Friday, July 8, 2011

Jim has put together this work on the IPMC as promised. Please read and on our next call we will discuss ideas that it may result in to fight this at the local level. We would love to hear from anyone who has had experience with this and beat it or are dealing with it now.

International property maintenance Code
  This is the basic ‘script’ I used on Teri’s phone call of June 29, 2011.  After the call, I rewrote it to clarify – took out some superfluous – rearranged it a bit, and added quite a bit.  
  In this rewrite, I tried to condense everything I’ve learned in five years about the International Property Maintenance Code – that I’ll call the IPMC – and a few related subjects – into the fewest words.  There were four main topics on the call: How important it is, what it is and how it hides, what happened to us personally during (and after) an attack, and what you can do.  I wish I could have written it with less emphasis on myself, but if someone made a TV show about what actually happened to us, you’d think it was set in Nazi Germany, or the old Soviet Union.  I have not exaggerated any part of this.  
  I’m Christian, and I hope you’re not offended by references to God and such.  I must tell you something about faith.  You must have faith in truth and fear lies.  Anything other than that is having faith in lies – and/or fearing truth.  Truth is your best friend – no matter how painful it is.
  Having faith is easy when you know you’re accomplishing a task or overcoming an obstacle.  It feels and even tastes different (while throwing up) when you realize that City Hall has the raw power to take all you have (and more) while they’ve incarcerated you – and it has attackedyou – then again when you discover you’ve single-handedly enraged the biggest gang of criminals the world has ever known by exposing one of their biggest scams.

  This IPMC battle was costly, and the battle that started after that because I chose to publicize it hasn’t stopped yet.  The sustained stress of battles one and two, pushed me into high blood pressure within a year of the attack, then lung cancer the next year.  I recommend the Gerson therapy ( because it works.  Slice, burn and poison method – not so good. My faith has been horribly shaken – but still intact enough to keep on trying to get the truth out.  You measure faith by actions, not feelings. 
  If you’re a patriot – living in America today – there will be times when you feel like a refugee in your own country – because there’s this government – coming after you.  Now you know – what it felt like – to be an African-American living in the Deep South.  The only solution – once you find you’re a patriot under attack – is to gather more patriots around you – and there are a whole lot more now than when I took on the IPMC.  To the best of my knowledge, I broke the IPMC story onto the patriot community on July 14, 2006.  Millions have at least heard of it.  Few really understand what it really is and all it means.  
  I did three programs on patriot radio broadcasts, and called in to many broadcasts regarding the IPMC until I got a phone call in August of 2009 – at which time I stood down – on-air.  I had already paid a high enough price for publicizing it.  I was not about to sacrifice my wife’s life or my life in this battle.  Taking on the banksters has yielded many fatalities.  So, what good is a dead patriot?  Almost all the information here came from my personal experiences & investigation, then feedback from going on-air – not the ‘net.  In 2006, there was almost nothing on the ‘net that told the whole truth about the IPMC – only high praise from politicians.  Thank God, that has changed.        
  The only ‘remedy’ you have for the IPMC is to pin it on your local thieves, and hound them as there is no remedy contained in the code!  We have to stand up together against tyranny because it’s the only tactic in history that has always worked!  Raw racial tyranny in America didn’t stop until African-Americans stood up together and said ‘NO!’  You’d better stand up together and say no to this, or you won’t have anything to stand on!  And don’t look to any earthly savior to save us all from any of this!  You have to do something!  
  My suggestion regarding any information from anywhere regarding important issues that are facing us: If it tells you to stand down instead of personally stand up and resist tyranny – hold it and them highly suspect at best!  Don’t buy anything that tells you to stand down.  The IPMC should give you a call to action and if you don’t expose & fight it – the more the merrier – I don’t know who will.  
  On the call, I learned that some people in Florida are successfully fighting the IPMC in the court system.  Hopefully, more information of this nature will surface.  What works in one court system may not work in another.  We desperately need a national clearinghouse for real IPMC news & real information on how to fight it!  
  I want to hand the whole story to you.  It was painful to recall some of it.  I hope and pray it never happens to you or anyone you care about.  The best way to keep it from happening to you or anyone else is to do something about this travesty – and you can do something about it because the evidence is on top of the table now – and it is preposterous!  In most places that have ‘adopted’ it – it has not been used to clean up troubled properties.  It’s been used to steal money & property – to run people off the land!
  It’s an all-out attack – the exact same as if an invading army ran you out of your home, looted it, then burned it down – ran you off and claimed the land as their own!!!!!!!  If you don’t clearly understand this by the time you finish reading this, I’ve failed – miserably!
  The disclaimer: Treat the statements you read here as my opinions.  They are accurate to the very best of my knowledge, but I simply could not verify many things I heard.  That stated, hang on for a rough ride into modern reality:  
  I guarantee you, that nothing I’ve written is complicated, and I hope I don’t insult anyone’s intelligence.  Within an hour you will know more about the second biggest scam in US history than 99 percent of the population.  The IPMC is very vague so it takes on different forms in different locations depending on how the ‘code official’ – its sole interpreter – interprets it – and it started showing up under different names after I broke the story.  It’s a framework whereby they can make up any rule they want – as they go – to get all you got and more.  A code isn’t law – it’s ‘evidence of law.’  The first part of the IPMC states what they can do.  The second part is a string of references – court cases.  A lawyer who claimed to have spent hundreds of hours studying the court cases – said the IPMC was worse than the Patriot and Federal Reserve Act – combined – because they can use it to ‘take it all’ while they lock you up – and send you a bill for doing it!      
  The International Property Maintenance Code is incredibly important.    Economics powers politics.  Americans have some of the worst economic educations in the civilized world – by design.  Economics 001: Currency is not wealth itself.  It is a means of exchanging real wealth – food, clothing, shelter, tools, etc.  Wealth must first be created by taking something of little or no value and increasing its value as the result of human effort.  Wealth is usually thought of in terms of currency.  Paper currency is not even a good measure for wealth, or its production, as it can be manufactured so cheaply.  The Federal Reserve banking system also creates ‘currency’ with ledger entries and now – computer keystrokes.  Currency does not equal money.  Money – in the United States of America – is measured in terms of gold and silver – Coinage Act of 1792.  Currency – counterfeit money – is measured in terms of pieces of paper.  
  As a teenager, my parents made me read Adam Smith’s ‘Wealth of Nations’ – written in 1776.  Smith was an economist who wrote about the exact same issues that are facing us today.  Our original hard money (silver & gold) economic system was based on his work.  True economists study and measure real wealth production in terms like bushels of corn & wheat, tons of steel & coal, barrels of oil, numbers of automobiles, clothes, and houses, etc, that a nation produces.  By these measures, our economy has been shrinking for decades.  They also measure standard of living by the real conditions people live under – and the number of man-hours of work per week (or month or year) necessary to sustain it.  There are some economists who tell us that to have the same standard of living we could have in the mid-‘60s with forty man-hours of work a week now takes over a hundred.  Think in terms of caloric intake – square feet of living space – mode of transportation – quality of housing – heating systems & number of bathrooms, for instance.  
  By understanding the simplest economic concepts, you can gain great understanding of what is going on in our economy, and thus, our lives.  EG: Last year, in terms of Federal Reserve Note figures – ‘dollars’ – we had a 2% ‘growth’ rate.  Our real inflation rate was 10%.  When corrected for inflation, we had an 8% economic shrink rate – in terms of ‘dollars.’  In terms ofproduction of real wealth – and only the private sector produces wealth – we had a much greater shrink rate.  I’ve heard statements that we’ve lost close to a third of our industrialoutput in the past decade.  Idle and empty factories abound.  If we remove ‘defense industries’ from the equation, the numbers are even worse.  About the only things America exports are weapons, wars, and inflation.  
  Control of the land is the physical master key to economics – life itself.  We live on it.  Most wealth production starts by being grown out of it, or removed from it.  The banking cabal that runs this nation has hammered our wealth production into the ground with every kind of tax, rule, regulation, fee, license, permit, mandate, policy, and code – that they could imagine – leaving empty factories and abandoned farms behind.  As one man stated it, it’s as if they used a neutron bomb on American agriculture and industry – leaving the land behind.  Now, they’re stealing the land.  
  As the present worldwide bogus currency system collapses, we will be forced to rebuildour means of wealth production ‘from the ground up’ – starting with food production.  Stealing the land itself is the final stage in the takeover of a population.  If we let them do it, we’re done with.  Any economic recovery program will have to entail – taking stolen private property back from the thieves if this nation is to feed itself again.  
  God gave the world to people.  The kings of old held life and death control over people because the kings said that God gave them the land and thus everything on and in it – including people – and it worked for the kings until people broke free from the web of lies that had been spun around them.  This started with the Reformation and the printing press – when the truth about God and the Bible became known to the ‘common people’ – in their language as opposed to church Latin that they didn’t know.  That brought forth the Renaissance.  Thisknowledge yanked the rug out from under the kings of old.  The first Bible published in English – 1525 – created a hundred-year civil war in England that resulted in the overthrow of one ruling family.  The ruling family that took its place is no better – and if you think the queen of England is a figurehead, you’re woefully ignorant on that issue.  
  When the truth about the tyranny of the feudal system first became apparent in Europe, the kings of old hatched a new plan – called it the New World Order – sometime before 1500 AD – that used the banking system and puppets to do their will.  That marked the very beginning of fractional reserve banking – standardized paper note currency, rather than gold and silver for trade.  The Bank of London was created in 1692, if memory serves, and from England, it spread all throughout the world.  I call these people – banksters.  
  The banksters worldwide have been taking control of the land for centuries.  They will useany tactic – any excuse – from countless paper-scams, word-tricks and double-talk, to massive wars against manufactured boogeymen, to bogus ecology scams – to control and steal more land – overseas and stateside – to run us off of it and prevent us from using it for our sustenance and enjoyment.
  You control economies with fuel – populations with food.  The modern ‘ecology movement’ is all about locking up land so they can steal it later and/or run us off of it.  It’s bogus, like everything else they create except for poverty, suffering, misery, disease, and death.  Now, they’re claiming jurisdiction over all bodies of water.  They charge people for rain that falls out of the sky in some places – and now they’re going after all privately held land with the most preposterous ‘code’ I’ve ever heard about – the IPMC!  And you – can ‘hang’ them with it – locally – but only if you want to.  Look at what they’re doing and want to do – by their actions – not their words!
  They enjoy murdering millions of people in many ways – to steal land.  They’ve sent us towar to steal more land and its resources – for them.  It should be obvious that our bankster-run government has declared war on us because they’re running us off the land with every scam they can conjure up, before they march UN troops in to try to run more of us off the land.  It’s all about the land.  
  And if you’re dumb enough to believe that your government doesn’t have plans to take everything you have, do an Internet search with four words: martial law executive order.  The IPMC takes the land your ‘stuff’ sits on.  We are under siege.  Martial law is a nice way to say ‘military dictatorship.’  
  People primarily think of war in terms of firearms, planes, tanks, etc.  The classic weapons of war: Water, food & fuel deprivation; surveillance (spying), propaganda (lies), poisons, disease; economic impediments (trade restrictions of all sorts) and embargo.  (Trade sanctions)  The United States population is under a full-blown attack by the banksters – to get the land!     
  Stealing land usually costs money.  Foreign wars cost money and it takes money to steal stateside land with Eminent Domain, for instance.  The International Property Maintenance Code steals land with lies.  It actually pays the government to steal our land – finely honed instrument to steal land.  It is the International Property THEFT Code – ahuge part of their overall attack on our food & shelter and thus our lives.  By now most people have realized that every law government produces takes control and/or money from us – gives control and money to the government.  They claim that we give this power to them through the power of attorney we allegedly gave our elected representatives – a scam in itself.  The IPMC takes the very land that sustains us, and it never passed through Congress.    
