much heavier handed in their desperation.
What do you expect?

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