Saturday, November 12, 2011

Free'd Planet - close down the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE - for good

Free'd Planet - close down the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE - for good

Now that is proper sexy, right? You wanna play with it and find out all sorts of ways that sleazy monster can benefit your boring life, right? The garishly-shaved prostitutional subjugation of the world's assets and indigenous is the spice your boring life needs, right? Who, in their right mind would want to give that up? For what?

But this is exactly what you have to do, as seven billion awakening citizens of FREE PLANET.

Yeah, it's alluring to think this barely-leather-clad over-scented virtual-money mascot of inexorable give-give-give is the way your world should work but it's not.

You're thinking, "Yeah, I'd fuck that, hell yeah!" but you'd forget that she's armed to the teeth and will, "Shit you out with zero warning." She's all about missile-mounted eye candy. She's all about mind control of the masses. She's all about lies + spies.

This vampiric high-class hooker known as the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE needs you to believe that lie, too. It needs you on board, a willing participant, or it crumbles to dust. It has to convince you, like this, by using your base desires, your reptilian brain, your panting genitalia, that it's the thing you'd wanna spend the rest of your adventurous life with. But you can't afford her. She costs too much. You'll be ruined.

If you want to live on a truly FREE PLANET, you have to en masse declare an end to the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE. Today...

But, Mike, you're being so harsh, have you no spunk left in your scrotum, have you lost all enterprise and adventure? The bankers need their soaring PROFIT MARGIN and the governments can't but roll over onto their backs and piss on their downy-soft stomachs in the name of acquiesence to THE GAME OF RISK and the loss of Creativity, Passion and Kinship.

Have you drones learned NOTHING from Vietnam? Don't you realise your governments shit on the memory of their soldiers with the same vehemence as they shit on the innocently-torched villages of indigenous women and children during their Chessmaster financial campaigns?

What the fuck has happened to You The People?

BELIEVERS of all creed and colour, do you really think THIS is what your God thought was good for his people?

NON-BELIEVERS or agnostics, do you really think GUNNING THE WORLD TO DEATH and POISONING THE ENVIRONMENT in the name of fiat-currency and commodity manipulation is a decent way to spend your life?

HUMANITY, have you lost all ambition? Have you truly given away all that you're supposed to hold dear: your life, your family, your homeworld? Is the only thing you can do is buy all the shit that's produced in the name of ABJECT POVERTY for 99% of the global populace? Is the only thing you can do is eat food and drink liquids that are PATENTLY bad for you? Why do you accept POISONS in your drinking water? Why won't you solve the CHEMTRAIL issue? Or 9-11, or 7-7, why do you let that lie lie? Why do you continue to pay for the CRUMBLING EMPIRE with your daily toil, hammering baby skulls for the evil overlord?

Why are you wasting your entire life supporting the amoral CORPORATE WAR MACHINE?

The time to act is NOW. Today, you are being given the opportunity to step back, take stock and realise, "We don't want this evil any more on FREE PLANET." we are free humans and we love our fellow man, we love our FREE PLANET upon which is all the basis for a creatively rich, a passionately lived and a kinshipfully buoyant shared experience. There really are no limits to man's ingenuity, there are no restrictions on where a united populace can go, the things it can discover, the great ideas it can benefit from.

All seven billion of us.

Supporting THE SPY GAME, THE LIE GAME and THE DEATH GAME of the ASBTRACTED PROFIT AND LOSS MERCHANTS is no way to memorialise your race. Come on, live a little this year. Get out on the streets. Get yourselves on local radio. Speak to the press. Tell your friends and neighbours. Say, "No!" we will not take this anymore. "We want our (god-given) FREE PLANET back."

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