 The first plank of the communist manifesto: Government owns the land.  Our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ‘government’ is a corporation, owned/controlled by banksters. gives a very good explanation about how this happened.  
  If I were given the task of writing one law that would pay me to take total control of a country, its food, all its wealth production, and thus have life and death control of its people – it would be – the International Property Maintenance Code.  That – is why ‘they’ – don’t want you to know about it.  I hope you’ve read the synopsis I wrote.  It’s a master key for the final takeover of our nation.  I’ll finish this talk by giving you some very good tools on how to knock the props out from under it where the rubber hits the road – locally – and maybe dethrone a few New World Order puppets in the process.
  After you ‘hang it’ onto an elected official, you can start the recall process.  I hope that someone out there starts jailing them.  Our only chance for any freedom is to make the judges and others in government more afraid of us, than their paymasters – the banksters.  Think in terms of exposure, peaceful protest, referendum and recall – not violence.  From 2300 years of western civilization history: Those who make peaceful resolution of conflict impossible – make violent resolution certain.  I still have some hope for recall and referendum, despite the wholesale voting fraud.              
  My only agenda is to give you a fast education on how to use the IPMC to regain some control of your local government with it, and enough information and inspiration so you’ll get up and do it.  They’ve been changing its name of late, because people are becoming aware of how horrible the IPMC is from the Internet.  Same doo-doo – different name – pooping outeverywhere – and they’ve been training people on how to implement it.  They’re using it to finance the monster that’s eating us, and we need to starve the monster that’s eating out our substance.    
  For you litigants, the potential to sue the bastards who enforce it is absolutely enormous because it’s grand larceny – in your face!  ‘No weapon formed against Me shall prosper’ – from the Bible.  The IPMC has to go down.  Resisting tyranny is serving God.  
  On paper, it’s the second biggest scam in US history because the International Property Maintenance Code lets jurisdictions use any excuse they can make up to steal land, and no insurance I know of will compensate its victims.  ‘Oh – your gutter is damaged and youown this place?  We’re gonna get a thousand dollars of it.  Ooooh – here are some dog droppings, so we’ll take another thousand dollars of your house and land – and that – that – noxious weed over there.  You owe us another grand – and if any of these conditions exist tomorrow – another grand for each of them!’  That – is just part of the IPMC!  
  It is infinitely worse than Eminent Domain.  It’s so important that the banksters have suppressed almost all awareness of it.  It dwarfs Watergate.  It’s much bigger than the banker bailout because the IPMC lets them steal any privately owned commercial or residential real estate – not made-up currency but real wealth – the reason land is called real estate – and there is at least $40 trillion worth of privately owned real estate in America.
  So you rent?  Get this.  One landlord got hit with it – really woke him up.  He put all his property up for sale – cheap – after he learned that some cities were going on talk radio shows to encourage renters to file complaints against landlords for things that ‘aren’t in good working order.’  Many renters did that.  The code officials took the complaints, ripped the landlords off until they corrected the situation – thousands and thousands of dollars in fines on top of the repairs – done to ‘code official’ standards of course, and that’s a really nasty hit for landlords who are still buying the property, paying the taxes, doing upkeep, etc.  And guess who the landlord passes this cost along to?  Renters only cut their own throats when they did that, because their rents went up.  Jurisdictions are also tearing down rental houses on a regular basis, to sell the land to monied interests.  As the IPMC destroys more and more units, rent canonly go up even more – so if you rent, you have a very big stake in this fight.
  Never in history have businesses paid taxes.  In truth, every tax levied against a business is a tax on the business’s customers.  When you tax a business, the customer pays more and the employees generally get paid less.   Business gets the blame for high prices and low wages – government gets money for producing almost – nothing!  This pushes the business outside the taxing jurisdiction’s borders  – oftentimes overseas – or out of business.  Sound familiar?  Now do you see that scam - clearly?  Don’t blame the Chinese for what the banksters did to you – stateside – through your selected representatives!    
  Know that about 2/3 of every dollar you spend in America goes to pay part of the taxes on every single person, place, and thing that brought that item into your possession.  Governments already cost us more than everything else – combined!  Now, these governments have hatched the ultimate plan to take/control everything needed for life that comes from the land – with the International Property Maintenance Code!  
  I’d guess that way over half the population is now living with this snake-in-the-grass on their property that can eat their real estate, and less than one in a thousand people know what itreally is.  Want a good thirty-second ‘video clip’ of the IPMC?  Imagine thugs coming to your door, guns drawn, they rob you of thousands of dollars – then tell you to get out of your house.  They blow it up along with everything in it and make you pay them for blowing it up and hauling it away, then run you off your land, force you to finish paying for the house they destroyed at your expense.  Now, after ‘seeing’ that video, are you going to say ‘Yes, Master’ – when –when – they come to your door, your neighbor’s door, or your mother’s door to do that or are you going to get up off the couch and do something about this – now?  You choose.  It’s up to you.  I ‘blew the whistle’ on it – nationally – but the only real solution is to confront these bastards – locally.  First, you must see it for what it is! 
  Let me be a little more graphic.  Someone in West Virginia said they giggle and laugh while they slide it into place (and they’ve told you how good it is), where they can light the fuse any time they want, so you lose your ass.  I want you to be totally aware of what they’ve stuck you with, so you’ll do everything you can to get it out of you.  I’m gonna finish this talk by giving you some really good ways to get it out of you, and hand it back to these perverts with the fuse – lit.      
  Someone told me about a movie called Heartplug, I think, where bad boys surgically installed some kind of plug in people’s hearts – that the bad boys could pull – any time they wanted.  The IPMC is a heartplug on your property, and all that’s on it.  
  It started with UN Agenda 21, and it’s a vital part of it.  The first version was published in 2000, and it automatically updates every three years – each version worse.  It’s been creeping across the country for a decade, and it’s in full view – now.  It’s all about running people off the land and destroying their houses at their own expense!  They’re destroying our homes!  (by design – just a part of their strategy)  If an invading army lobbed a shell into your home – blowing it to shreds – wouldn’t you say that was a war?  Well guess who’s blowing up houses – all across America.
  The banksters are letting the mortgaged houses they’ve stolen – rot.  The IPMCdemolishes – houses at the owners’ expense – mortgaged or not.    
  But – it is a double-edged sword and they know it.  The other edge: It is almost custom-made for local activists and here’s why.  1) It’s too hot even for patriot radio broadcasters to publicize, so the general patriot community doesn’t even know about it, but at the same time, it’s so utterly horrid that we can use it locally to figuratively hang local lying, thieving officials and politicians.  They thought globally.  We can destroy it – locally and its’ time has come because so many jurisdictions have now ‘adopted’ it.  It’s just sitting there in black and white – waiting for you to figuratively hang them with it.  2) Awareness of it brings even thedumbest yuppies and ‘Dancing With the Stars’ fans onto the constitution restoration bandwagon.
  First of all, it’s a code – evidence of law rather than a law.  It doesn’t have to be passed by a legislative body.  A jurisdiction can just ‘adopt it’ – whatever the hell that means – and steal real estate.  It was ‘adopted’ – statewide – in New York – by ‘administrative decree’ – first cousin to an ‘executive order’ I suppose.  I have yet to discover how our state ‘adopted’ it, or who was behind it.  Do not confuse it with a building code.  It’s a license to steal land and destroy buildings at the owners’ expense – much worse than any property tax – and very selectively enforced.
  They can pick us off – one at a time with it.  They cannot resist a united local stand against it.  It’s been sold as chocolate, but all you have to do is hold it close to someone’s nose.  They’ll instantly identify it and attack its source – with a vengeance.  People are getting very angry with government.  We can constructively harness some of that anger by telling people about the IPMC – a ‘code’ that so blatantly makes people pay the government to destroy what’s theirs that it can’t be denied, then give them a peaceful outlet for anger by joining with you to face the thieves down, and I have not found anything more unconstitutional than the IPMC – but I’m not any kind of legal eagle.
  The IPMC is a great government fund-raiser, as every piece of property including farmland– any land – can be written up and stolen by the code official – its sole interpreter.  Anything the code official says is not in good working order – is not in good working order according to the code – thus fineable and jailable under the code – and every day is a brand new violation – starting the day you’re cited.  The same goes for anything he says is an unsanitary condition, and any plant is a noxious weed if he says it is a noxious weed – yielding hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day in fines per victim.  Even the mortgage fraud issue is smaller than the IPMC because the IPMC can be used to steal any piece of real estate for any so-calledreason!  And if your place is paid for, that only makes you and it much bigger target!  Got it?  That’s one of the reasons we got hit with it.
  Jurisdictions are incrementally rolling it out to cover budget shortfalls that keep increasing as the economy tanks.  Why should a town push for a tax increase, when they can fine any property owner to finance them?  It’s ramping up, but as the list of victims increases, youalso have more and more people to join up with you to confront these bastards.  The time to start is now.  
  Let me explain it this way.  If you came into a land to loot it, you would start by taking what you could pick up and carry off at gunpoint and proceed from there.  Taking homes and land isalmost the final step in the total takeover because after you take homes, and the land that supports people, you can enslave them and do what you will with them, and that’s exactly where we are – right now.  Once they take our homes and the land they sit on, we’re gone.
  Get up and do something.  OK, so there’s some effort & risk associated with it.  What if you do nothing?  You lose it all.  Once you realize that your government really, really, really wants to take all they can get, including your life to get everything you had, you have only one choice left and that’s how you’re going to die.  You have much more than a fighting chance, if you’ll just get together and organize – now.  Organizing en masse is the only known way thatalways brings tyranny down.  The ‘one savior’ model doesn’t work, and if a real good guy does become president, they kill him.  Good guys in the government can’t do it alone.  We need to work with the good guys, and it’s my personal opinion that we have more good guys at the local level than in the federal government.  Organize to resist the IPMC.  They’ve given us a perfect tool to expose and go after them.  OK, so it takes a little effort and risk, but can you think of anything that’s more important?
  There is nothing fair about the IPMC and you can use that against them!  People watch ‘Judge Judy’ – and think there has to be due process with all legal proceedings.  There’s no due process attached to the IPMC, and any court proceedings are window dressing to 1) add thecolor of legitimacy to their raw theft, 2) add to your humiliation while they’re ripping you off – and 3) increase the expense of getting properly ripped off.  
  ‘Revenue enhancement’ for jurisdictions is the IPMC’s mildest aspect, but its victims are usually so intimidated after they’ve been hit, that they’re afraid to speak out for fear of being attacked – again!  Believe me, I know all about that, and homeowners are sitting ducks for these criminals.  OK, so you know about the revenue enhancement aspect.    
  Then, there’s the full-blown – full-blown – attack – that was to have been our fate because we had what’s called development property in the nicest part of town that ‘somebody’ wanted and we got hit – hard – five years ago.  By the Grace of God and Derry Brownfield, I beat it and I’m the only person I know of who has beaten a full-blown attack.  A ‘net search today might find others.  Full-blown attack victims are usually bankrupted and totally crushed by it – never fully economically recover.  Some lose their children due to CPS action –another travesty.  I see it as evil incarnate.  
