Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Comet YU55 and Agendas

Comet YU55 and Agendas
(Zan: This is an email I just got from James Gilliland earlier today. No link yet available, rather long but full of very good information that adds to what has been posted here today.)
“I wish to offer a different perspective on the incoming comets and asteroids. Accepting the fact that the Powers that Were have an agenda to keep the war industry funded by outside threats these comets and asteroids fit right into their widely publicized plan. They need an outside threat to keep the masses funding their wars and war industries. Fear, false flag events, and weapons of mass destruction are the tools used to perpetuate their wars and programs. They are running out of dictators to plunder so now they need a bigger threat to keep a monstrous industry alive.

Asteroids, comets and alien invasions are the next big threats on the books according to Werner Von Braun. With the Secret Space Fleet we are not told about skipping back and forth to Mars and the Moon it seems these asteroids and comets would not be a problem. Add the benevolent off worlders who have intervened on a regular basis blocking massive CMEs, solar flares through their own shielding and a record of pulverizing incoming Earth threatening objects the threat seems to diminish. We need to factor this information into the formula when sifting through the misinformation and disinformation. It is very clear we cannot depend on any government agency to tell us the truth.
Quoting the latest stance from the White House concerning UFOs; there being absolutely no credible evidence along with NASA’s long history of cover-up why do we keep going to them for the truth? If they are following an agenda what we will get is information fitting into that agenda. Personally when someone lies to me their credibility goes out the window. When they make a career out of it they lose all credibility whatsoever. The problem is they have all the toys to observe what is going on in the heavens therefore everyone looks to them for answers just as we look to our intelligence agencies for answers on the ground. We all know about the weapons of mass destruction joked about by GW which were non existent, the very basis for the Iraq war where thousands of troops, men and women were killed or experimented on with exotic vaccines not to mention over a million Iraqis killed, innocent men, women and children. The depleted uranium is still killing babies and children to this day. We all witnessed the falsified intelligence reports and mainstream news using fear to whip up a new good for business war. Even the religious fanatics demonizing people of a different faith jumped on the band wagon, definitely not peacemakers.
The big question is if you cannot depend on your government or any of its agencies to tell you anything which does not fit into their agenda, if you cannot depend upon the mainstream media or your religious leaders, who can you depend upon? If someone continuously lies why go to them for answers or depend on them for information concerning the world in which you live? They are not there to tell you the truth they are there to further an agenda one that empowers them, lines their pockets and self interests. There is truly one source you can depend on and that is your own gut feeling or going within. Yet how many have the time and energy to do so with their noses to the grindstone buried under a mountain of disinformation? Even those you think are there to bring you alternative truth are often not who you think they are. Do the research. Did you know the Navy funds and controls the black projects, secret space fleets etc.? How many of your alternative Icons in ufology have military intelligence backgrounds? How many reporting agencies are headed by people who came out of the Alphabet Agencies? Look at who is on the boards of major ufo conferences and who is funding them. Do they have N.W.O. connections? I listened to one Colonel who bragged about the Rockefellers and Rothchilds, how spiritual they are and what a wonderful plan they have for Earth and all its people. The people left after the genocide programs, chemtrails, tainted vaccines, depleted uranium, cancerous food additives, sterilizing GMOs etc.
It is time for a mass awakening, time to hold those accountable for the disinformation and perpetuation of fear, war, false flag operations, lies and deceptions. Pointing out the agenda, the lies and deceptions is not fear based; not doing so is fear based. You’re afraid of the repercussions of telling the truth. Enlightenment is being in knowledge of the whole enchilada yet at the same time focusing on the higher potential. How can a doctor heal if he/she does not know what the problem is? This civilization is not sustainable in the direction it is going. The endless greed of the banksters, the escalation of war and disease by the war and disease profiteers, GMO foods, deadly food additives, the destruction of the environment, the pollution of the air, water and land by the mega souless oil and chemical corporations is the downward spiral which leads to social, economic and environmental collapse.
There are soulless, spineless people that will turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering caused by their actions as long as their comfort zone is not affected. They will be condemning and screaming the loudest from the highest positions at the way- showers in the days to come. Yet when all is said and done they will one day realize the way-showers were acting on their behalf and on behalf of all of humanity and the Earth. Unity consciousness is unstoppable. The awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth is inevitable. The whole universe is behind it. Resistance is futile and it is time to unite as one, people, one planet, where Universal Law is the law of the land. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All in service to Creator in all Creation will be the law of the land.
The days of the controllers with their unbridled greed at the expense of humanity and the Earth are fast coming to a close. All involved in these negative agendas and actions will be seen for not only who and what they are, but what they have done. Their only way out is to direct their energies and assets to the awakening and healing process. Forgiveness without reconciliation is just another attempt by the ego to retain the benefits of unjust earnings. Listen to the ones who lived a life of impeccable integrity, have a long track record of service to others, those who are not infallible but in their heart of hearts care deeply for humanity and the Earth. Listen to the ones who have chosen not to participate in the dishonesty and deception on any level or actions that caused harm to others. Ask your leaders if any of their choices have caused death, pain or suffering to others if so why do they think they are qualified to lead? Do they live in harmony with others and nature? Do they understand the unified field, unity consciousness, and omnipresence? If not they are not qualified to lead anyone.

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