Monday, November 14, 2011

The Galactic Federation of Light New Age Deception and Disclosure Project (HD) - SINGULARITY Part

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Anonymous said...

People, do not write off the Galactics if you have not throughly investigated. AlFred Webre of clearly states in one of his taped interviews that in-fact THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT IS a front by the Dark Ones, the Malevolent ET's trying to gain our confidence. However THE GALACTIC FEDERATION (not of light) are the ones that will help us. They intentionally want to confuse the two. The Dark Ones are hoping we choose the wrong ones to HELP us or want us to believe that THEY are ALL bad, so we don't embrase THEM. There are kindly beings in the universe that do want to help, not ALL are bad. They have been looking out for us since we have been on this earth. Has anyone SEEN them cleaning up Chemtrails? I have and it was a beautiful sight! There are many here to help us, don't be decieved that they are all bad. The Andromedians are TRULY here to help! Their Earth Representative has told us 2 things that would happen within 2 weeks of them happening and it was told PRIOR to the events, so that is proof that this person is genuine! And what happened was ALL good for us!
LOOK, things absolutely CANNOT go on like they are. We do NEED some HONEST people to take over this system temporarily to straighten it out. It has to be taken from the hands of the people that want to keep us enslaved. Once it is fixed, it will be handed back to honest people, we just have to be careful in choosing those people as our representatives.