  In 2006, at the height of the housing boom, we owned and lived in a quaint, normal sized 1916 farmhouse on two acres in the nicest part of Charleston, West Virginia – 138 Oakwood Road – on land that had been in my family since the 1830s – worth between a quarter and a third of a million dollars.  I had no idea it was worth that much, or how much South Hills condos sold for.  It was just home – our geek-house full of family antiques alongside Diane’s and my ham radios and computers.  We had a nice office – two garages – one had a great service bay and a woodworking shop upstairs – and a separate electronics shop behind it.  We owned it free and clear.  I’d lived there for 25 years – the neighborhood good-guy – fixed kids’ bikes, lawnmowers, loaned tools, let people use my garage to fix cars – ran errands or whatever folks needed – no known enemies – while property developers lusted after our land.  Every few years, a real estate agent approached me.  We didn’t even talk price, because the answer was no.    
  There were very few two-acre plots in that part of town where new condos sold for a quarter of a million dollars.  My father died in a fire in his house that was beside ours on those two acres, in 1992.  For over four years, I tried to get a building permit to replace just thewindows in that huge 8500 square foot fire-damaged house – worth well over two hundred K – even in that condition – but the city wouldn’t cough it up.  Then, they made me tear it down in 1996 at my cost of $20,000 because it was – ‘an eyesore.’  I rolled over for that one, but got a nice tax write-off so I didn’t have to pay income taxes for a few years.
  I’ve noticed that those pesky building inspectors don’t plague our most successful West Virginia property developers – but the corruption goes much deeper.  Truth just – outs.  Tenyears after I had to demolish that house, I learned that a politically connected developer wanted to buy our property, so he got the city to deny my building permit and force me to demolish it to cut the value of the property in half!  (duh!)  Shortly after the demolition, the developer’s agent had offered me $900 for the back acre – that I turned down – and gave me the ‘generous’ offer of $50,000 for the whole place – that I turned down.  After that failed, the property taxes exploded.  Then I started getting dozens upon dozens of letters from the city – for years.  The grass was almost always ‘too tall.’  The lot beside ours and a lot across the street hadn’t been cut for years.
  What follows did not come from a TV sitcom.  They threatened to charge me with running an illegal landfill, because I had a dozen old cinder blocks on the site where I’d torn down an old garage, because contractors asked that I leave them in preparation to build my new – expensive – garage.  I hid them.  I parked my little Mickey Mouse car – an Austin Healey Sprite – on the porch to save garage space one winter – cloth cover on it – barely visible above the railing – got cited by some ordinance that had nothing to do with cars.  I ignored it and they did nothing about it.  I was building plywood shelves for my garage on the driveway, and the sight ofplywood (!) brought an immediate home inspection from the building inspector.  I didn’t get a building permit for a little ham radio antenna attached to the chimney that cost a fraction of what was needed for a permit.  I had to prove how much I paid for it and the coax.  I parked my old Suburban outside the garage while I rebuilt its 454 inside the garage and got cited for a non-operative vehicle.  Need I go on?  I was nice, but I put up with ten years of ‘You have three days to fix this or else’ jump-through-our-hoop hop-to crap that kept increasing in frequency and pettiness.  The local newspapers didn’t print anything against the government after they got bought out.  I knew they wouldn’t help.      
  Starting around 2004, I was also getting more and more ‘hang-up’ calls that came in as ‘Anonymous’ on my Caller ID that made me think that someone was casing the place to rob it, so I was uncomfortable about leaving the house empty for more than a few hours.  Sometime later, I learned from a source close to the developer, that these letters from the city and the hang-up phone calls just might have had the same source, but I’ll never know.
  I will tell you that there have always been some really nasty property developers in this world, and one of their favorite tricks has been to torch houses to get property – real cheap.  Some people can get away with murder if they have the right connections.  They have to have those connections to get away with it – time and time again.  A house burns, and they buy the property to build on it.  Another house burns, they buy the property – on and on.  I’ll just leave it at that.  Looking back, I don’t know if this developer would have burned my house down, but I’m glad that I didn’t leave it for more than a few hours at a time after we started getting those hang-up calls.
  So, at least they didn’t burn the place down with our ‘stuff’ in it – but why should they do that if they have the IPMC – that’s so profitable for everyone except the person who owns the property?  
 I’ve been a businessman all my life, I can’t help but think like a businessman, and government is just – a business.  What if you were in a business, where you could go up to someone, and force them pay you to take all they had?  That – is the IPMC – but methinks they’ve overplayed their hand, because if you folks will just expose this – nobody else is doing it – it has to backfire on them and take them out of that business and maybe a few more.  From my observations, theft is about the only business our government is engaged in, and when you expose the IPMC to others, it’s so blatant, they will likewise see this and join with you to restore constitutional government.        
  Back to our story: By 2006, developers really wanted our property, because there was a subdivision behind us that had three quarter million-dollar houses, so Charleston attacked us with their brand new toy – the IPMC – and that got real serious – real fast.  The developer also wanted my neighbor’s two and a half acres that joined ours in the back, so the city went after him, too.  That developer could have paid Diane and I what the place was worth, and made akilling selling overpriced condos and houses – but it would be much more profitable for the developer and - and the city for the city to fine me out of the property, demolish our house atour expense so it would be more valuable to sell to the developer who’d get it for a fraction of its original value.  It’s win-win for them to screw you!  Entire neighborhoods in some cities have been wiped out by it to build the pigpens and chicken coops they call ‘sustainable housing’ – called for in Agenda 21!
  If you’re a homeowner, what’s usually your most valuable asset – your home – becomes your worst liability under the IPMC.  This is West Virginia.  ‘Code officials’ are going to go to the top of Bubba’s target list if this doesn’t stop.
  It’s insidious.  We got hit with it in 2006, and I created an international stink about it – more on that – later – and I thought I’d won the battle after I did that.  Two years after we missed that bullet, I contacted real estate agents to sell the property, and they told me that inside information among agents and developers (because of the radio programs I’d done), was that if anybody other than a particular developer bought the property – and he wouldn’t pay much for it – the property would undergo another IPMC attack, other developers knew that, so I wouldn’t get a fraction of its value.  After the ‘housing bubble’ popped, we were able to sell it – after vandals did tens of thousands of dollars of damage to it.
  At the time we got hit, nobody I knew including real estate agents had heard of the IPMC.  Two years later, Charleston insiders knew about it.  I’m sure that a lot of real estate agents knew about it by 2008, but if the public knew, it would only suppress the real estate market, so most agents kept their mouths – shut.  The IPMC is helping to crash the real estate market.  They want to make property ownership a liability for you – as they steal assets for themselves – and they don’t enforce it against government buildings or property.  Understand that almost every ‘law’ is selectively enforced, and government – today – only enforces ‘laws’ that are profitable for it to enforce, and the IPMC is the epitome of this.  They also put the greatest effort into suppressing the most important information regarding their crimes.      
  At the time we got hit, ‘net searches yielded almost nothing except politicians in mainstream news outlets – praising it and/or saying how they so needed the IPMC to fix ‘troubled properties’.  As usual, the name is a lie, the official story hides the truth, and they use it to rip people off!  The IPMC is raw real estate theft!  Just read it – carefully.  Everything about it is deceptive.        
  Here’s how we learned about it.  In the spring of 2006, we got a visit from a Charleston ‘code official’ named George Jarrett – an ex-cop I knew from high school days.  One of our neighbors described our place as one of the prettiest on Oakwood Road.  Almost the whole front yard was Diane’s flower garden, with over a hundred plus species of flowering plants.  People would stop and take pictures of it!  It was not – trashed out – however – the ‘code official’ found six bags of grass clippings we’d scrounged – that Diane used for mulch – in the driveway early that spring – an ‘unsanitary condition’ – along with a dented gutter on one of the garages.  We have the pictures that came in the mail along with a summons to appear in court that said IPMC – whatever the hell that meant – with some numbers beside it.  At first, I thought it was just another harassing ‘fix it or else’ letter, but this one had pictures, and told me to show up in court and had ‘IPMC’ with numbers written on it.  The city told me I couldn’t see the law – that I had to buy the book the ‘inspectors’ used – but they didn’t know where I could buy it.  
  IPMC?  What was that?  A phone call told me it wasn’t a city ordinance.  Diane found International Property Maintenance Code on the ‘net.  I read it, but because it was so vague and open for interpretation, I couldn’t really think too much about it until we went to municipal court on June 7th, where we discovered that those two charges carried an $1110 fine in Charleston, West Virginia!  (Fines in some places are much worse.)  I pleaded ‘not guilty’ at the arraignment because I was sure that I could prove at the trial, that those very smooth garbage bags in that picture – not lumpy like bags of garbage – and one of which was clear – contained grass clippings that weren’t unsanitary, and that damaged gutter on my new garage endangered – nobody.  We had put the grass clippings on the plants and in the mulch pile.  I removed the offending gutter – left gutter on the garage on the right of our house – facing it from the street.  I still didn’t ‘get it.’  I do know how ‘the dark side’ thinks from some of my past experiences, but it hadn’t dawned on me that I was under a full-blown attack to take all we had – with some damn ‘maintenance code’ – over six bags of grass clippings and a dented gutter!  My God, you can find bags of grass clippings all over that city in the summer!  
  A few days later, I got a letter from the city that said it carried an $1110 fine and/or two months in jail.  I started going nuts.  A week or so later, I found a very knowledgeable Charleston landlord who said I couldn’t beat the fine, and if the city wanted to steal the property, I would start getting citations in waves.  If I fought them, they would put me in jail while they tore the house down at our expense – after they looted it.  It sounded impossible, but then he told me that the city had just finished tearing down four houses in a row at the owners’ expense (I’d heard that the city ‘had to’ take down those four houses) – and took the property with liens they placed on them that were more than the property was worth – and –and – the owners were stuck with the unpaid mortgages!  He said that the code official privately told one of the owners – a landlord he knew – that if he fought with the city, he’d go to jail.  The TV news said the city tore them down because drug dealers lived there – four in a row – yeah – right!  A year later, a brand new store was being built on the property.  
  Now that – is a full-blown – full-blown – IPMC attack.  They fine you out of your property, your house and its contents go into a landfill at your expense, while you’re in jail if you fight them, you’re stuck with the fines, demolition cost, the unpaid mortgage, the jurisdiction gets the real estate, and no insurance I know of will compensate you – totally crushing most victims.  After that conversation with that landlord, I ‘got it’ – immediately understood the mindset and motives of the people I was dealing with – reread the IPMC and the words popped out of the page.  It was carefully crafted pure evil – struck at the very core of human existence – the land itself.  The bastards had already tried their best to destroy the teachings of Father God.  Now they were going after Mother Earth.      
  A full-blown attack is the second aspect of the IPMC – but there’s more – because it’s such an incredibly – versatile – tool for corruption of all sorts.  

  An attorney in an adjoining state, somehow associated with the ACLU, found me, told me the same basic story, and gave me some more horror stories.  Politically connected businesses drove other businesses out of business or out of town.  Politically connected people used it to steal their neighbor’s property.  ‘Code officials’ used it to shake down business and homeowners for everything from money and drugs to sex.  It’s been used to bankrupt political enemies and he went on from there.  I’ve since learned that it’s much worse than Eminent Domain, NAIS premises ‘registration’ – the ecology easement scam, and all the other bogus ecology land-scams you’ve probably heard about because every piece of real estate is vulnerable under the IPMC.  The possibilities for corruption appear to be endless because it has absolute power over land!  The Internet has plenty of IPMC horror stories – now – but not back then.  Some of you can remember the Urban Renewal scam that ran the prostitutes and drug dealers into the suburbs.  The IPMC can take the whole suburb.
