Monday, November 14, 2011

Comment by merek on November 15, 2011 @ 10:14 am

Z-man aloha …sez you: Merek…. It is my understanding that Capitalism is NOT the problem. But that CRONY Capitalism or Crony Monopoly men is the problem. Criminals are the problem. Take care of the criminals and you let people be free to trade and perform services and create wealth and value to society (capitalism)…”
Zman, there is nothing inherently wrong with capitalism
in an idealized state with unlimited resources it may well be the best ,How ever an unregulated system with just a few dictating exchanges (the 1318 companies or corporate entities or individuals) noted in the latest New Scientist Oct.22-28 2011 pg 8 will give you an overview of the corporate system….Each of the 1318 companies had ties with 2 or more other companies and on average they were connected to twenty ,what’s more, although they represented 20 % of global operating revenues, The 1318 appeared to collectively own ,through their blue chip shares,the majority of the blue chip and manufacturing firms.

When the tangled web of ownership was untangled “PloS On” it found and tracked back to a “super entity” of 147 even more tightly knit companies that controlled 40% of the of the total wealth of the network. 1% controlled 40 % of total wealth, Most were financial institutions controlling 40 % of the total world wealth, the top 20 (Khazaran financial institutions . The top 20 included Barclays bank ,JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs group .
If Capitalism served all Americans and the rest of the world rather than a few interlinked ,ages old , long range planning corporate entities and our resource base was unlimited or
replaceable perhaps it could work into the far future.
This rapacious system with it’s wars for profit of a few
serves only the Controllers whose children are always
protected from military service and doom the innocent to death and distruction. . Actually both communist
and capitalist entities rule from the top down and neither form serves the people as our founding fathers desired.
(We the People)
Today, the self same TPTB will use any trick ,war or propaganda or criminality to continue their control.
The failure of oversight and our political control and creation of the Maritime law courts to give mother England
domination and crush constitutional lawful protections of our Revolution .
As of late our Supreme Court has killed our productive workers representation by the latest corporate, unlimited spending on political candidates ,a change that will doom them in the long run.
their greedy actions insured that before long , this one sided system will be reformed and the perps punished.
Capitalism always works for small merchants and bartering societies that it sprang from however all it’s workers had to fight, unionize and demand an equitable share while robber barons constantly preyed on their labors,and they are more controlling today than ever, They consolidate and sit on their fait criminal profits as our collective environments becomes more dangerous and unhealthy for us all. and doom our children to struggle and unkind fates
Let the propaganda go and Steady State economies can make this world
of our brothers and sisters a fit place for children and all living things .
the sea and planets await our arrivals with unlimited safe energy and a decent life for all. over 6000 hidden liberating patents await our scrutinity.

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