  Most loans require collateral, and I could not understand who would loan anything to the bankrupt UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (corporation) – without a whole lot of collateral.  This had mystified me for years.  About four years ago, I came to the conclusion that the corporate bankster-run government had collateralized their debt with our private property and they planned to grab our property with the IPMC!  They’d probably already promised to deliver our land up to their creditors!  They’d have to eventually default, so land titles would go to creditors all over the world!  That was pretty far-fetched back then, but it’s very believable – today – now that we know about the ‘wet ink signature’ mortgage issue the banksters created.  The IPMC proves there’s more than just one way to steal real estate with lies and pieces of paper!  The IPMC is a pure scam because it takes everything the jurisdiction wants to take – and gives you - - - nothing. 
  Please note: Alex Jones regularly talks about old folks whose homes are stolen by thousand dollar a day fines – BUT HE WON’T SAY INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE ON-AIR.  He calls them federal zoning laws – and I’ll give you more on the cover-up issue in a bit.    
  The judge kicked everyone but defendants out of the city courtroom at the June 7th arraignment.  Press?  What press?  After I got out of there, in a mild state of shock, Diane said that that was the last night she planned to stay in the Charleston house and I agreed that it was time to move.  In 1976, I had bought a tiny log cabin on a few acres in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia, an hour out of Charleston, thinking the economy would collapse shortly after we went off the gold standard.  I lived there a few years, and made improvements – like indoor plumbing.  Diane and I used it as our hideaway vacation home to run around naked if we wanted – our little playhouse that we stopped visiting on a regular basis after I kept getting ‘hang-up’ calls at the Charleston house.  Very few people knew had that place, and only one neighbor knew when we were there.  
  After that first court appearance, Diane started packing our possessions, one carload at a time, and dragged them up the hill on a sled because the driveway needed some work – while I stayed in Charleston to fight it.  I started by contacting all the politicians I could think of.  The mayor wouldn’t talk to me.  Three state representatives and two city council members said they’d never heard of it.  They did nothing.  A man with two PhDs in Jurisprudence who worked as a law clerk at the West Virginia State Supreme Court had never heard of it.  Here’s his website:  The IPMC was not part of West Virginia law, but according to the Internet, the ‘code’ was statewide in West Virginia.
  I contacted about two hundred mainstream news media outlets including Voice of Russia, and the BBC – got nothing but some auto-response e-mails.  The local newspaper editor I’d known since I was a kid claimed she knew nothing about it.  (I had other information that told me shedid know about it.)  Local talk show hosts were extremely interested – then they stopped returning my phone calls.  This was not good.  I contacted Alex Jones – no response.
  Neighbors & friends raised hell with city, state, and federal officials.  The mayor’s office got between twenty and thirty calls, and the bitch who answered the phone when I called that office in July, bitched me out about it.  I didn’t know those folks had called the mayor’s office!  I learned later, that they were really hot when they called that office.  I’ve known that mayorand his mother who was in the real estate business – since I was in grade school.  I’ve known the mayor before Danny Jones since I was 8 – and thought he was my friend as he was so friendly.  His name is Jay Goldman, and Charleston ‘adopted’ the IPMC during his tenure.  He gave me a stupid ‘I didn’t read all of it’ line.  He’s a commercial real estate broker, a BAR card attorney, he had served as municipal court judge for years, then he was mayor, he told me he’d won some court case with it, but he hadn’t read all of it?  How dumb does he think I am?  
  I contacted some lawyers.  Two had heard of it.  Some said they could defend me from it – pure BS.  The honest ACLU associated attorney who called me from Pennsylvania said nobody he knew of had beaten it because the code official was the sole interpreter, and there was no real remedy associated with it – but offered to go to court with me – no charge – for moral support – maybe keep me from getting more charges filed against me.  He said that if I bumped it up to circuit court, which is what an attorney would suggest, they would continue to cite me – every day it got delayed – and that happened to my neighbor.  This thing was consuming my entire life.  I couldn’t even sleep because of it!    
  Trial was set for June 28th, 2006 – and I was not ready for it.  From the stink that I and my friends and neighbors raised, and what I’d learned over the past couple of weeks, I almost knew that if I went to that trial, I’d leave in handcuffs and I had no idea what they would do to our place while I was locked up, but I had some very dark suspicions by that time.  I couldn’t find one local lawyer who knew anything about it from the answers they gave to my questions.  I informed the municipal court that I wanted my one guaranteed continuance to get proper legal assistance.  They didn’t grant it – and didn’t tell me they didn’t grant it – yanked my driver’s license in absentia, but didn’t tell me about that until three weeks later.  Had I been caught driving, I probably would have gone to jail for a year.
  Incidentally, the legal remedies that guys like Rod Class and others offer simply DO NOT WORK in West Virginia state, county and city courts.  The American Tort Reform Association lists West Virginia – a Rockefeller playground for the past century – as the only statewide judicial hellhole in the US, and we topped that list for years.  If you want to know why, go - an amazing and true story that’s hard to believe.  Behindthat abomination, is the West Virginia Trial Lawyers’ Association that I know way too much about – allegedly financed in part by a very wealthy contributor’s – ‘contributions’.  The WVTLA campaign financing fund amounts to judge bribery, and the WVTLA is the real key to the nationally known West Virginia rocket docket court system – the best court decisions money can buy, and because tyranny always breeds vigilantism, I expect violence here – very soon – but this information isn’t helping you.  
  This might help, because it seems that West Virginia is a biology lab to develop and beta-test diseases that go on to infect the whole nation.  OK, we’re at the very bottom of the economic barrel – by design – nothin’ much left to tax.  Our state’s investment funds are filling with Mortgage Backed Securities.  As the derivative bubble pops, our governments will turn to more and armed robbery – very quickly.  The IPMC looks like a .45 pointed directly at our heads – one head at a time.  Are you developing a sense of urgency about this IPMC thing?        
  A month after the arraignment, some thug called me at three in the morning and told me they should burn my F-ing house down with me in it so I left – joined Diane at the cabin in the woods – totally burned out, still wracking up violations.  Diane thought that I loved that house more than I love her.  I hadn’t told her what was going on – thinking I could get a handle on it to fix it.  After I joined her at the cabin, I told her that we were facing tens of thousands of dollars of fines & jail time for me while our Charleston house was looted and torn down.  I was almost numb about it – by that time.  If they had succeeded, I don’t know what she would have done – but it wouldn’t have been very nice.  This is West Virginia.  You can take out a contract to kill someone real cheap and this is another direction things are going if we don’t gain peaceful control of our alleged government – very soon.  Somebody is gonna go postal over this.  
  Worn out and worried sick, still collecting charges at $555 apiece – don’t remember how many – I was listening to Derry Brownfield (now deceased) on short wave on July 13th, talking about housing developments where you can’t park a pickup truck outside overnight – or grow roses more than two feet tall, etc, without facing fines from the Homeowners’ Association.  I called Derry’s office after the show and talked about the IPMC attack.  The fella who answered the phone acted like I was a crank caller – couldn’t believe it.  I called him a couple hours later, convinced him that this was real.  Derry called me a couple of times that afternoon and evening.  Derry knows all about Agenda 21, he talked about it on a regular basis, but he hadn’t even heard of the IPMC.  He also couldn’t find anyone who knew anything about it WHO WOULD GO ON-AIR WITH HIM!  I agreed to be the guest on the next day’s call – brain-frazzled & scared witless.
  Ed from (Saint Claire Shores) Michigan called in.  He’d put thousands and thousands of dollars into his house to try to satisfy IPMC code officials – then they said that the foundation was faulty, and he would have to remove it!  He came home to find his son in cuffs in a police cruiser, and the cops wouldn’t let them go into the house.  The next day, the city tore the house down at Ed’s expense – with their possessions in it – wouldn’t even let them get their clothes.  Ed ‘made’ the show and I have it on tape.  Derry told me that he got more audience reaction from that show than anything he’d done in twenty or thirty years – BUT WOULDN’T DO A FOLLOWUP PROGRAM!  When I called in and brought up the IPMC on subsequent programs, he downplayed it - - -
  I’ve heard so many stories that are so similar, that I might be confusing them, but there was more to Ed’s story – that appeared to be what the city had in mind for us.  The cops looted the house before the city tore it down – said they were carrying out boxes of ‘evidence’.  The city and then the bank came after Ed and his wife for the demolition cost and unpaid mortgage – then they did some court procedures without them being present, because he didn’t answer the court summons – sent to the mailbox that didn’t exist after the city tore their house down!  They lost their jobs due to wage garnishees, and hadn’t been able to find other jobs because of it.  I’m surprised they didn’t lock Ed and his missus up during the demolition and send the kid to CPS – what they normally do now.  These people know – exactly – what they’re doing and they must think it is great fun!      
  Back to our story: Within three hours of that Derry Brownfield show, I got a phone call from a young man I’d known since he’d been in pre-school – a frequent e-mail and phone contact.  He had a message for me from governor – now US Senator – Joe Manchin – ‘How soon can you get out?’  I said – ‘When I’m ready.’  That – scared the crap out of me.  I imagined state policemen coming to arrest me for murder or some other wonderful trumped up charge.  Derry’s show only reaches West Virginia via short wave and the Internet.  1) How did Joe Manchin know who ‘Jim from West Virginia’ was – and 2) how did he know to contact Nick Keller – who had become the new security chief at the Charleston Airport - - - to 3) send me a message – and 4) how did Nick know where to contact me.  Can you say Patriot Act?
  You’re already on a list, folks.  Get used to it.  I was still getting IPMC violations after the show.  Here’s their most aggressive MO.  They inform you of a violation – a mandatory misdemeanor that carries a $555/per day fine in Charleston, and/or jail time, for instance – and if you want to avoid the possibility of another $555 for the same violation, you have to hop to and fix it within 24 hours.  I asked the code official to please call me about what they were writing up to save us trips to the post office for certified mail and the additional fines – jail time – whatever – because of the time delay.  And you know what?  He was so nice, he agreed to do that for me!
  He called on the Monday after the Friday show, and told me that the grass was too high and there were ‘noxious weeds’ – (they were Diane’s irises that had finished blooming) – that were too tall in the front yard.  The lot beside mine hadn’t been cut in two years – chest high in weeds – nor had a large plot across the street from me – but I was getting another $1110 of fines and probably more jail time for tall grass and irises?  The IPMC is not all about cleaning up troubled properties.  It’s all about stealing what’s most valuable!  
  I cut the grass, whacked the irises, and grabbed a bunch more stuff from the house.  On Wednesday, he told me that a shovel handle was visible above the porch railing.  They were getting totally desperate to find violations, and they were giving me ammunition to expose them on-air.  I grabbed stuff off the front porch and more of our possessions – waited for the next call.  They were running with the rope, and I was waiting for the right time to yank it and this felt good.  He called on Friday and said that a noxious weed – Kudzu – was growing up the left side of the left garage.  They were Diane’s blackberries.  And – and – there was another ‘unsanitary condition’ on the property – empty pop cans.  (I counted three – a few days later – and people just throw cans out of cars.)  I told him to fine the people who threw the cans onto my property, not me.  
  He arrogantly asked me why I had declared war on Charleston!  I corrected him and said that Charleston had declared war on me, and told him that the Hebrew word we see as Satan in our Bibles meant ‘The False Accuser’ in the original language – rattled his cage.  I think I was saying ‘What part of Thou Shalt not steal do you not understand’ while he was handing the phone over to the Building Commissioner – Tom Harmon if memory serves – who told me that they were going to fine me tens of thousands of dollars and put me in jail for months if I didn’t clean up that mess on Oakwood Road!
  I paused for a bit, then I told him I knew all about the International Property Maintenance Code – had spoken to people all over the nation about it – rattled his cage by the change in his voice – and asked him if he would recognize my voice on tape.  He said he thought so.  I told him to go to Derry Brownfield’s website, and listen to Friday’s program.  Then I told him to inspect my property on Monday – tell me what he found – so I would know what I would do – next.  I guess that they stopped laughing about what they’d dream up to cite me for, after they listened to the show.  The city called on Tuesday – said everything was OK, and they were dropping all the charges.  Exposure is the key to stopping this!  I’m sure that if a few of them land in jail that would help – immensely.  I exposed these bastards on international talk radio.  I’ll tell you of many ways to expose them – locally – that will create enough of an uproar to put them out of business!      
  The next day, I got a letter from the state that said the city had yanked my driver’s license, and I immediately called the mayor’s office, to tell them to reinstate it.  The bitch who answered the phone bitched me out, and then I was transferred to some woman who supposedly worked at the court.  She knew – exactly – who I was.  She said that the judge was on vacation, and talked down to me when she said that he was really mad at me because I didn’t show up in court.  There would be additional charges, I had to stand trial for all those charges and I just might lose my license – implying for years or forever.  She said I that after I answered those charges, I had to get on the docket to get it back, and the judge might delay it for months, so she didn’t know how long it would take.  I told her to talk to the building commissioner, and gave her three days to reinstate it.  She asked if I was threatening her.  I gently hung up.
  Incidentally, if one of these twits asks if you’re threatening them, 1) you don’t have to answer them, and 2) I’ll give you a good answer if it fits.  Ask them if they’re threatened by the truth – shut up and watch ‘em cringe.  We have this law or whatever in West Virginia that states that if you threaten a public official or employee, you can go to jail – 1 to 5 years if memory serves.  I’ve heard stories where the employee ‘feels threatened’ – so they were threatened – and people went to jail.  Some people feel threatened by fuzzy bugs.  Tread carefully.  Ask them if they feel threatened.  If they say they do, tell them they’re not being threatened.  TREAD CAREFULLY – AND I’LL TELL YOU A FEW WAYS TO PROTECT YOURSELF as you read on.  
  And if they tell you that ignorance of the law is no excuse, tell them to recite the constitution and shut up.  See what they say next.  And if some ass violates your constitutional rights, don’t use the phrase ‘you’ve violated my constitutional rights.’  Say – ‘You’re violating the highest law of the land, the Constitution!  You, sir, are an outlaw and I have the right and I think the responsibility to sue you for denial of constitutional rights, so you can go to jail, and then work for me for a few years!’  Do not mince words with these idiots, but be very polite.  It confuses the hell out of them.        
  A city attorney immediately contacted me to get the case number and such.  I asked him about my neighbor, and learned he was facing over $30,000 of IPMC fines – and counting.  I told the attorney they’d better back off of him, or I’d take his story on-air.  My neighbor got off with only $5000 – mostly attorney fees.  It took the city two days to do the paperwork for both of us and drop the license ‘forfeiture’ or whatever they called it, but it still took $50 to get my license back.  
  Folks, these bastards know – top to bottom – exactly – what they’re doing!  They even lie when they tell you their names.  I think that gal at the ‘municipal court’ called herself Melissa – I know I wrote it down – and when I called back the next day to talk to ‘Melissa’ – the woman who answered the phone said there was nobody named Melissa who worked there.  I guess ‘Melissa’ is one of those women who will do anything for money.  It reminded me of all the stories of cops who wear name pins that aren’t their real names – a form of male prostitution, I suppose – anything for a paycheck or payoff.  Some of them are so dumb, they don’t realize their commanding officers are setting them up to be targets.      
  I beat the IPMC rap with a radio show, but because the Patriot Act flushed me out of the woods, it turned me into a target – not what I had in mind – more like one of my worst nightmares!  I had hoped to expose it to the patriot community, it would be so shocking that all of them would pick up on it with it and run, so I could go back into the woods and hide.  Wasn’t meant to happen.  I knew by that time that mainstream media wouldn’t touch it.  I didn’t realize it was so incredibly hot that almost none of the broadcasters even at Genesis Communication Network would touch it – not even Alex Jones.  The fact that they wouldn’t touch it – and I knew exactly what that meant – really spooked me – and I realized I was a big-time target if it was that hot.  
  And it began.  The state wouldn’t renew my business license – hit the trash, I suppose.  A sweeping court decision in West Virginia had wiped out my business in 2002, and forced me into early retirement at age 51.  A state supreme kourt decision in 2004 sealed the fate of my industrial instrumentation & control system business – forever – unless the legislature overturned it – and it hasn’t yet.
  If you’re past 50 and educated – live in West Virginia, you’re too old and/or too overqualified for any kind of job in this state.  No income – no income tax, but the state sent me a five-digit tax bill – based on absolutely nothing!
  I’m a thirty-plus year veteran of all this crap, so I knew I was in real danger after I got that message from the governor.  Point: Once you get flushed out of the woodwork on something that’s really hot, you’d better become real visible – real fast.  Normal people think that if you back off, the bad boys will back off.  It doesn’t work that way because bad boys don’tthink that way.  They’re predators who enjoy bullying people and laugh when you run, then they run you down.  Your only hope comes by standing your ground – not running.  Don’t even blink!  And even if you’re scared witless – inside – and that happened so many times to me – don’t let them know it!    
  I decided to go on-air on patriot radio shows on a regular basis for exposure – protection – and to strike back at the state by exposing them – worldwide – on short wave broadcasts –hoping that cooler heads in the state would prevail, and they’d back off.  They didn’t.  I also had the papers and witnesses to prove what I said – very important.  In September of 2006, Pastor Butch Paugh – Call to Decision program – the bravest man I have personally met – asked me to do a show on the IPMC.  West Virginia was the first state it was rolled out in – statewide – and Butch is a West Virginia boy – not your normal 501C3 pastor – carries a .357 with him – open carry – everywhere.  I couldn’t turn him down, and I got to expose Charleston’s and West Virginia’s crimes on his show – September 18, 2006.  
  By that time, all kinds of IPMC horror stories had started showing up on the ‘net – because of the Derry Brownfield show, I suppose.  Even more followed Pastor Butch’s show.  Just put “International Property Maintenance Code” in quotes – followed by words like horror story – AND TAKE THE SAFE FILTER OFF YOUR INTERNET SEARCH ENGINE!  They’re incrementally hiding more and more politically sensitive material behind search engine safe filters – OK?  Just do it.  Take the filter off!  
  Oh boy!  After that show, the feds came after me.  They leaned on some of my e-mail contacts across the nation.  They sent me six-digit IRS bills – based on absolutely nothing, and they can’t prove one damn thing because I didn’t file returns – because I didn’t haveany taxable income!  We still get letters.  I knew the IRS and state tax letters were just typed-up BS – designed to intimidate – but I didn’t know how far they’d push it.  I knew I had to become as visible as possible.  I kept on calling in to international short wave patriot radio show broadcasters – about the IPMC.  Time and again, I’d go on-air and hit ‘em in the gut – and spend the rest of the day – freaked out – wondering if I really ‘did it’ that time – a real stress-fest – but I kept on doing it.  
  One of the black bottom helicopters was cruising along – visible through the tops of the trees, slowed down and rotated back and forth to point it at the cabin a couple of times – then took off.  I’m sure it was just a training exercise.  One of them came at the place about thirty feet above the field in front of the cabin – then went up at treetop level to clear the mountain behind me.
  I want you to see the intimidation tactics, so if they hit you, you won’t be upset.  They’re paper tigers, OK?  I became a ‘bank fraud’ SUSPECT – based on absolutely nothing.  The bank yanked our bankcard, and we couldn’t cash checks for a while.  The state called me out of the blue – said they’d send me to jail if I did any business.  If I talked on my phone about patriot issues, it would invariably get cut off – but only on day shift.  Two VERY nice gentlemen came to visit me from the FBI for an afternoon in 2008.  I think I turned them into truthers and I still pray for them.  I really do pray for them – the right way.  
  The FCC wouldn’t reinstate my amateur radio license – AB8PX – put the application in the trash, I suppose.  Maybe the private corporate US postal service trashed it, because snail mail has also disappeared – coming and going.  As of the summer of 2008, almost every time I took my old service truck – a Suburban – out on the road – cops would pick me out of a string of traffic – sometimes follow me for a half-hour at a time – license plate computers I suppose.  At least they didn’t do that to Diane.  Without a business license, there were suppliers who wouldn’t sell parts to me.  You never know how big the spider web is until you jangle the spider.  Years ago, if I wrote out International Property Maintenance Code in an e-mail, it disappeared.  If I misspelled one word, it would arrive.  To this day, I never know if I’ll get an e-mail or not – or whether an e-mail I send will arrive or not.  
  Folks, I beat the rap with the first show I did in 2006, and I’m sure I’d be better off financially if I had left it at that, but I chose to become a national target by continuing to call in on short wave patriot radio shows hundreds of times for years – for others’ benefit – not mine and I could do that only because I’m financially independent – but the exact opposite of wealthy if that makes any sense.  We have enough to eat, and an 18 year old Plymouth.  We’re in survival mode.
  I also chose to become very visible on national talk radio programs for my ownphysical safety after the feds got into it in the fall of 2006.  Will I get killed, sued, or jailed because of this writeup?  Hell, I don’t know, but I’ve done this for your sake, not mine – OK?  I’ve taken the heat, learned the ropes, I’m giving you the ball, and I’ve told you more about the IPMC than I’ve told anybody else.  It took a week to write this.  Just run with it.  If you don’t, who will?  People just don’t know about it.  Just reading this far, you know more about the IPMC than probably 99.9% of the rest of the country!
  I know that a lot of good people still think it’s a good thing because they’ve been told it’s going to clean up troubled properties.  They’ll oftentimes wipe out rental houses to use it for business property – so much cheaper than paying for the property.  My neighbor in Charleston and yours truly are the only so-called ‘rich’ people I personally know who have been hit with it, only because we had development property in a wealthy suburb.  It really hasn’t hit suburbia – yet – in West Virginia.  
  But as the economy cranks down, they’re cranking the IPMC up.  If it’s in your jurisdiction, it’s coming to a neighbor near you.  Sometimes, they do go after a few eyesores at first, and roll it out on TV to say how good it is.  Then they get down to the real nitty-gritty of theft.
  See if this sounds somewhat familiar: First they went after that guy who owned that abandoned house on the edge of town and I said nothing.  Then they went after that guy across the tracks with all that junk in his yard and I said nothing.  Then they went after the old retired guy down the street who needed a new roof on his garage so the city fined him thousands of dollars, then tore it down at his expense because he couldn’t pay for a new roof – and the fines – and I said nothing.  I heard he had a lien on his house.  By the time they busted me for thousands of dollars for dog droppings in my yard, some flaking paint, and poison ivy in the back yard, there was nobody left to speak out for me.  It’s all about theft – and intimidation! 
  Fact: They usually go after what’s most profitable for them to steal, not what most needs fixing!  After just one hit, you’re freaked!  Find these cowed victims, and give ‘em a voice because they’re afraid they’ll get hit again – and go after them before they take your place.  If you read the IPMC, you’ll see that it is carefully designed to do two and only two things – 1) take money/steal land, and 2) make its victims pay for the bad boys’ crimes!  Air their dirty laundry before they put yet another old couple out of their home!  They really like homes that are paid for!  (makes the paperwork easier for them.)            
  And expect some flack as you get close to the target, but their greatest fear is that the general population will learn that their local government has very real plans to steal everything they own and jail them while they do it.  The bad boys will try to personally andprivately intimidate you while they publicly ignore you and/or ridicule you.  They just want to make you shut up.  Just hit ‘em again because they know you have their dirty laundry in hand – turned inside out to show the world what they did!  
  I’ve been the number one IPMC flack-catcher – in the nation so I know how all this works – and thus how you can use it.  I got ridiculed on mainstream radio talk shows – and/or cut off by the delay.  I was on air as a caller with Alex Jones about the IPMC for seven minutes in 2007 or 2008 – some kind of a record as you’re lucky to get three minutes – and he hadn’t heard of it from his response.  I love Alex Jones and all the truth broadcasters.  Alex asked me on-air that day, to do a program on the IPMC.  I agreed.  I filled his answering machine with enough info to do a show without me.  He never did it – and refuses to say the words on-air – and I refuse to fault him for that.  Now, if Alex hadn’t heard of it in 2007 or ’08 – how well hidden was it?  
  Another possibility: From my experiences, I can almost guarantee you that all the patriot radio show telephones are bugged, and I can almost guarantee you that the bad boys have told these patriot radio show hosts that they or more likely their families will be killed if they cover certain subjects – I know of three hot ones they won’t touch – and two show hosts as much as told me what I’ve just told you.  These broadcasters are in one very high stakes life-and-death card game.  Respect them and the position they’re in.  If you can get on-air on one of them, that alone can stop an attack – on you!  
  The IPMC seems to be reserved by God and circumstances – for us to use locally – where we can actually do something about it – and it is powerful.  Those who live by the sword die by the sword, and those who lay traps – fall into them – from the Bible.  Pick up the sword they forged to use on you, and use it against them – just like David did to Goliath.  Drop them into the traps they made for us.    
  I’ve already taken the national heat for you – and I was about the only person who talked about this – nationally and internationally on short wave – from July 2006, until after I got my ‘shut up or else’ phone call in the summer of 2009 that I’ll tell you about in a bit.  Since the summer of 2009, nobody I’ve heard on short wave has said hardly anything about it.  Call in to the patriot radio shows, but don’t expect them to do a program on it.  They may almost brush you off, but get the words out there.  The bad boys harassed the daylights out of me because the IPMC was almost unknown, but the ‘net has changed that.  You’re a lot safer now, than I was then.  Just say the words International Property Maintenance Code and say ‘Do an internet search’ and you’ll do a lot of good.  The first whistle-blower is in the greatest danger.  The more people learn, the less danger the next whistle-blower will be in about that subject.
  I’ve laid the groundwork, and we now have countless Internet postings about it because of my big mouth.  I’ve had four patriot radio show hosts tell me they’re sincerely surprised that I haven’t been silenced – but I haven’t been silenced because it would only add emphasis to the truth of their crimes that are so over the top that they cannot justify them in any way!  I was able to do all this only because God somehow provided for us and protected us along the way so I think I’m doing what He wants me to do.
  Now, why am I telling all this to you?  1) I want you to know how ‘hot’ the subject is – and thus 2) how you can use it at the local level to figuratively hang these guys.  I’ve told you all the ways they tried to intimidate me, and I’m still here.
  People just didn’t believe it was real – five years ago.  Our neighbor across the street told me – emphatically – that as long as I paid my property taxes, they couldn’t take it from me.  I printed the IPMC out for her.  She never read it or listened to the show I did about it – told people I was crazy.  You need to bring it to the attention of landlords – and you can find landlords’ associations – all across the country.  
  Its time has come.  Expose these bastards, and as soon as you do that, maybe fire up a petition to recall some elected ofeeeshuls!  If you can get one of them recalled because of their IPMC support, I guarantee you that you can go to the next criminal – maybe some felonious conspiring judge – and say ‘You wanna be next?’  Then go after him.  Find everyone he has ripped of and/or enslaved over victimless crimes – contact their family members and mount a campaign against his crimes!  The IPMC is powerful! 
  Obama has done more to wake up America than any president before him.  The IPMC can wake up more people than the useless wars, the Patriot Act and banker bailout combined, but it’s up to you, and in a bit, I’ll give you a bunch of alarm clocks you can give away – that willgo off in people’s hands and heads.  
  I caught hell by exposing it internationally – but the local bastards ran like hell when I exposed them.  It’s all about exposure.  Prosecution can follow.  Maybe some of you can think about how to bring them to justice before lynch mobs form.      
  For three years, I tried to get patriot radio show hosts to run with the story.  I finally did a show on The Power Hour – with Joyce Riley – and Butch Paugh was in the studio with her – June 3, 2009.
  Joyce is in second place behind Alex Jones, and climbing national charts.  When she’s on the air, she’s in the top five on Talkstream.  If you’ll notice – she said she would have me back up to deal with the issue some more.  It never happened.  Right after I did that show in June of 2009, the young man who contacted me after I did the first show – our wonderful airport security chief – filed bogus telephone harassment charges against me in Charleston.  Joyce and Butch sent overnight letters to the magistrate – to let her know that she’d better behave herself.  I got off with a slap on the wrist.
  I’m a veteran in this war.  Fact: Whistleblowers who do go to jail in West Virginia usually land in the wrong cellblock.  Sometimes, their bodies go to the state medical examiner, and the photos always get ‘lost.’  Yes, I’ve lived with a lot of fear, and don’t talk to me about not having enough faith in God or anyone or anything unless or until you’ve walked in shoes such as these.  They do not want the truth about the IPMC to get out.  Looking back, they put a whole lot of effort into trying to intimidate me, but they were afraid to actually do anything that would martyr me and bring the IPMC into the public eye.    
  I broke it nationally.  I had hoped that I could do that – and bow out.  It didn’t happen.  If you are a national whistleblower, and ‘they’ know who you are, you’ll become a national target!  If you aren’t willing to become very visible, very fast, don’t do that!  I didn’t want to go on-air – for that reason.  I told Derry Brownfield about it, hoping he would do some research and expose it without me – find someone among his many contacts who was an expert on it to present it, maybe just read parts of it on-air, but he wanted me on-air to add punch to the program, I suppose.  I did not want to become a national target, but in my circumstances, I was desperate, and Derry Brownfield was my only hope.  (I will be eternally grateful to him – and he passed on a few months ago.)  The minute I realized that the Patriot Act had flushed me out of the woods, I knew that my life had changed – forever – and it really upset me – but Iknew what to do: Get visible, and get the information out!
  I can’t see how we can fix this – nationally.  I thought that by now there would surely be some organization that would spring up to go after it – put up a website and such about it after I did that first or maybe second radio show.  Five years ago, an attorney wanted to put a class action suit together to go after it, but people apparently didn’t want to sign onto it.  All I know is that after five years, no national movement has arisen to confront it – nationally.  That indicates to me that those who have tried to do so have been suppressed – one way or another.  
  If we go after them locally, we will succeed, as something this evil is destined to fail.  All we have to do is expose this wonderful piece of – whatever – to the public.   When you go after it, they’ll almost certainly try to intimidate you.  Whether you’re intimidated or not is your choice.  Choose carefully.  Your best insurance can be found in working at least in pairs, and use video because it can be used as evidence in court – spread the evidence far and wide and let them know that many have it.  
  The IPMC is an almost perfect instrument for corruption, and investigating corruption can get very interesting – very quickly – whether you like it or not.  There can be times when yousuddenly realize that you ‘know too much’ – and that’s when you’re dangerous to – whomever – and you can be in great danger.  If they know that you’ve found some damning evidence, that’s when everything changes – very quickly.  EG: You accidentally trip across evidence that somebody on the county commission sold an IPMC-seized piece of property to a corporation (maybe owned by his brother-in-law) for a pittance.  These private corporate jurisdictions we call our governments get property by seizing it, then sell property – privately – usually some kind of sweetheart deal.
  If they know you have this kind of information, for instance, you’re in danger.  The minute you’re in this situation, get the information – copies of the evidence – to a number of people – your very best insurance.  DO NOT SIT ON IT!  You became a target and the only choice you now have is to target them!  
  Let me tell you how the dark side works.  I want you to see the difference between real dangers and paper tiger intimidation.    
 What follows came from a mainstream newspaper reporter who told me how the real world works – many long years ago – backed up by others I’ve met over the years.  Governments have different tactics they use in different circumstances.  Today, the feds have all kinds of ways to investigate to find out what you know and/or harass you to try to get you to shut up – tax bills – surveillance – sending the FBI to spook you – they use the banking system to hurt you – I could go on.  They enjoy doing this.
 Years ago, when they didn’t have so many electronic investigation tools, they developed tactics to lock you away – find out what you know – etc.  Let’s say – you have a rather visible position in government, you have some damning information against the system, and they want to find out what you know and/or shut you up.  They trump up some charges, demonize you in the media to discredit you – and put you in jail.  You’re a political prisoner who has information they want.  The prisons have microphones all throughout, and there are inmates whose job it is – is to find out what you know.  Selected inmate slaves gain your confidence and learn what they can learn from you.  If they learn you have hard evidence against the government, they try to find out what and where it is and who else may have evidence – to get rid of it.  If you know too much, and they can’t find and destroy the evidence, you leave in a body bag.  Many states adopted these tactics and use them to this day.  Always get any evidence to as many people as possible!         
  Local Boss Hawgs on the city or county level usually don’t have all these resources – surveillance – prisons with microphones – inmates who investigate you.  If they know you have damning evidence that nobody else has, and they really do want to murder you, they won’t send someone in a uniform.  It’s cheaper to get some guy with a sentence hanging over his head, tell him to kill you, and rob you to make it look like theft was the only motive.  If you get active – locally – and end up with blackmail type info on a local government type and he knows it, orthinks you have something to blackmail him with, that’s when you’re in real danger, OK? 
  Your best insurance, any time you have damning evidence, is to get it to as many people as possible, so that if ‘something happens to you’ – many others will know why – they will have the information – and make sure that the bad boys know that you have stashed evidence all over the place but don’t tell them where!  I cannot overemphasize this.  Not that you would do this, but never, never, never, never try to ‘blackmail’ anyone in any way, in the cabal – for any reason.  It’s a good way to die – very quickly – no matter how well-intentioned you are!
  EG: During WWII, a very good man learned that the feds were developing the atom bomb.  This upset him greatly.  He immediately went to his boss in the Pentagon and told him that this was very bad and the American people had to know what they were doing.  The bad boys axe-murdered him that night – chopped his body into so many pieces that it sent a very clear message to people who knew him and might know what he had known.  The message was ‘SHUT UP!’  And, they kept their mouths shut.  The newspaper headlines said ‘Nazi Sympathizers Murder Top US Scientist.’

  If you have information, get it to others, and let the bad boys know that it is the hands of many other people.  Don’t try to ‘fix it’ by yourself!  
  Overall, about the only thing you really need to be nervous about is a stranger who shows up at your door – usually smiling – or someone breaking into your home while you’re gone who lays in wait to kill you.  Those are the usual murder scenarios – rather than a thief breaking into your house to rob/murder you in the night.  There – I’ve told you about the most likely danger.  Can you handle it?  Everything they did to me in private centered on intimidation.  Believe me, the cabal has a rather extensive network to do that – but they’re scared to death of exposure.  
  Let me tell you the scariest shot they took at me.  A couple of months after that June 2009 show, I heard the dogs barking at about three in the morning – thought little of it but didn’t sleep well – woke up early.  I saw where ‘someone’ had thrown a lawnmower upside down into our tiny creek, and from tracks in the dew-covered grass, I could see where they had been.  My neighbors would not have done that.  The visitors stole some lug nuts, and vandalized a few tools.  
  A week or so later, Diane took off for Spencer, West Virginia, our closest gas station and grocery store – about 20 to 25 minutes away.  I got a phone call about 25 minutes later.  A very friendly fellow asked if I was Jim Lovell.  I said I was.  I asked him who he was.  He said I’d figure it out.  (I’ve been the first person I know about who has made certain statements on-air!)  He told me that Diane had just crossed into Spencer, that if I knew what was good for her and for me, I would not go on-air and say ‘The Federal Reserve Counterfeiting company’ – that they used pallets of worn-out Federal Reserve Notes slated for destruction to pay off criminals stateside and overseas, that I would not say that we could wipe out most of our national debt by canceling the debt to the counterfeiters (that’s becoming more common knowledge today because of the Greek situation).  They said I would not say that the government was collateralizing national debt with our private property (what I think is the real agenda behind the IPMC).  They said I was not to say International Property Maintenance Code, or ecology easement – or talk about a few more subjects on-air.  They had been listening to many things I’d said on many programs.  That scared the crap out of me.  I looked at the Caller ID.  It was a local phone number.  Hoping it was some kind of prank by someone locally, I called the number back.  My telephone told me it was a non-working number.
  I didn’t even tell Diane about it until a few months later, but I got off the air for a few months, then ventured back on the air to discuss other subjects I know about – after I survived the telephone harassment trial that occurred on 11-9-09 – sound anything like 9-11-01 to you?
  I told her about the phone call, and checked with her before I went on-air about anything.  I told her that I thanked God that they only told me to shut up about certain topics – didn’t tell me to go on-air and lie.  Diane said ‘Don’t go on-air and lie.  I’m ready to die.’  She is one tough lady, and with her blessing, I’ve gone back on-air – but avoid that list of subjects.    
  The intimidation attempts didn’t stop after I shut up on-air about their selected topics.  In the fall of 2009, two state tax departments threatened to send a ‘team’ – that would audit my books – implying a swat team.  I told one of them that they’d better bring a search warrant, because I defended my home from invaders.  They never showed up.  The state had already had sent a bogus $30,000 ‘Notice of Lien’ letter that the Kanawha County recorder turned into a lien on the Charleston house – discovered when we sold it in 2009.  I threatened to take her to federal court for counterfeiting – securities fraud – got the money back.  These bastards – top to bottom – know what they’re doing, and they know it’s wrong! 
  The IRS just did that same trick a few months ago – to this place – and without any due process, they’ve garnisheed my wages.  Wages?  What wages?  For two decades, I was considered as the best instrument and industrial control guy in the eastern coalfields.  People paid me thousands of dollars a month just to be on call for them, and by the grace of God, we have just enough to survive with subsistence farming – and we heat with wood – so we dropped out of the system – but they haven’t broken us – and I can only give God credit.    
  He works in mysterious ways and in the Greater Plan, I’m sure the reason for all this was to get information to people who will do something on the local level – people like you – so you can use it against the thieves.  I’ve laid the groundwork, and the number of IPMC horror storiesexploded on the ‘net after I did that 2009 program – because Joyce has a very big audience, and they’re really cranking the IPMC up in some places.  Point: If you hear of anybody getting fined about anything on their property, no matter what they call it, it’s probably some form of this ‘code’ from hell!  I strongly suspect that they use it to bulldoze entire neighborhoods.  It’s all about real estate theft – and destroying our houses.
  The FDA, the EPA, the Department of Agriculture, and even the Army Corps of Engineers are engaged in a full-scale attack on our food.  A great famine they’ve been creating for decades is about to descend on our land.  They don’t want us to have land to grow crops, so expect IPMC attacks on farmland as the famine cranks down – the ‘noxious weed’ clause.  I’d say that code officials will join these other agents in shallow graves in the next few years – and it doesn’t take long to dig such a grave with a backhoe or a bulldozer.  I hope these people realize they’re being set up as targets – and get out before they pay the ultimate price for the sins of their paymasters.  You can go after the code officials – now – and maybe save their lives by so doing.  
  On a positive note, everything the bad boys are doing is backfiring on them now – from 9/11 to the birth certificate issue.  They came after yours truly, but that attack in 2006 turnedme from a long-time observer into an attack dog, and I’m sure I’ve done more damage to them, than they’ve done to me.  They started that fight and I ended it, and I’ve been exposing them ever since.  If this nation goes into active martial law, I can expect a visit and I’m as prepared as I know how for it – but every day – I’m seeing signs that the cabal is losing – and their foot soldiers are learning that it would be suicidal to take on the US population for a retirement they’ll never see, and a paycheck they may not have next month.      
  If they hadn’t attacked me, I probably wouldn’t have known about it, nor would a few million other people have known about it by now because they attacked me – and they had no ideathat I would expose them – internationally.  They had no idea that I already knew how they played the game – once I saw it – and I knew – the minute I got that first warning from our illustrious governor – that I had to fight to survive, even after I beat their attack by going on-air.  I can’t wait for the day when these people are brought to justice – one at a time – the same way they came after us.  
  If they attack you, there’s only one way out of the fight – forwards.  The best way to win against them is to go after them now, rather than wait ‘til they come after you.  You know what they’ve done.  You know who is doing it on the local level where you can do something, and I’m going to equip you with weapons that always work.
  At the times I was most scared, God was most watching over me.  Just do the next right thing.  It’s your duty – if you give a rip about your fellow man – who is under attack in so many ways – whether he knows it or not.  
  Truth-filled words – are the most powerful weapons, and saying ‘NO!’ is the most powerful word.  Don’t mince words, in this target-rich environment.  I call CPS workers perverted pedophiles for instance, because from what I’ve learned, any good people who were in CPS either quit, or got run off – leaving only perverts.  Some of our police departments are populated with good men.  Some are just dens of thieves and enslavers.  Cops and judges who jail folks who haven’t hurt anyone are kidnappers – enslavers.  Judges who fine people who haven’t hurt anyone are thieves.  Am I gonna stop telling the simple truth?  When I’m silenced and I’m not suicidal.  If anything happens to me, raise hell!  The IPMC is one of the most evil ‘laws’ on the books, and I was the number one IPMC target.  By the Grace of God, I’ve survived.  I’ve told you what I’ve been through and I’m still here – a richly blessed man for so doing.  I’ve done my part.
  They can’t come after all of you – all at once – working locally.  It seems to be reserved by God and circumstances for us to use – locally – and when you confront them personally –with names – they back down.  I’ve laid the foundation and given you the building materials.  Now – build on it – and run with it.  We can’t change Agenda 21, but we can hang it on local guys who think they’re so crafty and smart, but they are incredibly stupid and very vulnerable.  My best suggestion on what to do right now is to download the IPMC off the net so you can read it.  It only takes a half hour to read the meat of it – so you’ll recognize their vague language by whatever names it goes by.            
  Freedom only comes through responsibility.  When you were responsible enough to look before you crossed the street, your parents let you do that.  You will only get freedom backafter you choose to become personally responsible for it – en masse on the local level.  The answer is you.  You can’t depend on any earthly savior to free you, and you can’t depend on God to do what He tells you to do for yourself and others – to stand up for what’s right – and not just for yourself – and that’s Biblical, folks.  We are to be His body.  The time to act is now, before they knock out the power and thus water and phones, to bring in international troops – the next phase of their plans that they’ve written out for us – if you know where to look.  You can wake up your whole town, by exposing the IPMC, you will do more – than just expose the IPMC!      
  You have so many ways to hang them with the paper rope they planned to hang you with.  I’ve shown you the paper rope, and I’m going to build the gallows for you in the next few paragraphs.
  Everybody loves to hear the plan, so here it is.  First, download and READ THE CODE (it doesn’t take long), then go to to do a search, and see if it says your jurisdiction has adopted it.  But don’t depend on to let you know where it is enforced.  They don’t even know what jurisdictions have adopted it, and don’t know if it’s hiding in your jurisdiction under an alias.  After you’ve read the damn thing, then ask your local zoning or building commission guy about – say – something that is not in proper working order in someone’s house – ask if maybe if there’s some kind of fine – because you also know about a house that has some problems – maybe – maybe say there might be some unsanitary conditions there, but be vague.  See what he says.  You don’t have to answer his questions!
  If you’ve read the IPMC, you will see – very clearly – how vaguely written it is and you’ll also be able to recognize the IPMC – even if it’s traveling under an alias.  IT IS NOT – A BUILDING CODE!  (That’s what some code officials call it.)  IT’S CODIFIED REAL ESTATE THEFT.  If it smells like the IPMC, it’s probably the IPMC or the IPMC under another name – and the code even says they can amend it any way they want to amend it!  IT NOW GOES BY ANY NAME THEY WANT TO GIVE IT!  THEY PUT IT ON THE BOOKS AND SOMETIMES SIT ON IT UNTIL THEY NEED MONEY!  
  About four years ago, a little town in West Virginia paid some attorney ten thousand bucks or more to amend it, he changed its name, and the newspaper said there were two copies of it – one in city hall and one in the library.  I can’t help but think changed its name – because I blew the whistle on it by saying it was statewide in West Virginia.  They also apparently appointed all the cops in that town as ‘code officials.’  
  Some cities tell people they have to contact the code official to see it.  If that’s the case, go visit him, and take a friend with a video camera – nothing like catching criminals – confessing on video.
  No matter what, put the elected officials and the code officials they’ve appointed on the spot – ask if you can steal their property with a few pieces of paper.  And if you talk to them, always take someone with you so it won’t be your word against his or hers.  I’ll tell you a few video tricks in a bit.  Maybe you and some people in your group need to do a ‘code inspection’ at your convenience on their house and on their property – to look for noxious weeds and unsanitary conditions – and take pictures.
  If you can’t just get a copy of the ‘code’ – get your hands on it from the ‘official’ – if at all possible.  Think about this ahead of time & seek advice about it, but take the damn thing if you’re so inclined.  Tell him or her it just became evidence for a federal lawsuit that you plan to file against him and walk out – but only do this under good local advice – not my suggestion!  Hopefully, they’re using the plain vanilla version that’s on the Internet – and you can also buy hard copies from the International Code Council – in Illinois.
  They’re rolling it out differently in different states – beta-testing how they can best screw us out of property in the most proper fashion.  It is statewide in six states the last time I checked, including West Virginia, New York, Texas and Georgia.  It was in two Ohio towns in 2006 – over 154 – now.  But no matter what, they have to use local power-tripping perverts to enforce it.  They’re putting these people in place all over the nation – right now – whether they’re actively ripping people or not.  
  If it is in effect where you are, go on a rampage.  Modify the synopsis I wrote for your jurisdiction – get names – crank your printer up or go to Kinkos for copies.  Splatter them all over.  Tuck them under windshield wipers on parking lots.  You might want to start with people who go to ball games, and people who go to 501C3 churches that tell them to be calm because everything’s OK, and how they need to bend over for the government.  You don’t have to put your name on it!  But don’t stop there.  
  Put a sign in your front yard if you want – listing its ‘high points’ along with the phone number for the code official and mayor.  Expose it any way you want – by every means you can do and afford at the same time.  Go on public access TV if you have that option.    
  Set up a website if you so desire – with the raw truth about it – and put the web address on business cards.  Put the web address info on bulletin boards – just get the word out.  If you tell the right person, they’ll tell scores of people about it.
  Get the mayors or whomever’s pictures and print up a ‘Most Wanted’ poster – and list the crime they’re committing – grand larceny!  Nothing is safe from the IPMC!    
  Here’s another very powerful tactic.  Go to court, and get the list of people they’ve attacked and are attacking with the IPMC.  Many are ‘repeat offenders’ – meaning they’re under full-blown IPMC attack!  You can get tiny little recorders and read the names off a list if you want – right before court if they won’t give you the list.  Find these people, and bring them on board – ask them for donations to put an ad in the local paper to expose it, or rent a billboard – and that’s about their only hope!  The politicians and attorneys won’t help them.  Mainstream local media most likely won’t help them.  Publicity is their only hope.  Help them do it!  
  At least print fact sheet fliers – and always list out the code officials’ names and phone numbers – their home addresses if you can find them.  If you have a friend who works for a utility company, they can usually find anyone’s address who is signed up for the service.  Encourage people to inspect their judge, city council, and code officials’ homes for ‘code violations’ and ask them to file complaints with the code officials – on these city officials.  Ask them if they follow the golden rule, then treat them as they want to treat other people!    
  Get the information out, and when the code-bastards show up at another victim’s house, maybe those people and their neighbors will hassle him – or her.  The bad boys like to enlist pretty young ladies to enforce it – thinking that people won’t hassle them – and they’re the easiest to break with social pressure!  No matter what, bitch them out – to the max!  They know what they’re doing.  They desperately need to have homeowners and crowds on their butt – everywhere in town!  
  If you really want to get active, put your contact information ‘out there’ and tell people that if any of these code-bastards show up at their house, to call you.  Set up a phone tree to call other supporters if you get a ‘rescue me’ call from someone.  The code official will become public enemy number one in his district.  I heard one story – can’t verify it – that someone threw a rock through a code official’s window with a note ‘Leave town or die.’  I wouldn’t suggest that, but the guy quit the job.  
  You can sometimes raise hell through local papers and talk radio, but most of them are useless.  They’ll just ignore and ridicule you, but it’s worth a try.  Maybe they’re afraid of a visit from the code official.
  You might want to call these guys Gestapo.  
  Repetition is the master key to education.  Repetition is the master key to education. Repetition is the master key to education.  Do I need to say it again?  Naw - - - you’ll remember it.  
  Another story I haven’t been able to verify that I got third-hand.  Some fella got on local talk radio told the call screener he wanted to talk about the IPMC and got on-air.  The host apparently hadn’t heard of it and said it couldn’t possibly be true.  The caller called back in a day or two later – the screener said that the IPMC wasn’t ‘on-topic.’  The caller called in a few days later, lied to the screener about what he was going to say – immediately knocked off the air.  From that time on, the screener just answered the phone and cut his call off – but the radio station and city had gotten calls about it.  About a week later, the talk show host said that the radio station had gotten a number of very disturbing calls about the subject, turned the original caller’s information over to the police, and the station learned that this man had a ‘long history of mental disturbances’ – and went on a bit about it.  The radio station felt it was their obligation to let police know about people who were a part of this cult or whatever it was that was doing this.  He failed to mention that the city had ‘amended’ the name for it – so if you called the city and asked them if the IPMC was being enforced, the city said it wasn’t.  Are you beginning to understand how much they want to hide what they’re doing?    
  If you can get on talk radio, it would be great to have a website to push that tells the truth about it.  (You can fire up a website without money.)  Tell the audience that you plan to hand out fliers at City Hall, before the next city council meeting.  People will look at a one pager.  More isn’t better.  Take extras, as people will probably ask for a few after they read it.  Take someone with you who has a video camera, so they can take pictures in the event any thugs dressed up in cop costumes attack you.  Real policemen wouldn’t do that.  
  Let’s say the IPMC is in your town.  The next time municipal court goes into session – where they hand out sentences for IPMC violations, pass out copies of the synopsis to everyone going into the courtroom.  Expose these bastards.  Many people won’t even look up the law or code or whatever they’re cited for.  They just go to court.  The city I lived in put IPMC on my citation.  Now they write ‘MC’ with some numbers beside itso you have no idea what you’ve been cited with!  People go like lambs to slaughter when they walk into the courtroom.  Every part of this that I’ve investigated has been nothing but pure deception!      
  Someone in West Virginia went to a county commission meeting, when the commission was considering adoption – with a rope – hangman’s noose tied in it.  The criminals in uniform who were ‘guarding’ the meeting wouldn’t let him take it into the meeting.  Everyone – over two hundred people – except for one woman – was against the IPMC at that meeting.  The county commissioners lied – adopted it – said that every person who had contacted them had been in great favor of the IPMC, but ‘they were too afraid’ to come to the commission meeting and voice their support.  These bastards will lie about anything!  
  This is a bit radical, but pin little bitty hangman’s nooses made of string to your shirts when you go out in public on a piece of paper that says “IPMC – Please Talk to Me.”  You know about the tea party.  Maybe go one better.  Start the Rope Party – chapter number one.  Look at the Vandalia republic’s website –  Modify the Declaration of God-Given Rights if you want to use it as a mission statement.
  Use a hangman’s noose as your symbol.  If you need funds, make up a bunch of little nooses and sell them for donations.  Print business cards with the rope party symbol, put the words International Property Maintenance Code on them – along with the words – ‘Do an Internet Search.’    
  They want to push you beyond bankruptcy.  Push your envelope a bit.  Buy a megaphone – they only cost about $30.  If you don’t want to use it, someone else probably will.  Just dosomething.
  Confront every de facto flunky in that government about it, any way you like and bitch at them about it.  Ask them how can work for thieves and sleep at night – how it feels to get paid with stolen money.  They’re fun to watch when you do that, and it will apply pressure inside the jurisdiction.

  I wouldn’t tell anyone to go anywhere outside their personal comfort zone, but going to the edge of it every now and then can feel really good.  I don’t understand all the laws and such in West Virginia, much less any other state, but it’s always wise to seek the counsel of many about such subjects if you’re in doubt about anything.  Don’t bother to call the cops.  Most of them are clueless about anything outside of how to write tickets, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace.  They’ve usually been told that there are so many laws, they can’t learn them and they just need to contact their CO about such issues.  These cops are so dumb they don’t know they can be personally sued for breaking the highest law of the land!  
  The bad boys built the IPMC for their tyranny and tyrants.  It is about the most powerful tool to use against tyranny and tyrants – if you’ll use it.  One county commissioner in West Virginia, who had voted to adopt the IPMC in his county ran for a state office – spent untold thousands on his campaign.  He was considered as a shoe in for the state representative job.  One of our West Virginia patriots bought a quarter page ad in the local newspaper – exposed this bastard for what he did when he ‘adopted’ the International Property Maintenance Code – and the guy lost the race – big-time because this patriot who cared enough about his neighbors bought a three hundred dollar ad that blew away an election campaign that had cost thousands of dollars.  You can print up anything in the paper, and they have to print it, if you’re willing to put your name on it.      
  Don’t feel guilty by going after them.  They’re criminals and these bastards know – exactly – what they’re doing because they’ve been trained to do it!  They just don’t want you to know what they’re doing.  There’s even some kind of Code Officials’ Association – that you can find on the ‘net.  Go there.  Get some names!  
  Use your imagination to stew these code officials in their own juice, and the horse they rode in on – whoever appointed them.  Fire up a video camera when you go talk to these people – BEFORE YOU WALK IN THE DOOR – and don’t hold it up to your eye, for crying out loud.  Just tape them nonchalantly – then put it on you-tube.  You can get cameras hidden in ballpoint pens.  Get one.  Don’t leave home without it.  Play with it to find out its limitation, try to keep dirt away from it, as their lenses are very tiny, then use it.
  Believe me, when these whores usually have cameras and microphones in their offices, and when they come to your house, many of them are recording everythingyou say and do.  If you say the wrong sentence, they’ll edit it out of the conversation, out of context, and hang you with it!  Know that!  Get your own recording – great evidence for denial of constitutional rights under color of law – or a you tube link for a recall petition – and you can put such petitions on-line with instructions to print them, sign them, and snail mail it to someone.  These tools are ready made for us.
  Get the info to wealthy people!  This wakes up even the most comatose yuppie.  Wealthy idiots surrounded me where I used to live, and they usually think that their wealth somehow protects them.  It makes them a target, but most of them are so arrogant, they haven’t figured it out – yet.  Help them out.  The IPMC will make this very clear to them.  You might tell them that with enough money, you’d rent a billboard to expose it – and see if they offer to give you money.  Every movement is a mix of ideas, people and the wherewithal to accomplish something.    
  Let all the compartmentalized de factos – cops – judges – dogcatchers – know that if they do this to the wrong Bubba, somebody in the city is gonna get killed over it, because history tells us that’s going to happen unless we get real busy – real fast.  Once again, many of these city employees think it’s a good thing – because they’ve been told it will be used to go after troubled properties.  Tell them the raw truth, then ask them why their boss lied to them.  
  Almost nobody knows about it.  Teri brought it to the attention of a recently elected good guy tea party Georgia state representative – and he’d never heard of it.  A lot of people in government know nothing about it – and expect some who do know to lie about it – but in any event, let them know you’re mad as hell about it!  Let them wonder how far you’ll go to keep them from stealing your home!  Let them lay awake at night!  They sure enjoyed torturing me with threats and innuendo!  Never threaten them.  Worry them.  If you know where they live, you can just say ‘People know where you live’ and walk out.      
  You might consider finding a victim who will sue the city and/or the code officials for grand larceny!  Just because the illegitimate code says they can’t be held liable or whatever under the code, doesn’t mean that they can’t be sued!  Don’t bother with a class action suit.  The more suits people bring against them, the merrier.  They have to be pretty stupid to take such a job.  After about ten people jack up their lawyer bill – defending themselves – they might get the idea.  
  I’m going to end this by telling you some most important information.  If you get a movement of any size going, you will be infiltrated.  These may be people with family in government, or very sympathetic to government, they might be paid, blackmailed, or threatened to infiltrate you.  They will report anything that can be used against you – to the government – and they will try to get you to say something that can be twisted into being a threat.  Know that. WATCH YOUR MOUTH – even if in jest.  
  If the movement gets to the level of demonstrations, you don’t need a permit because of the First Amendment.  If they come after you because you didn’t have a permit, they’re giving you solid evidence for a federal lawsuit, and cities all across the nation have lost such suits.  Remember to sue the mayor and chief of police as well as the city.
  If you demonstrate, there will be people who will instigate violence – called agent provocateurs.  They will engage in violence towards the police to get the police to respond with violence so people go to the hospital – not fun.  If you take to the streets – 1) get some long and strong wire ties.  2) Give one to each person in your core group.  If someone gets violent, 3) record them, then 4) grab them from behind.  5) Use the wire ties to ‘cuff ‘em – 6) get their ID and write their info down, then 7) hand them over to the police.  You’ll be doing everyone a great favor.    
  Anything you do will help – someone.  Charleston stopped kicking everyone out of the municipal courtroom after I exposed it on a radio show!  Now, do you care about other people enough to do something, or not?  
  Five years ago, people didn’t believe the IPMC was real – like folks didn’t believe that 9/11 was an inside job until some time passed.  The IPMC is real, and after hearing all the bank horror stories, they’re ready to listen.  Are you ready to talk to them?  I think so.

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Thanks Jim, thanks for exposing the ipmc and how far they will push to get your land, and your money. Beware they may be wolves pretending to be lambs. Or maybe a friendly judge with a smile until they find you guilty (by entrapment and making up their own laws). evil, evil, greedy, greedy, he looks like a little weedy. Dianne